By Kelechi Okorie For TBP

Nigeria naked dance of shame in an open market by their clone president Jibrin Mohammadu Buhari, a Sudanese national, has made International Community and countries of the world to wonder if black Africa is mentally normal.

Thorough investigation  views the proscription of Indigenous People of Biafra as a terrorist organization as a well orchestrated plan to wipe out Biafrans from the face of the earth with the aid of Hausa Fulani South East slave governors and its cohorts at the corridors of power. An insider exposes their secret plan to paint IPOB a terrorist group to attract foreign support to unleash unabated attacks. He continues, military exercise Operation Python Dance was specifically targeted either to kill Nnamdi Kanu, leader of IPOB, capture him dead or alive, today he is nowhere to be found as they succeeded with their plans that thrown people to contemplate that Radio Biafra Director may had been killed, whisky away or undergoing serous torture to provoke its followers to retaliate to enable them have excuses to obliterate the Biafra race.
 Recall, Faruk  Adamu, said after Buhari’s first tenure Biafrans will be irrelevant in the scheme of things, dehumanization of Biafrans especially those in Diaspora was put in place so that their host countries will see them as terrorists for been backbones of intending successful revolution that is about to consume Nigeria. This propels people of goodwill to question the conscience of men, whether justice is real or fallacy? A group of criminally minded individual to fraudulently tagged millions of innocent race that made up of technocrats, engineers, intellectuals, philanthropists, doctors, lecturers, successful professional businessmen and women etc terrorists in their respective host countries just because of their ceaseless quest for self determination as inalienable right as enshrine in UN charter. Meanwhile, their failure to obliterate Biafrans with guns and bullets compels South East dubious governors to introduced fraudulence rehabilitation program to deceive gullible weak mind to think they are important while in actual sense their interior motive was to criminalize innocent Biafrans till eternity.

 Furthermore, it is far better one to sign a dead warrant than enroll in their stupid amnesty program and nonsensical rehabilitation that lacks text of reasoning which simply means accepted to be called a terrorist that needs rehabilitation or forgiveness by oppress Nigerian government. What an insult! Perhaps, South East puppet governors are the one to be rehabilitated for their inability to provide dividend of democracy as expected from their electorates. Biafarns must learn from so called South South where they allowed themselves to be tagged militant now everybody in that part of the world are seen as a militant. Creation of jobs is the responsibility of a functional government on the other hand; acquisition of job is an entitlement of all citizens. Very worrisome, none of these South East looting governors can boast of building a single industry for employment, their scam rehabilitation/amnesty program was a game of politics to outlive those that can easily be deceived against 2019 elections that was anonymously agreed to be boycotted in order to quickly facilitate Biafra referendum started from Anambra 18 November mock referendum.

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