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August 9, 2023

The president and CEO of the popular financial service company, OPay Nigeria, Olu Akanmu has resigned from his position.

Announcing his exit from the company on Monday, Akanmu in a tweet refused to give reasons for his decision.

He expressed gratitude to his colleagues at OPay for their collaborative efforts in deepening financial inclusion in Nigeria.

Akanmu, a former executive director at FCMB and a seasoned industry professional, joined OPay Nigeria, which is backed by Chinese investment, in November 2021.

These are various reactions to his post:

@aremubabatundea: “Now that you’re going. What happened to my money in the Opay account?”

@Hali53776994: “Hope the opay will not crash now?”

@Barth75230636: “Sir you disrupted the almighty banking industry with a relatively unknown app called opay, thanks everything is possible.”

@hormonemars: “Are you the next CBN governor? Your work at OPay was felt nationwide. Kudos.”

@jhybolar: “Hope we are safe with @OPay_NG henceforth ? Some of us engage in it due to the presence of someone like you.”

MC Wendy wrote: “Make problem no come start oooo hope network no go worry.”

Kunle Safari Don wrote: “My #1700:00k is still hanging. Please clarify it before leaving the office.”

Certified Oluwatoyosi wrote: “Hope our money is still safe now.”



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