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(Intersociety, Onitsha Nigeria: 24th April 2017)-It is the observation of the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law that the appointment of the VeePee Yemi Osibanjo’s civil probe or fact finding team to look into the 12th April 2017 alleged discovery of a total of over N13.3billion in a flat apartment in Osborne Towers at Ikoyi in Lagos State; is grossly and fundamentally erroneous in the eyes of the law and moral decency.

The Federal Government of Nigeria had on the heels of the alleged discovery and recovery; claimed a false victory and attributed it to “the handiwork of whistle blowing policy of the present Federal Government in sustaining its fight against corruption”. The false stance and declaration of the Federal Government above appears to have caught the attention and collective mindsets of many Nigerians with the help of media creation and sensational reporting.
We at Intersociety are not and can never be part of such broad-day falsehood and deceit associated with the so called fight against corruption under the present dispensation until the real and concrete steps are taken in the that direction.

Intersociety is thoroughly self-sustaining and as a thorough bred independent, research and knowledge based organization in the advocacy areas of civil liberties and rule of law, democracy and good governance and accountability; and public security and safety; with its key officers and volunteers grounded in law, criminology, security studies, conflict and peace studies and journalism; our organization can never be taken for a ride or burst to a corner in matters of civil liberties and public governance policies and actions/conducts by any government, non state actor, individual or group in Nigeria or any part thereof.
It therefore remains our firm position that the anti corruption policies and conducts of the present dispensation in Nigeria have woefully failed a repugnancy test. They are nothing more than witch-hunting and governmental desolation and crookedness.

As far as anti corruption is concerned in Nigeria or any part thereof, our organization has done several investigations on their handling styles by the present dispensation in the Federation and our findings have consistently shown that they are nothing to write home about. That is to say that those who claim to be fighting corruption in the present Nigeria are chiefly responsible for corruption as we have it in today’s Nigeria; a case of hyper corrupt people fighting corruption.
We had in our 16th April 2017 public statement following the so called discovery of looted sum of over N13.3billion, raised 34 questions for the present the Federal Government; till date and as we write, none of the 34 questions has been answered correctly in part or wholly.
It was and still is our firm advocacy position that the Federal Government’s false claims of discovery and recovery of looted sum of over N13.3billion in Osborne Towers at Ikoyi must not be separated from the $2million Justice Ademola’s house and $9.8million Moses Yakubu’s house discovery and recovery, etc.

It remains our firm position, too, that those monies may not have been genuinely discovered and recovered. Rather, they may most likely have been planted by some cabalistic and malevolent politicians in Nigeria’s Presidency for the purpose of setting up or roping in some penciled down regime enemies or electoral, economic and political enemies of the federally ruling APC.
A clear case in point is the recent public statement issued by the Anambra State branch of the federally ruling APC accusing the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi of being the “owner of the looted funds” discovered in one of the flat apartments in Osborne Towers at Ikoyi. The Anambra APC statement further calls on the former Governor in most scornful and wicked manner to cut short his trip abroad and come home and answer/take responsibility of the discovered looted funds.
The Anambra APC’s latest accusation is anchored mere fact that Peter Obi; likewise others, rents and uses one of the flat apartments in the multi story building where the money was said to have been discovered. His said rented flat apartment was not the one where the illicit fund was stashed; yet the Anambra APC is bent on singling him out.

The Anambra APC statement came days after the announcement by a source in the Presidency of the appointment of a civil probe team chaired by Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo to probe same and report back to the appointing source in fourteen days. The Anambra APC’s statement is clearly aimed at either stampeding the civil probe or confirming the high possibility of the Party’s controlled Federal Government agents planting such money to rope in the named or similarly targeted “enemy citizens”. We still hold that it is possible the named huge sums and similarly planted others were planted to rope in enemy target(s). It is also possible that the Ikoyi Osborne Towers’ planted money miraculously missed its target(s).

In all, we make bold to say that the deliberate refusal of the present Federal Government to allow for independent, impartial and expert criminal investigations to be conducted or carried out by the office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police for Criminal Investigations and its Fraud and allied departments in the three high profile simulated “looted funds discoveries”; have thrown up the following five critical questions:
(1)Who planted the sum of $2million in the sleeping abode of Hon Justice Ademola Adeniji in the night of 8th October 2016 and where is the money? (2) Who planted the sum of $9.8million on 3rd February 2017 in the Kaduna house of Mr. Moses Yakubu (former MD of NNPC) and where is the money? (3) Who planted the total sum of N13.3billion on 12th April or eve of it in one of the flat apartments in Osborne Towers at Ikoyi Lagos and where is the money? (4)  What are the sources of the planted monies or who are the lenders of same? (5) Do their sources have to do with CBN, presidentially/CBN linked or controlled forex dealers or hired commercial Bank(s)?

We have also identified the following fundamental errors and blunders in the appointment of Osibanjo’s civil probe team:
·         The unanswered question: who is the Presidency?; thrown in the direction of the current Federal Government by the suspended Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) has messed up and made mockery of the independence, impartiality, genuineness and credibility of the Osibanjo’s probe team and raised a high risk of one being a judge in one’s own case (i.e. possibility of the same or allied planters of the funds and their accomplices being asked to probe themselves).

Demystification of the suspended SGF (Babachir Lawal)’s unanswered question (who is the presidency?) has further thrown up the following possible facts: (a) the president of Nigeria may be in office but not on seat; (b) the president is not on seat because he is medically indisposed; (c) the office of Nigeria’s president is not vacant but its seat is vacant; (d) there is no Secretary to the Government of the Federation/Federal Government who is the administrative symbol of the presidency; and who statutorily issues appointment letters to such probe teams and who should have specifically and statutorily issued a valid letter of appointment to Osibanjo’s probe team; (e) the Vice President is not acting as President occasioned by the absence in seat of the president; (f) the Presidential Special Adviser on Media and Publicity can never and cannot direct the Vice President or constitute a probe team headed by him; (g) the presidency is currently run by a cabal; (i) the Vice President arrogated to himself the responsibility of constituting the probe team which he is heading; (j) due process was not followed in the said appointment of Osibanjo’s probe team.

·         The issue under civil probe (Ikoyi planted or stashed funds) must not be treated alone. Other planted funds such as those found in Justice Ademola and Moses Yakubu’s houses and others should be taken together in any government credible criminal investigation.
·         The Osibanjo’s civil probe team is an anathema and unknown to Nigeria’s Criminal Justice System and amounts to gross usurpation and undermining of the statutory functions of criminal investigative agencies in the country particularly the Force CID and its DIG-FCID in matters of this nature that borders on fraud and related others.
·         Prof Yemi Osibanjo and barely knowledgeable AGF know little or nothing about expert, intensive and extensive criminal investigations and their modern methodologies. Their being senior lawyers notwithstanding.

·         Appointment of Osibanjo’s probe team is a sign of total failure of the Nigerian criminal intelligence and investigation system under the present dispensation. That is to say that these energy wastages and allied costly expenditures would not have arisen if Nigeria has fully or substantially embraced electronic security including footage or LCD/screen/CCTV, camera and computer detective security; which can easily expose the planters of such funds; and give a forensic room for their criminal interrogations to ascertain or establish their criminal intents or otherwise.

·         The Osibanjo’s civil probe team can never establish in the course of its civil probe the seven core elements of crime or criminal investigation outcomes: guilty act (actus reus), guilty mind (mens rea), causation, concurrence, harm, legality and punishment.
·         The best Osibanjo’s civil probe team can achieve is to establish the act itself, which is already known to Nigerians; but it can never establish the guilty intent or mens rea parented by the guilty act, because it gravely lacks fundamental ingredients of modern criminal enquiry. For instance, it can merely question, but cannot interrogate!

·         Handing the matter over to EFCC to investigate is as bad as, if not worse than the Osibanjo’s civil probe; because the Commission under the present Administration is gravely leprous and has earned national and international notoriety as an appendage of the present “Presidency” in Nigeria.
·         We advise strongly that the Osibanjo’s probe team should throw in the towel because of obvious lack of technical competence and expertise, legality, legitimacy, neutrality and credibility.

·         The Osibanjo’s civil probe team should dissolve itself or be disbanded so as to allow the NPF’s DIG-FCID and its relevant departments to step in and get the suspended DG-NIA and others under probe arrested. DIG-FCID should also invite all individuals and groups relevant to its criminal investigation including the past individual owner of the said house, the present corporate owner (i.e. Bank) as well as the corporate and individual tenants in the house to assist it in its criminal investigation.

·         The scope of the criminal investigation to be undertaking by office of the DIG-FCID and its relevant subordinate departments must be extended to other “money discoveries and recoveries” such as Bureau de Exchange, Kaduna Air Port, Balogun Market, Justice Ademola and Moses Yakubu’s monies’ discoveries and recoveries, etc.

·         Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chairman
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·         Chinwe Umeche, Esq.
Head, Democracy & Good Governance Program
·         Florence C. Akubilo, Esq.
Head, Campaign & Publicity Department

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By Charles Ogbu | April 26, 2017

Leader of IPOB; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; seated in court with him is Gov. Fayose of Ekiti State - Oduduwa
Hate is a very dangerous emotion. The most dangerous, actually. The ironic thing about hate is that it does more harm to the hater than it does to the hated. Sadly, the Nigerian state is presided over by a man who hates for a living. It grieves me beyond reason to see that this senseless hate has found it's way into the sacred temple of justice that is the Judiciary.

Yesterday, the 25th day of April, 2017, in the case of the leader of The Indigenous People Of Biafra, Maazi Nnamdi Kanu versus the Nigerian state, the presiding judge, one Binta Nyako,  granted bail to the IPOB leader with one hand and took the freedom attached to the bail with the other hand.

According to the judge, Nnamdi Kanu is being granted bail based solely on health ground but in a move that left no one in doubt that the Judge never really meant to grant bail to the Aba-born Prince but was simply bent on distracting Nigerians from the long absence of the gravely ill president Buhari, she gave some of the bail conditions to include that (1) the Biafra strong man must produce a senator, an influential Igbo leader plus a Jewish leader as surety who must all deposit 100million naira each and must have landed property in Abuja (2) he must not be seen in company of more than 10 people. (3) he must not grant any interviews (4)All his passports must be submitted to the court, among others. And his bail will be revoked if he violates any of the aforementioned conditions.

Now, permit me to analyse these conditions:

(1)The Jewish Leader condition:

In her moronic bid to mock Kanu's claim to the Jewish faith, madam Binta Nyako ended up mocking the judiciary and subjecting her position as a Judge to ridicule.

If a Nigerian citizen who lay claim to the Jewish ancestry/religion must produce a Jewish leader to surety him on bail in Nigeria, will a Nigerian who pray towards Mecca also be required to produce an Islamic cleric from Saudi Arabia to stand surety for him, too?? Will my father, Ogbu Nwa-chima, an adherent of the traditional religion, be asked to bring an Amadioha priest as surety if he has a case in Nigerian court?

(2)Kanu Must Not Be Seen In Company Of More Than 10 People:

This particular condition exposes this fulani woman Judge as a hopeless bigot playing a script that is far removed from what the judiciary stands for.

Nnamdi Kanu is the most influential Igbo man alive. He has millions of followers both here in Nigeria and outside this country. There are hundreds of thousands of other Nigerians who really don't care about Biafra but have come to love him because they believe he is a victim of tyranny. Even Kanu's immediate family is made up of more than 10 people seeing as he is of royal blood.

Except you were born dumb or a product of Quota system, how do you grant bail to such a man and still insist he must not be seen in company of more than 10 people??

The hospital he will visit for his health problem, will he hire soldiers to keep every other persons away?

Even outside the court premises, how do you stop his number-less followers --many of whom have categorically told you to either give them freedom from oppression or kill them-- from mobbing him??

In a clime where confidence in the judiciary holds meaning, madam Binta Nyako would have been relieved of her duty immediately. No Judge whose brain was not producing anti-bodies against itself would give this kind of senseless condition for bail.

(3)Kanu Must Not Grant Interviews

A wise man once said and I quote: "When you cut off a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar. You are only proving to the people that you are afraid of what that man might say"

I will leave this here.

If Madam Binta Nyako was not a hate merchant like her principal, Buhari, how would she grant bail to a man on health ground and still attach all these devilish conditions? Without Nnamdi Kanu's passport, how would he be able to get medical attention outside Nigeria? Does Binta Nyako really want Kanu to get medical treatment or she plan on seeing him die of ill-health in prison?

If Muhammadu Buhari was not a dark hearted man, why would he be releasing boko haram terrorists from prison with cash compensation and protecting his murderous fulani kinsmen with a special army taskforce while he is using his stooge, madam Binta, to ensure that Kanu who has never killed a fly remains in jail?

If the so called human right activists in Nigeria weren't as useless as the Buhari presidency, they would have since seen that Nnamdi Kanu's case is now a clear case of the abuse of the fundamental human right of a citizen by a 16th century brained highly vindictive No-Where-To-Be-Found President.

Any man or woman, Igbo or not who brokered this kind of evil deal for the IPOB leader is more devilish than the devil.

Life is fraught with ironies, though. Beautiful Ironies, sometimes. While Nnamdi Kanu and his comrades are smiling and looking healthy in prison, where is their jailer, Muhammadu Buhari? What is his condition today?? Don't get it twisted. Charles Ogbu is simply asking for the whereabout as well as the health status of his "dear" president. Between Kanu and his jailer, who is really in prison? Indeed, evil does not pay!

In all of this, I am glad beyond words that the bravest of them all, Nnamdi Kanu, have put the murderous Nigerian govt to shame once more by rejecting those satanic bail conditions. By insisting he would either walk out of prison with his comrades unconditionally or die in prison with them, he has again proven that true leaders are born, not made.

Isn't criminally funny that the Buhari govt which flouted the Dec.17th order by justice Adeniyi Ademola that Kanu be released unconditionally is now expecting reasonable folks to treat the stage-managed ruling by a Judge who has never hidden her bias against the defendant with any iota of seriousness?? It is settled in law that even if a Judge delivers a ruling while visibly under the influence of alcohol, that ruling must either be obeyed or appealed. The Buhari govt neither obeyed nor appealed Justice Ademola's ruling on Kanu.

A president who chooses which court order to obey or disobey is the biggest threat to his country.

A Judge who allows hate to cloud her sense of judgement is not fit to even work as a cleaner in a court.

Nnamdi Kanu was wrong, though. Nigeria is not a Zoo. It is not even a jungle because in jungle, it is all animal for himself. The Jungle does not have a govt which uses the instrumentalities of state to give undue advantage to certain categories of animals while oppressing another category of animals as is the case with Nigeria.

Nigeria is a walking tragedy. Not because a certain Charles Ogbu said so but because it is the only country where pre-historic hate-filled men and women like Buhari and Binta Nyako who are deaf, dumb and blind to the sanctity of human lives as well as the fundamental human rights of citizens  are the ones presiding over the affairs of decent people and serving in the temple of justice.

This country is nothing short of a crying shame!!

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi | Writes for TBP
April 26, 2017

With the on-goings so far at Federal High Court - Abuja within Justice Nyako court yard, one do not need to seek for the wisdom of a seer or soothsayer to interpret the witticism, the willingness in this baised and unrepentant Judge to keep Nnamdi Kanu under probation following the bail conditions proclaimed by her.

Recall that two Justices of the same Federal High Court - Abuja had granted Nnamdi Kanu unconditional release to which Rtd. General Mohammadu Buhari disobeyed the court resulting to contempt of court order before this same court.

Did Justice Binta Nyako study the Nigeria constitution very well to know that the Nigeria 1999 constitution uphold freedom of expression, assembly and association and a Judge of the Nigeria Federation ruled against the tenets and norms to which the Nigeria constitution she is using to moderate on this case?

Also recall that when the counsel to the accused moved motion for Nnamdi Kanu to be released on health challenges, it was turned down by this biased Judge on the premise that Nnamdi Kanu will jump bail; Justice Binta Nyako insisted that the trial of the accused must be ensued; the current agitation by the Indigenous people of Biafra was that Sharia law should not be applicable to Nnamdi Kanu's court case in a common law court which Justice Binta Nyako in her insistence made a ruling to that effect that Sharia law will be applied to Nnamdi Kanu's court case.

Let us all assumed that the trial of the accused has started as bordering on criminal charges, so what has Justice Binta Nyako seen so far to warrant  her passed out such a bail conditions to a man that she was unable to find guilty before her court room. There is a spark of passion in this woman to cage Nnamdi Kanu with this proscribe and unbailable conditions.

Is Justice Binta Nyako using injustice as a fine tune for justice to reprimand Nnamdi Kanu in prison with the term that Nnamdi Kanu failed to meet up with his bail conditions? Is Justice Binta Nyako rightly saying that Nnamdi Kanu can no longer see his family members as to freedom of expression, assembly and association?  Can Justice Binta Nyako in her kangaroo court room tell us what crime Nnamdi Kanu has committed to warrant keeping him in total solitude?

Discerning minds should ask why would a Judge revoked her own pronouncements that she would not grant Nnamdi Kanu bail on health issues after so long that she has perfected and started trial of the accused to warrant granting the accused bail on conditions when nothing has been said that he committed.

I strongly believe that Justice Binta Nyako partially granted Nnamdi Kanu release conditionally to avoid ECOWAS court from humiliating Nigeria before the rest of the world; noble men and women in the judiciary will be absolute in agreement with their learned council that Justice Binta Nyako has grossly violated the ethos and ethics of the professional legal body which in every honesty demand that her operating license be revoked by the Nigeria Judiciary Council.

Pen scribes are also in agreement that Justice Binta Nyako was biased in all ramifications which portend a danger to the judiciary and to the face of justice. In the light of damning evidence before the court that Federal Government of Nigeria being the prosecutor has failed to live up to expectations as charged in their case, Justice Binta Nyako suddenly passed out stringent bail conditions to impress Mohammadu Buhari that the Federal Government of Nigeria is still holding Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB at ransom.

In my view; Justice Binta Nyako is not qualified enough and well informed on the issue she is handling before her, the very charges that would have even demand for these bail conditions has been quashed by this honorable court so why releasing him on conditions when even in Justice Binta Nyako' verdict proclaimed IPOB a lawful society.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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