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By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
July 26, 2017

Information is vital to a healthy society and help bridge the gap between the informed and the uninformed amongst the rank and file in the society; the polity must not be heated up with the wrong or false information to her general public at all times, but it seems that is exceptional in Nigeria as we are made to believe and see. Nigeria has been ridiculed to the brim by the cabals at Aso rock. So many anomalies has befall the Nigeria state under APC led Government.

I wonder what happens to the consciousness of the Nigerian press media houses or would I rightly say the Nigeria Union of Journalists; this body has failed to live up to her responsibilities and help address the situation in the country without looking for financial gains from the power that be, it is most regrettable that till date no Nigerian press media houses could authentically tell or report back to the Nigerian populace the state being of their President.

It will be mockery of this contribution not to recognize the role played by Late Dele Giwa in Nigeria, the Founding Publisher/Editor In-Chief Newswatch Magazine for his steadfastness and agility to always make sure that information going out to the general public was not distorted by the Nigerian Government and her cronies; this they found embarrassing and murdered him on October 19, 1986. Since his demise what we have in Nigeria is junk news media houses.

First, the absolute work of a journalist is to make sure that he or she feeds her citizens with the right and proper information on state of the matter towards events taking shape in their society; but this is found amiss in Nigeria of today under a brutal octogenarian.

With APC in power things has gone far worse than any other system or administration in Nigeria that the bridge can no longer amend the gap between the masses and her government; men and women are forced to lie to their constituents in other to retain their position or say the truth and receive sack letter from your post.

Where have the people gone wrong? Who are the people to blame for this? Are we to blame the people or blame the Nigerian press media houses or the Government for distorting genuine  information from reaching them, or do we hold the duo responsible for this mess?

Since upward and downward system of communication and information is perceived to be confined by the Nigerian Government to which is wrong; media is the absolute tool of a journalist when halted could have severe effect on the sensibility of the people, what would be the collective fate of the led masses if information are being concocted, distorted by the Government who are supposed to be transparent in their dealings at all times to show and serve as a good example to her citizens.

It is a pity that the people can no longer hear from their Government [President] neither is the ailing President willing to report back to them as what we see this days are nothing but mere media propaganda coming from the Nigerian Government with the backing of the Nigerian press media houses.

In a sane democracy everyone is treated equal to embrace the right to information, speech, assembly and expression but I think Nigeria under semi-repented dictator Mohammadu Buhari has shifted to one party system ideology of saying it all and having it done by her agents without questioning; but we must remind this Government that as human and society evolves so do knowledge, modifications and innovations follow trend; so to do this Government owe the people the right to know at all times without distortion.

Media is the mouthpiece of the people and the Government but what I can authoritatively infer in this piece is that the media now does the hatchet jobs of misinforming the people in other to get them paid. Lobbying the media by the Nigerian Government should not make them to dish out peripheral information to her citizens if such society must stand strong; I must commend the pertinacious attitude in Biafra reporters that information must not be distorted going out for public consumption no matter whose ox is groaned.

A society where the Government is not truthful, straightforward should put work into action to improve on information for public consumption; any society devoid of telling her citizens the right information at the right time is simply heading into a one party system ideology where the Government uses his party dogma [Dictatorship, Tyranny, Totalitarian] to stifle life out of the common man and report something else to the public consumption in other not to heat up the polity. In this case it is viewed that the people are the victims while the Government is the victor.

The area of information and technology under APC led Government is being tele-guided; no journalist in Nigeria as we speak can question the Nigerian Government over the state of affairs happening in Nigeria; rather the power that be in Abuja gives the Nigerian press media houses information on what to say or write. The Nigerian air waves has be polluted and saturated with falsehood; money now plays the news not what happened is being reported to the people of Nigeria.

Its high time the Nigerian Government to come out clean and tell her people where their President is; the people voted Mohammadu Buhari in and wish to see him address the nation on his feet not on social media outlets with Photoshop pictures of Mr.President. It is right to say that Nigeria is heading to anarchy since the Government is living under falsehood and denial of her right of giving credible information to her people. Let us all watch and see what may befall Nigeria sooner than later if this issue is not addressed.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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Biafra post

By Ifeanyi Chijioke -TBP
July 25, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Supreme leader; in Ebonyi - Biafra land
It would be foolishness to keep arms crossed while threats of war keep streaming in from Nigerian government and her indigenes. Since Nnamdi Kanu called for a referendum to determine the wish of his people, Nigerian representatives/officials/leaders have been reacting poorly to this legal and civil call.
Nnamdi Kanu being a peaceful agitator made the call because he doesn’t subscribe to force; having seen his peaceful nature, his people are being threatened with war. War threat is to enable him back off and should he continue to push, the threats may be implemented. This is the pivotal reason Biafrans must prepare for a strategic war, guerrilla strategy stands tall for self defense.

Biafrans must not continue to shout peace while her aggressors are shouting war. Although there is originally no plan of war from Biafra; but amassing weapons and getting soldiers ready is not aggression but a precautionary measure. Even though Biafra lost her sovereignty and pride in 1967; she shouldn’t have lost her defenders and weapons.

Ojukwu believed so much in peace while the people he was up against believed in war; he waited for the war before he prepared for the war. He began international lobbying or discussion during or at the end of the war. But had he precautionary amassed weapons and prepared fighters; the outcome of the war would not be this blatantly unforgiving.
One thing with the people of Biafra is they never retreat or surrender till they see to the end of a thing; they are determined in everything they engaged themselves. Having engaged themselves with Biafra restoration; they will see to the end which two things are involved, either they get Biafra or die in the battlefield for Biafra.

Arewa consultative forum has warned that Nnamdi Kanu will not go free; and when Nnamdi Kanu is mentioned, the name encompasses the people of Biafra who massively share his ideology. The call made by Arewa is nothing short of pogroms and systematic annihilation of Biafrans.

Quit notice was issued and still effective; Northern Nigeria has ordered the people of Biafra to leave their region; this is the exact call Ojukwu made before Nigeria declared 1967 civil war that claimed over 3.5 million innocent Biafran lives. Every man should go to his own side and prepare for subsequent action; that is the correct interpretation of the quit notice.

OPC has threatened Nnamdi Kanu and called him a nonentity; in spite of the fact that Yoruba race is known for cowardice, they must be taken serious. OPC attacked at a strategic point; a time Hausa/Fulani has threatened war and also a time Yoruba has sight on the Nigerian seat of power. The same thing Awolowo did in 1967; taking advantage of situation.

Prominent Nigerians have made it clear that a call for referendum is a call for war; they are negatively poised and would never let a referendum happen. Obasanjo called for Nnamdi Kanu’s head; that is the interpretation given to his call for Nnamdi Kanu to be stopped. One mental-leprosy stricken professor even charged Nnamdi Kanu to raise an army against Nigerian army if he wants referendum.

The presidency has said there won’t be referendum and has even tagged IPOB’s civil disobedience a threat to whatsoever they could remember. There is a clear indication that Biafra is no longer safe and to avoid being taken by surprise; they must prepare for a strategic war, which in other words could be termed self-defense.
If IPOB is determined to get a referendum which is their untouchable right Nigerian government swore to touch; they must be ready for a fight and they must go for what they want. There is no way referendum can be given because IPOB asked for it, they must fight for it.

There are significant threats of war and it could happen any time; IPOB needs to prepare for a strategic war. I am not an advocate of war or a war monger; I am only concerned over the unpreparedness that cost Ojukwu in 1967. History points towards the same 1967 direction and the hand of the compass is also showing the direction of war.

The people of Biafra must not wait for Nigerian declaration of war to assemble men and amass weapons. The best form of defense is attack; but even though there won’t be attack over the oral threats, there should be readiness.

The commitment and man power is present; what about machine? Biafra is a nation that existed three years before it fell to the enemy. Her gallant soldiers should be prepared now there is the likelihood of second attempt to live in Biafra. Even though the gallant soldiers won’t fight to defend Biafra once more; they should be ready to look after Biafra- so assembling ammunition and soldiers is not a call for war but a precautionary measure.

It is time Biafra regroups and understands she has lived; she has sovereignty and pride even though it was taken but it belongs to her. It is time Biafra knows that they are dealing with generational enemy and just starting from the point Ojukwu failed. Biafra must prepare for a strategic war to enable her protect Biafra once it regains her lost sovereignty.

If Biafra is prepared for a strategic war; if the war did not happen, she can use the amassed weapons to protect her sovereignty that is inevitable. The worst that could happen once more is to lose her citizens to unpreparedness if Nigeria strikes again or declares second civil war.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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Biafra post

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
July 24, 2017

Sometimes, I begin to ask myself if there are really youths in Nigeria; the presumed leaders of tomorrow! This question became imperative because since Nigeria got her independence in 1960, same class of leaders still rule till date and just as we near a century, they will hopefully continue leading.

Nigeria is outdated, crippled and blind, this is a clear indication that buttresses the Biafran adage that says; a shrine is weighed by its chief priest. When a chief priest is deceitful; a shrine or deity becomes deceitful and when he is blind, so is his deity. Muhammadu Buhari is outdated; he is crippled and blind on his hospital bed and yet speaking about his second tenure.
Nigeria would understand a call for a referendum as a call for war; she would choose detention of Chidebere Onwudiwe and his co-defendants over dialogue or lobby. She would send down her military to kill dissatisfied citizens. She would choose the hardware over software concerning this Biafra agitation. She would never behave like her counterparts because she is old and weak; she is led by careless octogenarians.
Compare the leaders of Nigeria since 1960 to its current leaders today; you see Buhari lying helplessly on a sick bed, so is Nigeria lying. You look at Obasanjo suffering mental degeneration and that is the state of Nigeria, nothing works because season has battered their bones.

They will continue on the wrongs they found success and there would be nothing left on their minds if not to keep on that path of success irrespective of season.
That is the mindset of 1967 class; a strategy worked for them and they seem to have a strong belief that the strategy will still work fifty years later. That strategy of killing Biafra; starving her children and raping her women. They are shouting war, war because they have belief in that strategy once more; they can’t think because they are weak bones and have degenerated cerebral.

Most times we discuss the fundamental problem of Nigeria without knowing that they never gave youths chance to fix them. Even when they have become octogenarians; they still believe they are modern and can handle modern life.
They see Eastern region as conquered territory and citizens of the region as slaves and a slave has no right to his destiny. One wonders what is irritating Nigerian political leaders over a simple call for referendum while her citizens understood it as right, it is not far from the fact that 1967 class sees those that made the call as salves they caught in a web of war 50 years ago and slaves have no right to such aspiration.
50 years later; agitation for the restoration of a supposedly conquered nation surfaced, they are not ashamed and they want to subdue it with a second civil war. They have continued to treat that nation that was conquered like a wayward bride, sleep with her in the cold night and scold her throughout the hot day.

They are power and war mongers; the 1967 war was all for power, to have an absolute control over a people their hard work brings forth fruit. They war war instead of jaw, jaw and they give not a chance for reconciliation or healing because they don’t know that path. The resources under the ground in that region has beclouded their sense of judgment, kill to possess became their slogan.

The current agitation championed by Nnamdi Kanu is a generational issue; and it needs a new generation to be solved because the vile and fury of the generation that started the war still brightens or glows. The call today by new generation on the side of the Biafra for a referendum is simply a change of mentality while the responding call for war on the side Nigerian political leaders is a constant mentality.
They would never give the new generation chance to pilot the affairs of Nigeria; every single one of them that fought the 1967 war still rest on power, linger or loiter on the corridor of power. They pulled their military uniforms but continued their military way of life. They changed to democracy but still have that bad military blood that never worked.

This is a modern or computer age; but they have forbidden or can’t engage modern or computer age leadership, they cannot give what they have not, 1967 way of life or leadership still prevails and that is why Nigeria will remain backward and uncivilized. That is why another civil war will happen and that is why Nnamdi Kanu will be victorious.

The challenges of today’s Nigeria are not necessarily lack of quality but refusal to admit modern life and allow new age to pilot the affairs of this new era. Had they given a new generation the chance to run Nigeria; this vile and nepotism will not be immense. If new age controlled Nigeria in this new era; they would have known the importance of reconciliation. If a new age piloted the affairs; he would have not detained Nnamdi Kanu and he would have released Chidebere Onwudiwe and his co-defendants.

It is too late for Nigeria because those that should have left the state lingered and grew old with the country. Nigeria is too old to walk, fight or live; she is down and cannot get up again. She will soon die in a London hospital, die at Otta farm or anywhere she is. Nigerians and Biafrans must do everything possible not to die with this fading Nigeria. They should exit it before it is finally taken to the grave because by now, if any 1967 class lives, he is just an inch away from his grave. They gave birth to Nigeria and died with Nigeria because they never gave new generation chance to fix their mistakes. Nnamdi Kanu is just the product of the mistakes of Nigerian 1967 class.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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