Ifeanyi Chijioke; Writes/Reports for TBP
January 25, 2017

Biafrans murdered by Buhari's security forces during Trump solidarity Rally at Igweocha (Portharcourt)
A Nigerian hospital came under fire for allowing a Biafran who sustained gun shot injury while rallying in solidarity with Donald Trump to bleed to death for lack of money to deposit for initial payment. When the victim was rushed to the hospital (not in print to avoid mob action) to be treated; the hospital demanded a deposit of 8,000 before he would be touched or be operated on.

While the victim who was shot at his leg and head kept begging; shouting in pains and slowly fading away that his life should be saved, the hospital maintained that it is official protocol that a certain amount must be deposited before a victim will be operated on. “Please save my life, please save my life, I want to live and see Biafra” He emotionally cried to the Doctor who only left him on the stretcher and waiting for the money.

His fellow Biafrans that brought him to the hospital pleaded to the hospital that IPOB is more than the bills but it was not enough to convince the Doctor. The Doctor who was reportedly afraid of the Nigerian military storming his hospital and so wanted to device any means possible to ensure the victim is not treated in his hospital stood firm on the deposit and knowing that they cannot provide the money out-rightly used that as leverage.

The murdered Biafran has one last wish and a clear message to the people of Biafra; it is also imperative to know that it is Biafra or death and Biafrans mean business. As reported by the nurses who watched him gave up in pains and tears. He said to the nurses “Please tell my people that they should not fear; they should continue to fight because Biafra must come” his last words before he gave up the ghost.

Nigerian military is used to storming hospitals and arresting victims of their excessive force in a bit to make sure that there is no trace or evidence against them, an action some sympathetic hospitals have said it always goes beyond taking their victims. According to an eye witness, he narrated how they often suffer in the hands of soldiers. “Once they come to the hospital; they harass doctors and nurses and in most cases even arrest people that were not among their victims”.

When it was clear that the doctor would not do anything about the dying victim; his fellows’ headed home to bring the deposit but before they could come back, he has bled to death and there was no way he could be retrieved. Frozen on the stretcher and looked like a warrior; he has given up the ghost but after words of encouragement.

He prayed all he could to be alive and see Biafra; he needed Biafra so much and have dreamed all his life to partake in it. The murderous Nigerian security operative set him on a path of death and the unruly Nigerian hospital ensured that he died with the passion of a hero, not setting his eyes on Biafra he has fought for like a warrior was his only problem and not actually his death.

While it was clear that many died on the spot as a result of the live bullets that rained like in August; few still lost their lives afterwards. The genocide going on in Biafra land is a cold and heartless one that I began to question the conscience of humanity. While Muhammadu Buhari takes all the blame; it is imperative to question the inaction of the world that has crossed its arm and watching humanity suffer immeasurable hatred leading to death.

For the sake of these comrades murdered in cold blood; Biafrans shall fight and restore Biafra. Biafrans shall never retreat or surrender for the sake of our brothers and sisters that have gone and this is the clear message. The death of this comrade is nothing but motivation to us the living; Biafrans have decided we shall never betray them for Biafra is the only way his soul and others can rest in peace.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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  1. Tears fill my eyes while read this passionate story of this brother. God has bought him for Himself. However, Nigeria is a diarrhoea and cancer combined!