Ifeanyi Chijioke; for Biafra Reporters; Reporters for TBP - January 25, 2017

The Biafra Post
Nnamdi Kanu is not a career freedom fighter; he has not set up IPOB to spend 17 years celebrating IPOB day, Biafra day, forcefully collecting tax from traders, cyclists and becoming security men in all estates in Biafra land and beyond which was all Uwazurike achieved in 17years of MASSOB before his expulsion and now in BIM, the worst of it all. Nnamdi Kanu will restore Biafra and will never intend to spend all his life answering a freedom fighter just like every single one of you in BIM, neither will Nnamdi Kanu fight for Biafra with mere lips because armed struggle is the only option presented to Biafrans by the Nigerian government.

If Biafra will take armed struggle to be achieved; Biafra under Nnamdi Kanu’s command is capable of it, and His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu failed in 1967 because of lack of planning and strategic build up. Biafra under Nnamdi Kanu’s command will not become career freedom fighters or shy away from the struggle because arm is the only option left for them (him), if armed struggle becomes his only option, Biafra will go into it and be restored within seven days because we are the real Israel, if Israel fought and won, we shall fight and win Northern Islamic caliphate.

Biafra under Nnamdi Kanu’s command cannot keep quiet while the people of Biafra are being killed on daily basis and if the killing is not stopped; Biafra (he) would die once and for all for us, he would die a brave man instead of going back home and become a career freedom fighter, taking IPOB for a business and his only source of living. You can rant on the pages of Nigerian newspapers; Biafra under Nnamdi Kanu’s command mean business. If heaven will fall for Biafra to be restored, you should better get ready for that. Nnamdi Kanu commands Biafra and once he issues command, oh dear me, everything will stop breathing. You don’t joke with a man that makes a command from the prison and Porthacourt was filled with over three million men ready to die. Biafrans don’t know BIM and neither do they know anybody called Uwazurike; as irrelevant as you are, if Nnamdi Kanu makes a command for armed struggle and you oppose it; Biafrans will kill you and go for Biafra restoration.

We at The Biafra Post are very much disturbed once more because we feel this crude anger in us whenever Ralph Lebeanya Uwazurike talks concerning Biafra. You would ask why we are disturbed; but we don’t have answer right now as the dossier Biafra Reporters will be releasing on daily basis starting from Monday being 30th of January will answer any question put to us. Biafra Reporters have a very emotional dossier that would leave Uwazurike naked; I bet if he is aware of what is coming, he would run away before the time.
This career freedom fighter is not ashamed that since 1999 he started talking about Biafra; he has nothing to show for it. Nnamdi Kanu will not be a career freedom fighter because he has not come to do business like Uwazurike. It is very clear that Uwazurike made himself a career freedom fighter that he spent a whole 17 years before he met his waterloo- expulsion in MASSOB as a result of sabotage. Calculate from 1999 to when Uwazurike was expelled from MASSOB and now he established BIM and then ask yourself without Nnamdi Kanu; what would Biafra be like today?

I don’t need to convince you that after Uwazurike touched Biafra; Biafra became a dirty thing and as useless as a tissue paper. It can as well be proven that for the first time in history of the people of Biafra; they rejected Biafra because of what Uwazurike did within the period of 17 years he claimed to be fighting for Biafra. Didn’t it take Nnamdi Kanu sacrifices, prayer and self oath to get to convince our people again that he is for real and mean business? Didn’t our people say they would never engage in anything to do with Biafra because of the emotional and bloody betrayal occasioned by Ralph Uwazurike’s sabotage?

We shall stop here as this is a quick response to remind Uwazurike that he cannot get Nnamdi Kanu or pull down Biafra. This is to remind him in line with the comments he made to the Press that Biafrans throw sticks and stones at security forces which justifies the killing of our people. A claim the Police and Nigerians have never made before but coming from a man that said he is fighting for Biafra. Biafra Reporters (Writers/Reporters for The Biafra Post) wish to make it clear to Ralph Lebeanya Uwazurike that we have known the reason he is fighting to ensure that Biafra becomes a failure or that we continue to talk about Biafra till eternity without making it real.  The bad news is; Nnamdi Kanu will make Biafra real and Uwazurike shall pay for every single thing against our people.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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