• WARS… As Nigeria Niger-Delta Militants Shoots down another Nigerian Military Fighter Jet and captures 7 Nigerian Soldiers alive

THE LAST OF THE WARS TO END ONE NIGERIA IS TAKING SHAPE. PLEASE WAKE UP AND DO NOT CLOSE YOURS EYES: The Southern Nigeria Army known as the Niger-delta Avengers shot down another of the two Nigerian Air force fighting jet today.

The six of the jets that went on attacking mission today to bomb the creeks were met with svanguardtrong fire power from the Niger-Delta freedom fighters. 

We must ask ourselves this question why is that while the process of dialogue and negotiation is been initiated, the draconian Nigerian state with is instruments of oppression and internal slavery attacked the creeks with high vehemence only for the ever alert and formidable fighting machineries of the Niger-Delta to shoot down two of their oppressing instruments known as their alpha jet fighting air planes. 

The Yorub a people of Nigeria is cautioned 

  • “I repeat again, the people and elite of Oduduwa Republic must inevitably stay out of this war and be prepared to declare an Oduduwa Republic. God has given the Yoruba people natural resources and capable human resources to survival and progressively developed as a people and a nation within their own indigenous geography. This current war to keep Nigeria one by force and death is a draconian agenda of the core-north and the caliphate, which they cannot and will never win. Nigeria has breaking up already. Be prepared for the last stage of its demise. I am warning all the Yoruba now, who still feel there is a hope somehow in Nigeria when such is illusory and do not exist”. 

A Biafra cautions the Yoruba people of Nigeria 

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