• Warns residents to vacate locations

Urhobo militant group, Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate (NDGJM), on Sunday advised residents around major oil and gas facilities across the Niger Delta to evacuate immediately to avoid human casualties in its next attacks.

According to a statement signed by its spokesman, Aldo Agbalaja, the group said the warning became necessary since most of the marked facilities in all the states in the region had been rigged with explosives waiting for detonation.

“One more time, we are warning and at the same time appealing to residents around major oil and gas facilities across our region to please evacuate immediately.

“This warning has become necessary because of the fact that we do not wish any of our people, for whom we have taken up this crusade, to become casualties of our campaign.

“All the marked facilities in all the states have been rigged with explosives at strategic points, waiting to be detonated.

“We are only being slowed down because of the presence of those still living close by. This struggle will only cease when the adversarial Nigerian system yields to reason”, it added.

Reacting to the claim by Ijaw National leader, Chief Edwin Clark that it had ceasefired, the militant group described it as a charade aimed at hoodwinking the Federal Government into believing that he was in control of the region.

It warned the Federal Government to be wary of Chief Clark’s antics adding “We have warned the federal government to be wary of the old man, Chief E.K Clark, and his antics; he can do anything to make dirty money.

“He and his cohorts, in their desperation to make the unsuspecting government, oil companies and the general public believe they are indeed ‘lords’ of the Delta, created a big fat lie, another charade, in the name of a nonexistent cease fire by the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate.

“For the avoidance of doubts, we have seen no reason to halt our anger against the Nigerian federal government, not when the oppressive system has yet to move a muscle to respond to our requests.

“We want to categorically say that we have no member, less talking of leader by the name ODU, as quoted by the (namewithheld) newspaper”, it stated.

NDGJM said further: ” This said call and the so-called ceasefire is all a job, just like the Ijaw-dominated, Clark-convened Niger Delta stakeholders meeting in Effurun was, they both are meant to justify money they hope to obtain from government”.

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