• FG warns of possible resort to chemical, biological agents by terrorists

The Federal Government has warned of the possibility of Boko Haram terrorists resorting to the use of biological and chemical agents to unleash terror on unsuspecting citizens.
This followed the receipt of an information from the Office of the National Security Adviser, ONSA, that the Kenyan Police has foiled a major biological terrorist attack by three Kenyan medical personnel that belong to a terror network with link to the global terrorist group, ISIS.

According to a letter exclusively obtained by DAILY POST, investigation shows that the three suspects namely: Dr. Mohamed Abdi, Faran Dagane and Ahmed Hish, have been actively recruiting university students and youths into terror groups.

Fearing that Boko Haram may use such agents, the latter seen by our correspondent, and signed by the Head, Department of Hospital Services, Dr. W. I. Balami mni, urged all CMDs/MDs of federal tertiary institutions to pay close attention to their medical personnel as well as chemical and biological agents who might be use to execute acts of terrorism.

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