By Russell Idatoru Bluejack
October 03, 2017

Biafrans in Canada protesting the genocidic killings of Biafrans by Nigerian islamic army
I almost laughed when some disgruntled elements in Nigeria tried to make the agitation for freedom from Nigeria by Biafrans a national issue.  I was flummoxed by statements credited to the mishandlers of Nigeria asking the US and other countries to wash their hands off Nigeria's issue.  In a sharp contrast,  Nigeria's president had traveled to other countries to convass for the independence of another Islamic nation. Do you see the contradiction?  When our dear Buhari pleaded with the UN to consider the plight of that Islamic nation he probably forgot that he was meddling in another country's matter.

Realising that Nigeria is bound by diplomatic ties that warrant the meddlesomeness, what those that occupy Aso Rock did was to see how they could pull out of the international associations that will make it difficult for Nigeria to get dictatorial over the peaceful agitation for freedom.  The real reason behind Nigeria's quest to be evicted from over 100 international associations is premised on their intention to unlawfully quieten the agitations, using the most fierce and brutal force.  That is the gospel truth embedded in this suspicious move and not the lies spun by Nigerians.  Has Nigeria stopped selling oil for her to become strapped of cash? These occupants of Aso Rock lie with impunity!

But why does Nigeria want to hold Biafrans captive? Why does Nigeria feel perturbed by the quest for freedom?  Has Nigeria always been one?  Were we not existing as separate entities (Southern and Northern Protectorates) for many years? Now that Lugard's amalgamation has failed,  why should we not go our separate ways? The only reason why people still schmooze about a nonexistent unity is the resources that are being preyed on.  Yes,  this unity fosters the happenstance for the North to prey on Biafrans.  That is the so-called unity.  When did the North start loving those of us that are not Muslims as to kick against our freedom? This love is not for us,  Biafrans: it is just about what God has given to us - our oil.

Well,  it is too late.  Our agitation has received global attention.  The attempt to make the agitation a national affair is belated.  Biafrans are agitating everywhere you can find plants on earth.  What is local and national about an agitation that makes the globe quake? When Nigeria unleashed terror on the Igbo-speaking Biafrans and forced most of them to flee the shores of Nigeria little did they know that it would become Nigeria's undoing.  Today,  Igbo-speaking Biafrans from the East are the most traveled humans on earth,  which makes every concern of theirs global.  Buhari and his cronies must have undermined the overbearing influence being ubiquitous has bestowed on Biafrans.  Clamping down on the agitators in Nigeria ignites the international fire.  Nigeria watches helplessly as Biafrans in every country continue to agitate and court other nations.
The miscalculated attempt to kill the leader of the reinvigorated and refined agitation for restoration of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has boomeranged,  as the struggle has got the needed global sympathy.  Nigeria,  a product of one man's mistake,  continues to make mistakes.  The faulty foundation of Nigeria makes it impossible for her to function as a nation.  The origin of Nigeria will continue to haunt her.  The only way out of this quagmire is for the various nations forced to exist in her to be set free.  Biafra is getting out, willy nilly. Biafrans have been kept in a suffocating situation in Nigeria for many years.  We are indeed lucky to still be alive.  We are truly God's own people.  Our story is similar to that of Israel in Egypt.  Yes,  we were there in Egypt,  escaped with Israel only to find ourselves in a worse captivity.  The time for our total liberation is now.

The world is discussing Biafra.  I saw a credible link to the story about Donald Trump's maiden move for peace talks with the beastly governors in the East and FGN.  The veracious story has it that congressmen from the US will be meeting with Nigeria to discuss Biafra.  More works from us all will be flying all over the world. Rallies are ongoing in various countries as I write.  Negotiations have become the order of the day in those countries that constitute World Power.  Biafrans have upped the ante of the agitation globally.  Buhari's hatred for the Igbo has finally broken the chains.  In attempting to kill our leader he generated more Nnamdi Kanus here and in the Diaspora.

BBC interviewed a Briton that experienced the Civil War,  and the response from him was damning to Nigeria. He recounted the dictatorial operations of Nigeria in that war and made it clear that Biafra  children were not excluded from the demonic acts of Nigeria.  The high point of that BBC interview was his allusion to Britain's attempt to withdraw her support for Nigeria due to the unbridled dictatorship noticed.  I think I understand why Britain, Nigeria's ally and true owner,  has become careful today.  You need to be a beast in order to remain an ally to this demonic sons and daughters of Uthman Dan Fodio called Fulani.  They drink human blood and eat human flesh.  They invade our lands,  rape our women,  kill our men,  brutally dissemble our kids,  and destroy our properties.  Even Britain is tired of the kinds of brutal killings we have been posting to them.  The real Devil I see, fear,  and avoid are the Fulani.

Thanks be to God Almighty that Biafra will be free at last.  We had become game for the Jihadist operations of the Fulani-controlled North.  They see us as the targets of their social and religious jihad.  They kill us for our religious belief and invade our lands in their bid to take possession of our properties.  Nothing connects Biafran and Nigeria. The disconnect is religious, cultural, social,  and historical.  Yes,  God has finally brought our case to the Court of the world.  Buhari hates us,  but wants us to remain as objects of scorn.  Why? He hates us but loves our resources.  I see!  We cannot remain where we are not welcome.  Liberty has always been our dream.  Thanks be to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.  Dead or alive,  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will always be the hero Buhari will never be.  It takes the Grace and sapience of the Almighty for a man to be as bold and undaunted as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.  May God continue to bless his lovely family.  Amen and amen.  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu inspired all of us. He will be remembered and honoured by every Biafran forever. All hail Biafra!

Nigeria,  I reject thee.
Biafra,  I embrace thee.

Russell Idatoru Bluejack is a thinker,  revolutionary writer, university tutor,  and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the creeks in BIAFRALAND.

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