Nigeria: The Second Phase Of EndSars Protest; Nigerian Youths Must Brace Up For The Next Revolution

By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

December 12, 2020

It always goes down in history book whenever women of virtue set a pace for others to follow, the 1929 Aba women protest was wrongly tagged “riot” by government pocketed mainstream compromised media preponderant during the British government illegal tax impositions using warrant chiefs as indirect rule to accomplish their exploitative aims in Nigeria. The Aba women peaceful protest was more or less for radical transformation of corrupt structure of British government colonialism with sole specific objective to address the lopsided socio-political economic grievances’ that hindered mainly the development women and the girl child to fit perfectly into the men's world. 

Whenever men without balls in-between their legs seems to shy away from ugly unfolding scenario women always take the bull by the horn to put an end of injustices perpetrated by power holders, same can be captured in the #Endsars protest second phase that just kicked off by women in Lagos State. Records entailed most successful revolutions in the world started like a mere protest, at first it might seem to hard to start off as forces of darkness by the government in power would do everything possible to halt nor stop it but the people's collective determination, consistence of will power at last grant them victory. Peaceful protest is a constitutional right, a means of passing massage or expression of dissatisfaction against corrupt system of any form in government.

Protest like self-determination is inalienable human rights, Nigeria is not exceptional to this and cannot be. Fear is among the reasons people of Nigeria can’t hold their corrupt political bourgeoisie accountable for maladministration, misappropriation, mismanagement of public funds same way serfs were afraid to question the lords, In feudal system during middle ages. #Endsars protest ought to have taught every Nigerian that both their leaders and all security apparatus put together are minority to withstand the majority under severe man made agony caused by the so called political leaders. The worst mistake Nigerian youths can make is misusing this golden opportunity to end police brutality only and not asking for a reform from government at all levels.

Freezing of protesters bank accounts is criminality of the highest order by the rogues in power who are afraid of the public lashes. Freezing the #EndSars protesters bank accounts is just a tip of iceberg of what shall befall the Nigerian youths should they contemplate to capitulate on their demands for #Endsars protest because the crooks in power will ride them like donkeys. Only but, a tricyclist refused to give hundred naira (#100) bribe to an exploitative policeman on duty was shot dead in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) - Rivers State capital. Imagine what will become of Nigerian youths should they stop the protest half way without their demands been met. 

Just imagine that after a month of protest, the demands of the Nigerian youths protesters have been swept under the carpet which depicts that your life means nothing in Nigeria, just take a cognitive look so far, nothing has been implemented, victims has neither been compensated nor has the bias government controlled panel of inquiries come up with reasonable verdicts at least to stop Police/Military brutality or bring the culprits that massacred innocent people to book for extra judicial killings across the federation. The sole reason behind the high graded levels of brutality by men of the Nigerian armed forces is the profound failed revolution that refused to take effect in Nigeria since her creation, the Nigerian young people must rise up and fight till the last man standing irrespective of Fulani-Janjaweed Police threats against the peaceful protesters.

Do Nigerian youths know that the falling of Berlin Wall, signaled the collapsed of the Soviet Empire and ultimately of the Soviet Union due to repudiate determination of young people to resist unjust government’s exploitative policies. Gorbachev wields enormous power as General Secretary of the Communist Party like the disguise clown in Aso-Rock masquerading himself to be Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, but the biggest problems of Gorbachev was his uncertain political and economic management to take on Perestroika’s says Soviet analysts. Perestroika is a Russia word reformist. 
The proxy Fulani Presidency led by corrupt ingrained system failure to address or restructure the socio-political and socio-economical spheres of Nigeria after the 1967-1970 Biafra genocidal war will only meet the Perestroika’s Soviet Union resistance this period.

Like Nigeria, Soviet Empire exploitative political bourgeoisie was a battle between old and new, a struggle of forces of renewal against those who were like to derail restructure. If young Nigerians can emulate Soviet resistance on how influential government officials feeling above the law were not only chased out but were buried both embezzlers, thieves, bribe takers and window dress fought back never to relinquish their positions on their free will their oppressors meet their waterloo immediately massive resistance kicks off. Though some philosophers credited the Gorbachev’s Glasnost policy, this policy encouraged freedom of speech and Press enhancement, unlike, the Fulani APC gestapo hate speech bill already in the mill of the Senate house which will make it possible to sentence to death by hanging anybody convicted spreading hate speech against the government.

The bill was dropped because of the nationwide condemnation now the same tyrant regime through her Defense Agency  had purchased equipment that can spy on citizen’s phone communication which is an act of infringement of freedom of speech and communication but can’t clampdown on Northern Youths Forum hooligan and street minions that openly threatens the #Endsars peaceful protesters should they start again. Nigerian youths must stand out and remain focus on their quests, failure to do so, simply means Fulani cows shall continue to be relevant over human life in this contraption called Nigeria.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07
Published by Charles Opanwa 


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