IPOB National Media is looking for volunteers to join the Voice of the People (VoP) Department for the upcoming 2018 referendum or to join State Media in their various States. The department will hold a need assessment, draft proposals for how to proceed, and prepare on how ensure to 2018 upcoming Biafra referendum gets to the nook and cranny of Biafra Land. This will require research, consultation and careful consideration of some factors.

This volunteer opportunity is open to all hardcore IPOB members and Biafrans. Ideally, those with experience in reporting and camera work will be considered first. VoP members are expected to attend regularly departmental meetings.

Volunteers are needed to function in the following positions:
1. Video editor
2. Reporters
3. Writers/editors
4. Presenters/Newscasters
5. Camera men/women.

If you wish to join the IPOB National Media for any of the aforementioned positions and partake in the ongoing dissemination of holy gospel of Biafra Restoration and to earnestly work for our fatherland, send your personal information and a short statement of interest via the following contact channels: media@ipob.org and Facebook: @sunrisebtv using the format below.
State: e.g. Akwa Ibom
Name: e.g. Oluchi Ejiofor
Position: e.g. Cameraman
Phone Number: e.g. 08030000000

Application deadline: 31st March, 2018 11pm

1. This is a voluntary work, you won't be paid and its strictly for hardcore Biafrans.
2. Your information is required only for verification purpose.

Many Thanks.

Ngozi Chukwuka
Secretary to the National Media Head


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