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A Fulani Jihadist (in guise of a herdman) with an AK47
An exclusive investigation has revealed that what was widely seen as communal clash between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in Benue was nothing but a coordinated terrorist/Jihad act. The media had wrongly reported that Fulani herdsmen murder of over seventy Christians in Benue is a communal clash or issue between farmers and herdsmen, this was a report made without in-depth investigation.

Our reliable source (Northern Christian) who met one of the Fulani herdsmen that carried out Benue attack on a classified condition got a confessional statement and strategy of the attackers which was made exclusive to The Biafra Post. The herdsman intimated that 300 thousand Naira was given to each of the Fulani herdsmen that came in as mercenary from other states to help those in Benue. According to our reliable source; the Fulani herdsman who confided in him left Delta state for Benue.

“He came back and was going back to Delta state; he lodged in my hotel over here and quite loquacious due to he is still in our side” the source said.

Against what was claimed by the Nigerian presidency; the attackers are not foreign terrorists. The attackers are combination of Hausa/Fulanis from every part of Nigeria. Those in Benue reached out for Hausa/Fulani across the country and the sponsors of the murderers paid each mercenary that came to help Benue brothers 300 Thousand Naira each.

The Hausa/Fulani in Benue state felt discriminated after the governor passed anti-grazing bill and the killing was to payback or force the governor to reverse the law. The attacker that confided-in to our source also disclosed that more attacks will happen but not sure if they will continue with payment of mercenaries because the whole thing is turning or has turned into a movement.

Disclosing the strategy of the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen; he detailed that every attack is well coordinated and that it’s not only carried out by herdsmen as widely perceived. He narrated that any Hausa/Fulani that wants to join in the attack is welcomed hence it’s a move to protect the interest of Fulani and Hausa businesses.

Going further; he said that most Muslims in Nigeria now see the attack as Jihad while some see it as using the opportunity to fight for the interest of Hausa/Fulani cattle business moguls. He also said that other Fulani/Hausa youths hear the movement and willingly join while few are against the killing.

The herdsman noted that the same group that attacked Benue state also attacked Taraba state and that after Taraba, he left to enjoy his money. He also noted that there is confidence and they are motivated and fearless. He further said that the presence of Muhammadu Buhari in Aso-rock is a driving force for them.

The clash caused flared nerves with the governor of Benue state accusing his counterpart of being behind the terrorist act. The governor had said that the Fulani herdsmen that attacked his state and killed indigenes came from his neighboring state, a claim that was countered by the accused.

Sultan of Sokoto reacted to the killing, he strategically justified the killing by saying that over 800 Fulani herdsmen were killed and that was why they had to kill back. But when the Sultan was criticized for his comments; he disclosed that they don’t have control over herdsmen, a claim that was seen as a clear deceit.

Nigerian pastors have vocally reacted with Apostle Sulieman saying that Fulani herdsmen have sponsors while others urged Christians to rise to self-defense. The Nigerian CAN president has accused the federal government of masterminding Islamisation/Jihad. Although they have reacted; but they have no substantive or strategic action to stop persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

The federal government of Nigeria led by Muhammadu Buhari has shown a great support for the Fulanis; this claim was made by opposition political figures and Nigerians alike. The President who is a Fulani leader seems to be very much aware of what his wards are doing and he has refused to talk or command the Nigerian security forces to stop Fulani onslaught.

Nigerian army and police have paid lips service to the Fulani herdsmen menace; allowing the terrorists to operate at will. It is believed that the decision of not to pronounce Fulani herdsmen terrorist is a direct order to the Nigerian forces to steer clear the herdsmen. Benue massacre like other massacres could not draw condemnation or activate action; rather, the president indulged in ‘participatory silence’.

The Fulani breeders association of Nigeria had reacted to the killing; blaming the governor of the state and hinging the terrorist act on his anti-grazing bill stance. The association indirectly warned that they will continue to massacre Benue people if anti- grazing bill is not reversed. They also added that the reason they are killing is because their cows were rustled at random.

Nigerians and critics have called on the President to arrest the leader of Fulani association for such confessional statement but instead; the president invited leaders of Benue begging them to accept Fulani herdsmen, that they are their fellow countrymen. The president feigned ignorance at the confessional statement made by the breeders association and recently said that he doesn’t need to rush into action.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP

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