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January 24,2018

An unconfirmed report has disclosed to The Biafra Post that John Nnia Nwodo threatened to treat IPOB again for the public embarrassment he received in Enugu during Igbo/Yoruba handshake across the Niger. The information which was said to have been mistakenly leaked by his driver suggested that IPOB must be paid back for masterminding the public embarrassment he faced in Enugu. The threat was issued immediately after the Igbo/Yoruba handshake where he was denied the right to speak in his very own meeting by protesting women. Women across Biafra land had stormed Enugu and when Nnia Nwodo tried to make a speech, the women started a massive protest that could have resulted to mob action. Nnia Nwodo later succumbed to the pressure not to speak and Fami-Fani Kayode was rather given the nod to steal the show. The humiliation was so much that Nwodo could not endure and even at the end of the meeting; the women who lost their husbands and children to operation python dance and Boko haram waited for him to be attacked while a few tried to attack him in the auditorium of the conference. He was later smuggled out of the venue through the back door and on entering his car; he annoyingly made the threat that he will treat IPOB again according to the report. The ambiguous threat opened up questions and somehow gives credence to the accusation by the Indigenous People of Biafra that Nnia Nwodo has been the person behind the killing of the Biafran youths who are agitating for the total or outright dismemberment of Nigeria. He will treat IPOB again; how and where did he treat them and what nature of treatment will likely come again or came before? However; Nnia Nwodo has always denied being behind the killing of the people of Biafra but claimed he is rather saving the people by making sure violence did not erupt from their call for the restoration of Biafra. He often opined that restructuring of the country is the way forward and not dismemberment but that has rather pitched him against his own people. Meanwhile; the Indigenous People of Biafra in a press statement said that they are not behind the women that stormed Enugu. In a press statement by Emma Powerful; he made it clear that IPOB did not mastermind the embarrassment/mob action, distancing her from the act and against what they initially tagged IPOB women. It is widely believed that Ohaneze Ndiigbo is the Trojan horse of the people of Biafra; through which the government of Nigeria murder Biafran youths. Unlike Arewa consultative forum; Ohaneze would openly stand before the press and deny their youths which often give the federal government the impetus to come in and act. A case study is the tagging of Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist organization; critics suggested that had Ohaneze Ndigbo stood like Arewa consultative forum on Fulani Herdsmen, that such tag will not happen but they chose to sell out the people in order to get favor from the government of Nigeria, a thing that has become a culture in the region. The apex body of the North has refused to tag herdsmen terrorists despite the unprecedented killing credited to them but it took peaceful protest for terrorist tag on IPOB to happen. There seems to be war between the people and Ohaneze Ndigbo and the treatment threatened to be given to them will not exceed secretly bringing in the federal government to hunt and kill the youths in an effort to cast fear upon them to retreat.

But this anger that is as red as fur will lead to one thing- the home will be destroyed and at the end of the day, Ohaneze and the people will have nowhere to rest. Fulani herdsmen will come in and cracks will continue to bring in the enemy. The people will be killed and when they see nobody to kill, they will turn to Ohaneze and its scribes until nothing is left to be killed.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a thinker, revolutionary writer, a senior journalist in TheBiafraPost and a  socio-economic and political analyst that writes from  Onitsha in Eastern part of Biafraland 

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