January 24,2018

The attention of the RESCUE GOVERNMENT of Imo State has been drawn to the wild and unsubstantiated rumor currently making the rounds that parts of Imo State have been earmarked for the establishment of cattle colonies.
This information is wicked, unfounded and untrue although it represents the typical product of warped thinking of desperate mischief makers via the social media.
Out of abundant caution, the RESCUE MISSION GOVERNMENT of Imo State restates that there is no law, policy, decision, plan, request or intention to cede, allocate or designate any part of Imo State as a cattle colony.

The Regional Cattle Market in Okigwe is not a cattle colony in just the same way that the cattle markets in Lokpa in Abia State and Awka in Anambra State respectively, to mention a few, are not cattle colonies.

Ndi Imo and members of the public are therefore advised to disregard these baseless and laughable rumours.

It is unfortunate that manufacturing wicked and capricious lies on an hourly basis has become the hallmark or DNA of desperate oppositon politicians in our dear State.
These shameless elements and agents of national disunity have consistently, both in words and deeds, shown themselves to be sworn enemies of Ndi Imo in particular and Nigerians in general.
For the avoidance of doubt, the dastardly act of extra-judicial killing or taking the lives and or wanton destruction of the properties of other citizens by blood thirsty herdsmen or ethnic militias or terrorists anywhere in the country stand condemned.
Criminality can neither be legalized nor excused by diversionary labeling or dangerous over generalizations as a crime remains a crime no matter by whom committed.

This is to reassure Ndi Imo that the RESCUE MISSION GOVERNMENT is willing, ever ready and prepared to defend the lives and properties of Imolites and will not hesitate to deal decisively with criminal offenders accordingly to the full weight of the law.
Imo Must Be Better!
Prof Obiaraeri, N.O.

Honourable Commissioner For Information, Imo State.

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