Written by Chima Onyekachi

Oh Okon! I exclaimed when I had to hang up the call informing me you are dead, I stared back at the food staring at my face and I lost appetite. Devastated I became when another phone call came in informing me that your burial will take place same day, I asked, why?! I still cannot remember what the guy at the other end was explaining. The best I could do was to contact a top principal officer of IPOB which was successful hoping you will be given an honorable burial, at least with Biafra flags hovering about or wrapped around your body. I am still at lost to find out if you got buried or not.

 Oh Okon! How you loved the Biafra flag! You had to make a gown out of it. From the first day we met you were never shy or afraid to express your love for your fatherland Biafra, with your talent of engineering your dream was to become an inventor.

Oh Okon! I know you were never afraid of death because even in pain and discomfort you strived to be part of every activity towards the restoration of Biafra. The tumor that burdened you would have been well-treated and cured in a humane society unlike Nigeria whose healthcare system is not suitable for even a sick dog, A good health care in Nigeria is for the rich and those capable of travelling abroad.

Oh Okon! So sad is your widowed mother and siblings, Your dear mother who does not cease praying for Director Nnamdi Kanu. You are gone from this world but I bet the restoration of Biafra is all you still want, And we owe to you to continue the struggle for the sovereign state of Biafra.

Adieu Okon! My dear comrade. Godspower Okon Amos is a 25-year-old native of Ikot Ekpene community in Ikot Obio Itam town of Oruk Anam local government area, Akwa-Ibom state. He is a victim of the May 30th 2016 massacre of Biafrans on peaceful procession in commemoration of the Biafra Heroes Day held at Eke-Nkpor in Anambra State. Having escaped a previous massacre at National High School Aba, he was caught unaware at Nkpor while trying to rescue a fellow who was caught by the rain of bullets. A tear gas canister was shot directly at Okon, hitting his jaw and causing an injury which later developed into a tumor, an illness he carried till the early hours of Saturday, 7th October, 2017 when death snatched him away.

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