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11th  August 2017

Up till date; nobody seems to know how the almighty Niger Delta Avengers went into extinction, while some are still waiting for them, some believe they are dead, defeated and few believe they were bought. No account of the end of their activities could be recorded neither could their ranks be broken but their activities began to fade until they went out of the picture, since they disappeared; pipeline destruction came into a sudden halt except ones blown once in a blue moon by other militant groups. An investigation carried out by Ifeanyi Chijioke has revealed how the group came to a sudden end; the report had it that the disappearance of Niger Delta Avengers was as a result of regional sabotage which forced them into retreat. The militant outfit was lobbied into believing in the negotiation strength of PANDEF against their original plan of helping Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra,in  championing self determination for the people of Biafra.

Compromise began when they listened to political contractors through their sponsors and consistent threat of sabotage if they continued without restraint or listening to the powers that be in the region. THE BIRTH Militant groups have come and gone but there is no group that has been as lethal as Niger Delta Avengers; they are determined and integrity is their watchword.

They have pride and dignity and do their things extra-ordinarily. There is no where a pipeline is located they cannot penetrate and neither can any level of security stop their activities in a target. The group has a genuine intention towards the people of Eastern region and was heavily sponsored from Diaspora. They got everything they wanted and executed their jobs professionally; the main target was to ensure Nigeria is restructured and also to discreetly help the cause of Biafra. They have Biafra at heart because the sponsors somehow believe Biafra pattern of leadership will leave states to control their resources and pay tax to the centre.

They came into existence in late 2016 and began operation; soon their operation earned them recognition but they just existed as ‘Niger Delta Avengers’. Nobody knew Niger Delta Avenger and neither has anyone seen them in action. They are just raiders; who raid and retreat to never be seen again until another raid. According to the investigation; contrary to what people think, Niger Delta Avengers is not a group but a squad not more than three but another source who claimed he is affiliated to them indicated they are up to seven. The squad believes not in armed confrontation because they lack the number to execute it but are well spiritually fortified.

 “What is pipeline destruction? Just get your material, go to your target and plant it and detonate and the job is over. Where you need much man power is upland bombing where you need to dig to make a pipeline surface to enable you plant a dynamite or bomb and detonate” a source said. The investigation went further to disclose that Niger Delta Avengers uses black magic to manipulate security forces guarding any pipeline which gives them the chance to discreetly go to any delivery trunk and plant their bomb and detonate. “You cannot stop the squad; the three of them are just so spiritually fortified; they can penetrate anywhere, they can even come into your house without your knowledge even while your eyes are looking at them” a source noted.

THE PEAK When the squad proved a reliable militant group; they were sought after but could not be reached after several attempt because nobody knows their identity but through their sponsors, they were contacted. Sponsors only drop their money for jobs without knowing the whereabouts of the squad, getting to sponsors means getting to even talk with them and not to know them. So many groups began to claim they are Niger Delta Avengers because the real squad cannot surface; they refused to surface even in action simply because they are action oriented and pictorial flaunting will disclose the squad numeric deficit. Their operation was mainly in the night; a time nobody will see them except hear the boom! The government began to fetch them; no stone was left unturned and promises were made, there was no how military presence or deployment in Eastern Nigeria would douse the tension or stop Niger Delta Avengers, the squad has nothing to do with the military.

Their job was to go to any oil facility they want to target; one man uses sorcery and penetrates, plant his device and detonate from a comfortable place and that is the end, Nigeria continues to bleed despite heavy military presence. The interest of the government was becoming stronger by each dawn and the vow of the Niger Delta Avengers to narrow oil production to zero coming to fulfillment, the government decided to explore all options to make sure Niger Delta Avenger were pleaded, lobbied or forced into extinction. Every effort to bribe them could not work as at that time, they were flying and everything was in good shape.

                                    REGIONAL SABOTAGE

The stake holders of oil producing states were bought over by the federal government when they found out that even Anambra state was already at the verge of militant maiden attack; virtually all the states of Biafra may be overrun by militant activities to press home demands. The federal government assured stake holders that resource control through restructure will be looked into and consi dered, that was when stake holders and elder statesmen began to browse the state to ask Niger Delta Avengers and other militant groups to cease operation. At first; Niger Delta Avengers refused to stop their activities but the political leaders in the state would somehow penetrate their sponsors and they would be deprived of further assistance.

 MEND was called into operation stop Niger Delta Avengers at all cost; the involvement of MEND proved decisive in taming Niger Delta Avengers. No matter the denial that may follow this unadulterated truth, MEND deserves the credit for the extinction of Niger Delta Avengers. “MEND came in; they have been lobbied and given small money, they were given opportunity to be relevant again. They were in high spirit because political leaders (PANDEF) and others had backed them to stop Avengers. They know the route and they are the pioneers of modern militancy in oil producing states. They started to block every means operation could be carried out and Avengers began to find it a bit irritating. Political leaders are opposed and standing with the federal government and MEND added to that, they went under pressure” a source said.

The accusation of cracking the ranks of Avengers was a blatant lie on the side of MEND; they enjoyed the approval of political leaders and had the support of the federal government and so tried to please their masters by lying that they cracked the ranks of Avengers. “The major aim of MEND was to find their way back to the government’s pocket and they were ready to do anything” he said. At a point; Niger Delta Avengers could not stand the pressure and knowing that everything would come to an end; they decided to make final moves of accruing wealth.

There was a time they resolved to meet the Leader of IPOB at Kuje prison; I cannot confirm if they met him but there are signs that the leader of IPOB supported them to continue to agitate for self determination.” The source indicated. Going further; the source contemplated that the action of meeting the leader of IPOB was for financial benefit because as soon as they finished meeting IPOB leader, they headed for Aso Rock where they were given huge financial reward to stop the agitation. “They did not go in persons; they sent a third party” the source retorted. Meanwhile; Avengers were bribed or rather lobbied into disappearance when they found out that regional pressure from political leaders and MEND may expose them and the consequences would be much. They resolved to finally take amnesty and disappear pending when another time will come for another business.

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