Biafra: Quit Notice; Biafra Sacrificial Lambs Living In Northern Nigeria Must Hear The Voice of Reason And Come Back Home Before It Is Too Late

By Kelechi Okorie -TBP
Twitter: @KelechiHoney

It was a coincidence; a day sets aside for praises and worship in a congregation with bright faces joyfully to the heart, turn out to be a massive agony, pain, tears uncontrollably flowed from both eyes and nose respectively, with no one to condole each other. Bright new day was overwhelmed by darkness in the morning Biafrans were snoring in deep sleep while war drummers were busy composing melodically inciting song for their vampires to suck fat with the blood of innocent Biafrans.

Yet, the intended victims are vulnerable to ascertain the strategy behind it; attention was driven to no direction; people remained so daft to question the track the sailor is heading to but only to found out they are already in enemy’s territory; the heartless sailor quickly rushed to the scene deceiving the gullible that perpetrators were imported without any trace to enable him retain the position of the captainship of the ship regardless of the welfare of its passengers.

Eye witnesses at the scene with first class information were not given audience because his quest for higher position is paramount to him therefore shielding the truth remains ideal to him. Media houses were all bought over not to give accurate information; painful exit of followers are unbearable while evil doers are now relaxing in VIP lounge sipping costly wines with the captain, and planning how to overrun and cut short the lives of those challenging them. Yet, Biafrans are still snoring deeply in a broad day light regardless.

Political gladiators are romancing the weak to remain on the unfavorable hash conditions issued; mediator on the other hand, is restricted from stepping his foot in the 19 Northern States to rescue his people as death await the sacrificial rams; as arm stores are gathering momentum waiting order from the same political elites to slaughter the stubborn rams for festival as usual; when notified the rams on time about the impending manslaughter, he replies; do I know!

While the rams were sleeping, the enemy composes song and struck! Malcolm X, opines it is a crime to teach people not to defend themselves when they are the victims of constant attacks. Well planned extermination of Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria is speedily approaching its execution time as inciting song was heard circulating in that region as they did in 1966.

The killing in Ozubulu, at St Philips Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu, Anambra State, was not a surprise as already, the Hausa-Fulani had made their intention known to the world. Biafrans children were slaughtered helplessly without anybody coming to their rescue. Religious war in Ozubulu, was a recapped of their war song that gave them morale to commit 1966-1970 Biafra genocide.

Nigerian murderous government is good at diverting attention, the accomplished secrete plans using Herdsmen, a terrorist group with security apparatus shielding them to avoid trace, and it remains complicating for people to understand their modus operandi. Those clamoring to stand united against hate speech always show deaf ears once it links to Northern groups. No move has been made so far to bring the culprits to book. Information of these latest killings ought to have awaken Biafrans residing in the north to think otherwise than waiting till unabated attacks commence.

The backstabbers negotiating on your behalf either to meet your ancestors on or before 1st October, for their political career cannot effect any change once the Arewa vampires start tasting for blood. It's far better you forsake all earthly materials for your dear life because when the infidel cleansing commences, those rubber stamp political criminals will be no where to be found to rescue you.

A word they said is enough for the wise.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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