By Ifeanyi Chijioke
August 8, 2017

Terror attack in the church by suspected islamists in Niagerian army uniform
Since the news broke out; we have rather emotionally reacted but refused to look beyond this attack; it is neither the best time for the government and the rest of us but we must learn lessons even in grief. I have heard the story in a bar; customers talk about Ozubulu massacre and then take few seconds to serve their thirst; the bottle drops on their table and the story continues and so on till the end of how over 58 people were massacred.

You go to our markets; the story never ends- different people with their different versions, just while telling the story, they are busy calling their customers to buy goods. We heard the story yesterday but it never stopped us from watching Chelsea versus Arsenal. The next day; it never stopped us from going to our different shops and going on with business. On the social media; we admonished the story and passionately reported it; we dig the truth and investigated it, it was an avenue to get in the front line, write the best articles and give a trending account of the massacre. Some of us even started campaigning for prayers; #PrayForOzubulu; that is the most annoying campaign.

“Eburu ozu onye ozo odi ka ebu ukwu nko” this Igbo adage says it all; it is translated thus- when another man’s corpse is being carried to the grave yard, it is like a bunch of fire wood to us. We have sympathized and we have reacted, some might have even cried but we will never know how it pains to lose a son, a mother, a father to that terrorists attack in a place you never thought it could happen.

When the victims left in the morning for the church service; being shot to death before the altar of God was never a thought let alone a reality. I strongly believe that the direct relatives of the victims by now still doubt that they have lost their own

Ozubulu is trending and within two days; it would be over and life goes on. This is where the terror attack affects us; we will mourn and life goes on, we will pray and life goes on but we will never ask questions, we will never demand account, and we will never defend the unforeseen. We will never fight, we will never take precaution, we will never protest and we will never confront the attackers. The victims of Ozubulu religious terror attack reacted to Nimbo massacre as we are doing now, they aired their views, they told their stories and today we are telling their own stories.

Whenever Jihad is declared; Jihad never ends until it achieves its purpose, a Jihad has been declared in Eastern Nigeria and nothing will bring a stop to it till its purpose of Islamization is achieved. Nimbo Massacre and they gave us time to forget before Ozubulu massacre. They might give us time before another significant strike or even choose to let it loose. Only Biafra can guarantee our safety and this is why agitation must intensify.

The government has failed us and cannot guarantee protection of our lives and properties; they cannot do anything again. They are weak and cannot contend our murderers; nobody dares Fulani terrorists or their terrorist in Abuja dares you. They control Nigeria and decide what happens; didn’t you see the governor of Anambra state defending the terrorists with drug war fallacy? There is nothing we can do and neither can the state government do otherwise but serve the terrorists to remain in power.

We must do everything possible to save our lives and stop admonishing news of terror as though that is the end of it. We can save our lives by standing on our feet like men and owners of the land of the rising sun we cherish. We must stand strong and stop them from making Eastern region look like Northern Nigeria; it can only be achieved with Biafra. It started with Agutu and we shouted, it happen in Enugu and we shouted, it occurred now in Anambra and we are shouting again, how much more do we need it before we stand on our feet?
If the government cannot do anything; we have to do something on our own, if they cannot protect us, we have to protect ourselves. If the AK47 on their hands can only trigger when peaceful protesters are seen; then we must get our own AK47 to trigger when the terrorists come to take away our lives.

We must not sit down there shouting and painting the news of Ozubulu terrorist attack but come out on the streets and demand solution which is referendum. Life should stop going on after each round of massacre because it will get to us and our own lives stop going on. The time is now and there is no time left unless there won’t be anybody left to tell story of another attack.

The government came with news of a drug war and we shunned them; that is how it should be but more action is needed. They told us drug war so that we can continue to be sacrificed to their one Nigeria deity, which needs our heads to function. Nigeria cannot protect us and it is clear she has failed us; Nnamdi Kanu prophesied this and it is time to switch to Biafra and save our kind, our people and our land. Biafra seems to be the last hope because even the government fears to admit that our killers do kill us. They said we killed ourselves because they cannot protect us from our killers. They deny us truth and when they cannot even tell us common truth; how will they defend us?

Ozubulu massacre and the rest of us- slowly it would reach us unless we act now.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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