By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
August 08, 2017

Catholic Church, Ozubulu
The infamy Nigeria Federation will always in their insincerity concocts false storylines on this unnecessary killings of Ozubulu Anambra State Catholic faithfuls since the Government is aware that they killers of this innocent people came with all Nigerian Military gadgets including their vehicles. Rightly from the leak gotten, this men are the just made-to-believe Boko  Haram and herdsmen members who the Government of Mohammadu Buhari said he was rehabilitating them to change for good but we have found out that these jihad indoctrinated beings have been recruited secretly into the different forces that make-up the Nigeria armed forces with zeal to unleash terror on Christians in Biafra who they see and referred as infidels thereby taking the message of Islam forcefully to them or die by their bullets.

The accounts proferred for the massacred of this innocent and unsuspecting worshippers of this Christian faith by the State Governor and the State Commissioner of Police really entails that the Governor and the Commissioner of Police of same State are likely in-tune of such attack before it was carried out;  is it not cowardice on the part of the State Governor and his Commissioner of Police to falsified their reports on why the assailants carried out this gory attack on this innocent people.

From the account of an eyewitness who confided in us with name withheld for safety purposes; told one of our handy journalist in Biafra media that the information generated by the State Governor and his Commissioner of Police is all falsehood targeted at denting the image of the Indigenous people of Biafra and her leadership since it's observed that the people of the state will boycott the forthcoming Anambra State election.

Her narratives are as follows; we were inside the Church worshipping when a Military Hilux van drove in, between the Church gate and stopped suddenly as if the Hilux van broke down; the driver of the said Military Hilux Van came down from the car and started checking on the vehicle as if the vehicle broke down. What I noticed from my own angle where I seated was hefty Military men, armed to the teeth and came down from the van moving towards the main Church building.

What I noticed next was they started putting on ski-mask as a form disguising themselves from the worshippers knowledge of who they are; while they were on this move divided themselves into groups to different segments of the Church entrance and exit and they get hold of it tightly that no one could run or come in, when I saw this movement sensing evil and infamous act ran quickly and jumped over the Church fence, the next I heard was rapidly gun shots all over the Church against the people in it worshiping.

Another thing was when they came in the Church light went off suddenly which also help my thinking ability that something was wrong and what was the Military men doing in the Church premises by that time of the day when nobody has actually called on them for any security unrest within the Church compound but another thing that got me confused was maybe they have come to worship with us not knowing they came to kill us in our numbers. When they left I went back to check on my mother who I also came to Church with to see her but met her in the pool of her blood already freezing out into the hand of death. All the whole places was filled and littered with blood and human parts.

Their languages was not Igbo nor any of the Biafran tongues but rather pure Hausa tongue so I wonder why the Government is peddling lies to mean truth; everything must not be politics in this country while he cried porously and uncontrollably. Hope from this report account by one of the survived victims the world will still not be quiet on Biafrans no more or would the world continue to live in denial of this unnecessary killings in the name of one Nigeria.

One thing we have noticed and take cognizance of it; is, since the jihadist patron Mohammadu Buhari came to power in Nigeria, there has been unceasing killing and blood baths in Nigeria; make no mistake to believe that this gory situation has anything to do with drug barons or whatever the Government of Anambra State and his Commissioner is hiding; their timeous response to this jihad movement is to cause public distractions where not necessary.

The Mohammadu Buhari Islamization agenda is real and not fantasy no more; religious war if allowed to get to this level of going to religious places to kill and murder innocent people will be hard to contain and the outburst will do nobody any good, we apportion blame on United Nations for keeping aloof to the cries of the wounded and affected people of Biafra to be set free from the marauding Islamic armies of Hausa-Fulani dominance to forcefully convert them to become Islamic faithfuls.

The United Nations should without delay or unnecessary excuses wade into this irritating issues on-going in Nigeria by conducting a referendum for this oppressed people crying for freedom over what they sense as senseless killing of their people and loved ones in Nigeria as there are limits to what this people can endure; and it will lead or result to self-defense or arm struggle since the non-violent  approach or civil disobedience recognized by the United Nations in so many of her conventions, laws and treaties are no longer considered to be working or effective in issues concerning humanity and the preservation of human lives.

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