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A new Boko haram sanctioned by ISIS the most deadly terrorist organization surfaced last week and made his mission clear. Without mincing words, he posited that the battle will be shifted to the churches and Christians. If you narrow the phrase down to or analyze it, you will agree with me that the mission of Boko haram is now to kill Biafrans who are 100% Christianity. This could sum up the Islamization agenda being nursed among Christians since the inception of Buhari’s government. You won’t either blame the people nursing this fear because Buhari has Islamized all the appointments he has made and this is a thing of grave concern. Nigeria is being managed by Muslims from head to foot and there is atom of sense to say that Nigeria has become an Islamic Republic. With the emergence of the new Boko haram, the circle is set to be complete and 1989 Abuja declaration will be implemented.

Few days after the mission of the new Boko haram leader’s video went viral; militants who have spilled no blood but only vandalized government’s property to push the government into meeting their decent demands which major one was the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu responded to the video. For the first time, Militants decided to openly warn that if Boko haram target Christians and Churches, they would target Muslims and Mosques. Christians and Churches have been the target of Boko Haram before now but when the act seemed like it would draw attention to Islamization agenda, they shifted attack to Mosques and targeting few Muslims to show their neutrality. This action was not unconnected with the imminent election of Buhari, who has solely been accused of sponsoring Boko haram. Buhari has won the election which Boko haram made possible for him and the group seems to have decided to return to the status quo with the new video.

This is now a war between two different nations, Islamic Republic of Nigeria and the Hebrew Republic of Biafra. No matter how much you may claim that Nigeria is a united country, you can’t defend the fact that the amalgamation of Biafra and Nigeria is the root of the problem and cause of bloodbath of Biafrans. In a situation there is a declaration of religious war like this; Christians are always defeated because their faith is against any kind of murder. Owing to the fact that Biafrans are under subjugation and slavery, they would be limited to defense. The annexation of Biafra and the leadership of an Islamic fanatic like Buhari summed it up that Biafrans will be confronted with another round of genocide. This is like putting USA and Saudi Arabia in one country to co-exist. I have watched the amalgamation of Nigeria and Biafra and there is nothing more but to say that is man’s inhumanity against man.

The agitation for the restoration of Biafra by Nnamdi Kanu is not solely for the people of Biafra; this goes beyond Biafra as it encompasses saving lives and humanity from uncalled aggression. There is every conviction that with the restoration of Biafra, the Boko haram menace will be addressed and the unnecessary war raging in Nigeria and destroying innocent children will be no more. Biafra answers questions beyond the safety and advancement of the people of Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu is about creating a better world where people can live without rancor and fear. He is about giving everyone freedom to be what they want to be without infringement. He is about correcting what is naturally conflicting and those that care about the sore state of humanity in Nigeria and entire Africa should throw their weight behind him. The reality remains that Nigeria is no longer safe for anybody, those that kill fear reprisal while those being killed fear everyday of their lives. Biafra is the answer to stability of everything in Africa unless Africa has too many enemies that don’t want its stability by opposing Nnamdi Kanu.

Meanwhile, every common Nigerian is starting to believe in the Biafra solution but is being shadowed by Nigerian politicians. These politicians are the most corrupt politicians in the world and they keep manipulating the people. Nigeria is business establishment to Nigerian politicians while it is economic establishment for Britain. Neither of them care about the future of the people domiciled in the creation or care about their lives, they are only concerned about the benefit they derive from Nigeria. Hence the oil is flowing and the money is being shared among the politicians, everything is very okay to them.

They sponsor and motivate groups to use the press against the real yearning of the people; they have arrested Nnamdi Kanu and sworn to drown everybody instead of allow the people choose what they want. They have blocked every effort to touch the lives of the people and Biafra is the only hope of the people of Africa. One thing should be made certain to Buhari, he cannot hold the future of over 50 million people and neither can he subdue their aspirations. There is no how USA can co-exist with Saudi Arabia no matter how happy they sing together and sing one national anthem. The amalgamation of Biafra and Nigeria is an error opposing to nature and everything sensible. This error has caused death, mayhem and inflicted pain on humanity and innocent children born into this world.

The politicians that see Nigeria as business and their international allies that made it economic hub can no longer hide the fact that there is a desire for freedom and safety in that part of the world. We cannot continue to deny them their sacred right to live in peace and understanding, to live positively with everything they believe in without infringement. There is no possibility of co-existence within the context ‘Nigeria’. Co-existence can only be possible when one difference conquers another difference to be like it but because the difference will oppose; Nigeria will be an endless war that would only remain at the risk of humanity.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke.
For Biafra Reporters.
Published by Akachukwu Udo.


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