By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
March 16, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; surrounded by multitude of Biafrans
As a correspondent/reporter for The Biafra Post; I was invited to a meeting in Nnewi to observe what was described as a 'unity meeting'; and rising from the meeting, Nnamdi Kanu was declared the overall leader of Indigenous People of Biafra; the meeting also agreed that Nnamdi Kanu shall henceforth be supported and backed at all levels. This is coming a month after I held a meeting with the organizers of the ‘unity meeting’ to forfeit differences and come under one central command. I strongly held that Nnamdi Kanu is the Biafra we can see and feel, anything against Nnamdi Kanu is not at his personality but at Biafra. I took it upon myself to see to unity under Nnamdi Kanu because he has sensitized the people of Biafra and a change in attitude is expected of Biafrans. All groups can continue to exist but let there be a central command; let all learn from LOWER NIGER CONGRESS AND UCHENNA MMADU.

IPOB has everything it takes to win any fight but because Chukwu Okike Abiama determined that Nnamdi Kanu will restore Biafra. I have no problem with most groups because they only exist on executive level and without members. Hardly can one go anywhere and hear that members of this or that group are holding a meeting or converging for a rally. The indigenous people of Biafra are united under Nnamdi Kanu since he started championing the Biafra restoration. The unity in question is; various groups on the pages of newspapers should stop all forms of distraction. But having entrusted Nnamdi Kanu with the mandate of leadership, there is more to that.

I sat calmly on my seat as the meeting went on last Saturday; with Dr Dozie Ikedife seated on the high table, in a white traditionally sown up and down with complementing red ‘Ogbuefi’ cap, a pen and paper before him; he was not writing minutes of the meeting but taking record of points raised in the meeting. Initially; I had wondered why only him was present in such meeting but I was categorically informed that Gen. Joe Achuzai was represented by his P.A. whom I later had deep chat with.

The meeting which was presided over by one self-styled administrator of Customary Government and his other officers quickly took me back to the meeting I had last month with him (Them) for all groups to unite under IPOB - Nnamdi Kanu. He was negative in that meeting; but I am of the view he went home and thought over my argument and reasons, he must have come to reality with what is at hand. They must have admitted that Nnamdi Kanu as the leader of the people of Biafra is everything needed for Biafra to be restored. God chooses a leader and any man that opposes God’s plan finds himself struggling or failing even where he should succeed.

The declaration is not yet victory and that is the basis of this piece of mine; by declaring Nnamdi Kanu the overall leader as published by Sun-news paper, many things will follow and that is what I am to state herein. The declaration of Nnamdi Kanu as the overall leader must go with particulars; it must be clearly stated and understood what it means to declare him an overall leader of Biafrans.

The people of Biafra have a common thing that binds them together and what they can call their own which is Radio Biafra. It is imperative to know that before now Nnamdi Kanu - the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra made it very open that he is a man open to reason and argument. This Radio Biafra that binds us together is the final order and channel to reach. Anybody that knows what best should be done for Biafra to be restored can come forward and state it while the people of Biafra debate and this way superior reason will supersede or be chosen. We must learn to accept reason and not seeking relevance by establishing groups upon groups for selfish reasons.

The declaration posits that Nnamdi Kanu has been handed the backing to restore Biafra and he must be allowed to apply his wisdom and his orders must be heeded. Some have come and gone but Nnamdi Kanu brought IPOB to correct all mistakes. By declaring him the overall leader; it means that; as he said Biafra must abstain from Nigeria politics; you all must heed to that call. When he issues order after check and balance and some of you go contrary to that order; clearly, you still fight Biafra restoration and IPOB will ask questions in due time. He must be allowed to deliver; he must be given due support to deliver and that means the declaration is effective.

Finally; I wish to state that Nnamdi Kanu is the better chance for Biafra and he would never ever disappoint because he wants nothing but Biafra. He is not alone but ordained by Chukwu Okike Abiama and having been determined by Almighty; Biafra shall be restored. Biafra restoration is a divine mandate and only God can choose a man He wishes to use. If you all watch closely; you will know that everything Nnamdi Kanu prophesied has come to fulfillment and only one with God can achieve such. You would also agree that everything Nnamdi Kanu touched turns to gold; it takes God for such miracle. You would also agree that Nnamdi Kanu has brought Biafra to a point no man has ever done and it took God’s chosen. Let us all remain strong and restore Biafra; once Biafra is restored, there would be a wider field for all to flow with his or her own political ideology but commercializing Biafra by means of floating groups is urged to stop.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
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