It has come to the attention of the Directorate of State of the
Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Onyendu
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that a nonexistent amorphous group of
charlatans that calls itself Anambra state Lawyers in defense

of Democracy (ASLADD) has decided to dance naked in the
market place and thereby exposed their ignorance and lack of
understanding of the English language and their complete
deficiency in comprehending universally accepted tenets of
democratic principles even though they claim to be defenders
of democracy.

 This imaginary collection of beggars and booth
lickers that call themselves lawyers of course Biafrans know
better that ASLADD is a distant cousin to TRIPOB and
BUHARIPOB set up and bank rolled by both the Anambra state
government and the Nigeria government in their attempt to
discredit the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)
Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Biafra Restoration

We are aware that huge public funds that should be channeled
towards ameliorating the suffering of the Biafra people are
being expended wastefully through the creation of nonexistent
faceless groups like ASLADD as well as used as patronage for
conscienceless individuals whose preoccupation is how to
maximize the oppressive and dehumanizing condition of the
Biafran people for their selfish interest.
In every democratic and civilized society, opposition parties,
groups or individuals are part of the democratic process. We
understand the quagmire in which this invented ASLADD has
found itself considering the fact that the clime in which they
were set up by the government to operate is indeed neither
factually democratic nor civilized.

This explains their confusion
and befuddlement that the leader of the Indigenous people of
Biafra Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu could exhibit so much
courage to reject the status quo and take a stand against the
continued humiliation and oppression of the Biafran people by
those put in power by Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy.
How much more unintelligent can the so called ASLADD be
with their postulation to the effect that IPOB is neither a
registered party nor registered by the corporate affairs
commission and in effect should not according to them
demand for the boycott of the November 18th Anambra

Who told ASLADD that Indigenous Peoples are
corporate organizations that should be registered by a
government agency saddled with the responsibility of
registering commercial enterprises? This is a gross exhibition
of ignorance at the extreme.
This illusory group of nit wits fails to understand that the
recognition of the civic duty of the citizen in respect to voting
by that same constitution they pretend to derive their whapped
authority from protects the citizen’s right to choice. In
stipulating this right the constitution does not place any higher
burden or responsibility on the citizen to exercise this right in
favour of one or the other but is given the freedom to make a
reasonable decision after a holistic analysis of his past and
present condition.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) having taken stock of
their past and present condition in the contraption called
Nigeria and well in line with their right to Self-determination
have chosen to exercise their right to choice freely and
without compulsion in favour of a boycott of all political
process in Nigeria as it relates to election starting with the
November 18th Anambra election. We do not owe ASLADD or
anyone for that matter an apology for exercising our freedom
of choice. Again ASLADD fail to comprehend the meaning of
civil disobedience. I will suggest they do some more research
on civil disobedience. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)
has the right to utilize civil disobedience to drive home its
demand for a referendum for the Biafran people to again
exercise their right to choice. We the Indigenous People of
Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi
Kanu make no apology to the fact that we are opposed to any
further bastardization of our land by agents of Hausa/Fulani
Oligarchy who are selected to ensure that we remain
submissive while our common wealth are criminally stolen and
carted away from our land for the benefit of the children of our
oppressors while our children roam the streets hopeless.

We are opposed to the continued humiliation and rape of our
women and murder of our youths. We are opposed to the
constant desecration of the sacred land of Biafra through the
daily spilling of the blood of innocent Biafran men, women and
children by the Fulani Janjaweed Herdsmen.
We understand but do not excuse the fact that the long period
of subjugation during which people were suffering and smiling
may have numbed many to a state of hopelessness and
inaction. Nevertheless there is no disputing the evident and
desperate hunger noticeable in the eyes of the Biafran people
for true and courageous leadership.

To faceless groups like ASLADD and eternal servants such as Joe Igbokwe, the
Indigenous people of Biafra are very pleased to state without
equivocation that we have found this true, courageous but
selfless leadership in the person of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi
Kanu. Having found a true and trusted leader whose
preoccupation revolves around the wellbeing of his people, we
make bold to state that the combined forces of evil, internal
and external enemies that feed fat on the continued abject
subjugation of the Biafran people will not and cannot distract
us from our set objective which is the RESTORATION OF THE

 The pathetic life of people likeJoe Igbokwe cannot and will not
be used as the yardstick to
conclude that the Biafran people have chosen to remain under
subjugation in perpetuity. Going through his regurgitation on
the compromised and fake news outlet called the Punch
newspaper, one can only feel sorry for him as he bemoans his
unfulfilled life as discerned in the naked envy palpable in his
diatribe against Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Joe Igbokwe’s
life has passed him by and he becomes angry that a young
man named Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has attained a status he
Igbokwe could only dream of but will never attain not even in
a thousand reincarnations.

The Directorate of state of the Indigenous People of Biafra
(IPOB) under the leadership of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu do
here restate and reaffirm the resolve of the Biafra people to
boycott any and every Nigerian election in Biafraland starting
with the November 18th Anambra election. We concluded by
saying that we have embarked upon this journey prepared
knowing full well that our enemies will throw every arsenal at
their disposal at us. We are confident that the Indigenous
People of Biafra will emerge from the crucible unscathed and
victorious because we have a true and committed leader but
above all because our strength and resolve comes from the
shall give us victory to the glory of HIS name.
Mazi Chika Edoziem
Head Directorate of State
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