By Ifeanyi Chijioke - TBP
August 16, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Supreme leader
"Support for a state of Biafra? No, sir, and I say this with all emphasis in my command and with all the energy at my disposal. I have my reasons. One, South-East is too small for Igbo enterprise. Two, diversity should be a big plus in Nigeria and not a minus. We are better united with justice, equity and fair play. Three, Igbo have invested heavily in the ‘project Nigeria’ so much so that throwing away their monumental investments for the sake of a small Biafra is tantamount to committing political, economic and social suicide. Four, all Nigerians have paid the price of the unity of this country with millions of souls (lost) between 1966 and 1970. Therefore, we must work hard to remain one nation – for one destiny and one God. Five, given the history of Igbo and their republican attitude, I do not think we can manage one another in Biafra. Biafra may turn out to be another South Sudan because of leadership tussle and struggle for power and positions. Six, Biafra is landlocked. Seven, Nigeria provides a big space for Igbo to operate. I can go on and on to give you 10 reasons but time and space will not permit me".

The above quote were the exact words Igbokwe used when he was asked about his support for Biafra agitation. This response came from the bottom of his heart simply because; he still savors to engage the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra to a debate. I don’t see that chance coming to him because by the time Nnamdi Kanu would have finished taking a look at this his interview, he would further be discouraged to sit down with the young man.

He is determined to convince the world that he has strong reasons for his opposition to Biafra; I am starting to enjoy Joe Igbokwe because he loves making mockery of himself. Just few days I thought he has fizzled out and lost his voice, he invited news men for an interview, he wanted to use the interview granted to answer questions against him that have been variously raised on the social media. Joe Igbokwe lacks the mettle to come into Biafra issue in the first place; an Igbo speaking hermit has no moral right to speak for the people. He has spent almost all his life serving past and present Lagos government and had hardly come back home to know what is happening in Biafra land. Where or how will he know what is good or bad for the people?

Joe de Joe confessed that he hardly goes back to Biafra land; Lagos is his life and Lagos is his death, there is no place like Lagos, to Joe Igbokwe, Lagos is better or can be compared to home. In the absence of all these; let me kindly engage the small boy and maybe see if he would rant again, if he does, then there is a madness that needs attention.

He has made his points clear and how I wish he said everything; gave me all his reasons for supporting Nigeria over Biafra and we will critically look at them. Joe de Joe has been walking in the wilderness in search of debate; I believe he would be glad that I am giving him one today. Having raised his points for Nigeria above; let me raise counter points for Biafra. We will gradually take his reasons and serially dissect it and show the young man his level of cluelessness:

1. Southeast is too small for Igbo enterprise:-

Joe Igbokwe made it clear above that Southeast is too small; before I go on with this his point, let me kindly remind him that the current capital of Biafra is proposed to be Igweocha - ‘Rivers State’. This goes to show that Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafra is the Biafran territory Ojukwu fought for; the Biafra Philip Effiong from South-South is the second in command. Let me remind Joe Igbokwe that we are talking about the Biafra Frank Opigo from South-South suggested the name and let me finally remind him that the Biafra we are talking about is the Biafra Gen. Joe Achuzia from South-South fought gallantly for. Now I believe the young man is convinced that Biafra is not a Southeast issue.

However; I want this young man to keep quiet forever, if Southeast is small for Igbo enterprise, I can go on and name countries Southeast is bigger than in land mass and yet they are far better than their host and neighbors with large territory. Let me not take all my space but use Singapore as an example; Joe Igbokwe can study the history of Singapore and keep quiet for once. If Lagos has not taken away the belief that a Biafran who makes nothing out of something has all it takes to make a small space a heaven and extend prosperously, then he should stop thinking otherwise.

2. Diversity should be a big plus in Nigeria and not a minus; we are better united with justice, equity and fair play:-

Does Joe Igbokwe think debate is opening a bribed mouth and pronouncing words or making syntaxes? What is the problem that led to the current agitation; is it not diversity? The people could not manage their diversity and have been killing themselves. Giving each other quit notice, preferential treatments in WEAC scores and appointments. The country failed because we could not manage our diversity and we are looking for a solution with Biafra and a man that told me he finished his primary school says again that diversity should be a big plus. Diversity ensures that there can never be justice, equity, fair play and this is a fact that led to failed state and Biafra is just a solution and this shows Joe Igbokwe is not alive, this his reason which entails that we should go back to the bane of the country proves it all. Biafra is all about letting the people choose if they want to continue in diversity or not; so Joe Igbokwe is forcing people to positively manage unmanageable diversity that became a monster?

Hausa man sees Biafran man as an infidel because of his different religion; Yoruba sees Biafra as a thief that deserves to be lynched. Biafra sees Hausa/Fulani as a parasite; Yoruba sees Hausa/Fulani as a barbarian. Hausa/Fulani sees Yoruba as conquered people and Biafra is seen as conquered territory by both. The diversity in question has been corrupted that it became death unto the people; due to our diversity, each goes after each to extinguish one another. The corruption of the diversity is a fundamental one; only taking down the building and correct the mistake from the foundation can solve the problem, an opportunity Biafra brings.

3. Igbo have invested heavily in the ‘project Nigeria’ so much that throwing away their monumental investment for the sake of a small Biafra is tantamount to committing political, economic and social suicide:- This is where stupidity and foolishness ended;

Where on earth did this Joe Igbokwe graduated? It is high time I tell my wife to quit Nigerian education because it is not encouraging. Let me assume that Joe Igbokwe is talking about the businesses established outside Biafra land by the people of Biafra. He cannot rightly be talking about political investment because Biafra have lost out or do not have any stake in Nigerian politics. Once there is no political power, economic power becomes worthless or at the mercy of one with political power because political power controls economic or social power.

Meanwhile; it is an undisputable fact that Biafrans have heavy or mighty investments outside Biafra land; but where the young man failed it is thinking that Biafra is about demarcating Nigeria and chasing away Yorubas or Hausas from Biafra or Hausa and Yorubas chasing away Biafra. It is imperative that I teach Joe Igbokwe that Biafra is all about independent political power to safeguard the lives and properties of Biafrans anywhere they are in Nigeria and outside the shores of Nigeria. This means that whatsoever investment belonging to a Biafran will rather be safer and their lives protected anywhere they are with Biafra restoration.

When Biafra is restored; Biafrans don’t have to leave Lagos or Kaduna, Hausas don’t have to leave Biafra. Anyone that wants to stay can get a visa or naturalize; there is an existing international law and there would be proper understanding. Joe Igbokwe can stop making noise because it has never happened anywhere that a parent country respects the right to self determination of one and everything cuts off. In advent of exit; Biafra land from Igbanke to Igala is large enough for the people.

4. All Nigerians have paid the price of the unity of this country with millions of souls {lost} between 1966 and 1970:-

Joe Igbokwe must be mindful of his utterances to avoid incurring the wrath of the innocent children of Biafra that died between 1966 and 1970. Joe Igbokwe should somehow go back to history because he was a small buy during the war; someone will be able to tell him that 1966 to 1970 was a war of genocide. Nigeria with the help of Britain killed children and women in Biafra, destroyed Biafra with land, sea and air blockade, to force them to accept one Nigeria. Nobody paid any price for the unity of Nigeria; Lugard forcefully brought unity and in 1966 to 1970, Biafrans paid the price for Biafra. Nigerian unity was forced upon the people by Lugard and never has anyone paid a price for the unity of Nigeria but people were rather sacrificed on the altar of the unity Lugard created. I hope Joe Igbokwe is learning?

5. Given the history of Igbo and their republican attitude; I do not think we can manage one another in Biafra:-

IPOB is a good example of countering this Joe Igbokwe’s point; doesn’t he see how IPOB operates, the management and leadership perfection? Has he ever seen the kind of love, peace and leadership seen in IPOB anywhere in his life time? Let me gladly remind Joe Igbokwe that the super-power country in the world today is republican in nature. What has Joe Igbokwe to buttress his points, absolutely nothing? The republican nature of Biafra will rather bring out the best of the people to become a super-power country in the world or Africa just like her republican USA is the strongest.

6. Biafra is land locked:-

While my first point has trashed this thoughtless or insincere point; let me also remind Joe Igbokwe that even though Cross River has no water, even if Bayelsa, Anambra, Delta and others have no water, Biafra will still make a great nation with artificial water. It is not unique and a keen study will give you names of countries with artificial water ways. Nigeria relies on nature to survive just as what is on the ground is her main source of economy, Biafra will make use of her head to survive and not make use of what is under her ground or only what nature gave to survive.

7. Nigeria provides a big space for Igbo to operate:-

Let it be made clear to every single one of you that Joe Igbokwe has no argument to table and pleading for a debate is a waste of time. So all these points are the points the idiot will raise and you expect Nnamdi Kanu my teacher to engage the young man? Please and for the last time; Joe Igbokwe should be made to understand that Biafrans operate in USA, UAE, SA, England, Spain and everywhere in this world and Nigeria will not be an exception. Once Biafra is restored; Biafrans will operate in Nigeria as their wonderful neighbor. They will continue in Nigeria and continue paying their taxes and in a situation they are not treated fine, a diplomatic approach will be used to make sure they freely operate. If they are not allowed to operate; the Biafran territory Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for is big enough for Biafrans.

Finally; I can go on to the unforeseen ten reasons he could have given but as he stopped here, let me also stop there. But it would be better that Joe Igbokwe forfeits his war and get ready for Biafra because weather he debates or not Biafra will be restored. I join Nnamdi Kanu to say that I cannot debate Joe Igbokwe because he is too childish, clueless and thoughtless to debate Biafra.

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