Authored  by Ifeanyi Chijioke  For (TBP)
16 August 2017
Let us thank God that when the same terrorists stormed Assemblies of God Church to carry out the same attack they carried out in Ozubulu, they met security team and had to engage them. By the time we could brink; they have gunned down one policeman and the rest ran away. Had the attacker had his way into the church; this one may be deadlier than Ozubulu and we will go back to our social media to shout black Sunday and raise #PrayForOnitsha.

 It is high time we admitted the rising terrorism in Eastern Nigeria and face it squarely; the genocide song is a clue, the quit notice is also a clue but we chose to be deceitful. Once terrorism starts; it doesn’t end but because the people of Eastern region are not terrorists, this terrorism can be nipped in the bud. We can stop terrorism by first admitting that we have such situation now in Eastern region.

The city of Onitsha was left in disarray as the news of another terrorist attack broke out; this time, the police foiled the attack with their own lives. Unfortunately; the police men took to their heels but then their presence diverted the attention of the attacker. Last Sunday; a terrorist attack was carried out by suspected Fulani herdsmen who left scores dead at Ozubulu Catholic church; Anambra state commissioner of police quickly dispelled terrorism and accused the indigents of drug feud. The indigenes and social media have reacted negatively to the claim made by the commissioner which was supported by the state governor.

 There is reliable information that the community has demanded the governor to withdraw his statement implicating their children, implication is not even the deal- the real deal is the perpetrators of this act have been indirectly given the boost to carry on. Now Fulani herdsmen are certain that fear wouldn’t let anyone mention their names or investigate them, they will stop at nothing until the entire churches in Biafra land are attacked and homes of the people come next.

 The Governor has not said a word over Onitsha terrorist attack but as usual; the commissioner of police has quickly denied or exempted terrorists, he said that the attackers targeted police patrol team. The big question is; why again the security patrol team attacked was the one stationed in the church? We have refused to address the attackers by their actions but considering the future of blood thirsty Nigeria. We have refused to call their real names- Fulani herdsmen, they are the fourth most dangerous terrorist group and their base is Nigeria. They love taking their terrorism to the church and helpless communities; they are AK47 gun wielding herdsmen.

They are the ones that have raised their sword against the people of Biafra and to terrorize them. The state commissioner of Police must be warned because he would go back to his land hence he is not from Biafra after we are slaughtered; he is Hausa/Fulani apologist, he would always defend his brothers. Having heard from eye witnesses that said- the attacker targeted the church but saw police patrol team and opened fire on them first. They cannot successfully carry out the attack because of the presence of the police and getting rid of police was ideal.
 This is not Ozubulu and there is no drug feud here; there is no story to sell to us and it is really shameful that Police commissioner has chosen to call it an attack on the police patrol van. The commissioner and his accomplice must admit the fact that the people of Biafra are under terrorist attack but hence there is a conspiracy to terminate them, he wouldn’t admit the terrorism against the people of Biafra.

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