By Ifeanyi Cbijioke | Reports for TBP
March 16, 2017

Denis Gauer; France Ambassador to Nigeria
The ambassador of France to Nigeria earlier in the week allegedly said that Biafra has no future. This is coming from a country who fought to stop genocide against Biafra in 1967. Prof. Efobi in this rejoinder questions the position of the ambassador. I'll confidently say that Ambassador of France to Nigeria is as drawn and corrupt minded as Nigerian state. Why is he thinking of his job over human freedom, human rights, human safety and progress? How diplomatic qualified is this ambassador? Where is his ambassadorial humanity? Has France considered his personality as regards to human pains, sufferings and ability to see things from the humanistic perspective when indigenous freedom is of urgent and high necessity?

We have in one way or another acted in the capacity of a diplomat and ambassador. We strongly refused to allow our personal greed and individual opinion to defeat human freedom let alone group and indigenous independence. Why has Nigeria as a country so much depend on Biafran to the extend that they seek unholy alliance and companion of corrupt persons in western world, including drunkards and druggists?

We have taken time to analyse the comment of Mr Denis Gauer and rightly wish to advise members of the public to disregard such a statement made out of greed, corrupt influenced mind and home state influenced lips utterances made to sway factual position. It shall now interest the world to know that Mr Denis Gauer has completely failed to say a single good thing or any positive situation  about Nigerian where he lives and serves. The only thing he has to say in his lengthy state influenced interview is Boko haram, which is hell fire of today planet earth.

It's a big shame that a man who is over 40 years like him while living inside broken dead Nigeria will come to the public and messed up his diplomatic experience and attainments like Mr Denis Gauer. Nigeria is as old as Mr Denis Gauer and far older than him as wrongly and forcefully amalgamated entity. Yes, Mr Denis Gauer! See where your Nigeria is yesterday and today, just as you and your parasites happily wished and desired. For a clear notification, sovereign state of Biafra will do your France and Europe as a continental region excellently good than everything Nigeria can backwardly and corruptly offer. You have your choice. Your fantastically corrupt mind has no place in what the people of Biafra is asking for. From what we have seem so far, is not your personal opinion as you projected in nigeria media that matters. No! It's all about the wishes, the freedom mind set and spirit of destiny burning inside THE PEOPLE OF BIAFRA.
We have also seen that these people of Biafra wanted unambiguously and unequivocally, that defacto Sovereignty called Biafra.

It has nothing to do with you as a French employee working and feeding from corrupt Nigerian Government. We strongly advice you and other people like you to desist from taking this ugly sensitive influenced position in this very precarious and freedom calling issue. At this point of age when the world is weakening up in accordance with human group making a genuine proclamation for freedom right as they desired and deserved simply because they are creatures of God, you are using your position to enslave humanity in greatest negative extent.

Dear Mr Denis Gauer, and fantastically Nigerian influencing tyrants in Abuja, IT'S A THING OF GREAT SHAME.

For greatest importance in Biafran matter, the right people of Biafran matters and not Mr Denis Gauer and undemocratic Nigerian state who refused to get real, matured and civilised.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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