By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
March 17, 2017

Gen. Buratai and Gen. Buhari showcasing ISIS flag at Aso Rock; Nigerian Presidential Villa
You have not seen anything; this is Buratai; the military commander of the Nigerian Empire where death is the order of the day. The Empire now has a particular aim in this time of challenges; to kill millions of people that want exit from the Empire. The commander in question is placing his gun at the forehead of the people, killing as much as he can, detaining as much and then lying as much as he can. He just finished killing the defenseless people of Biafra; more of the reason they are killed is because they are Christians. Just as he was killing; he is being filmed and snapped, suddenly his killing business was made public by Amnesty International, a human right group, he started a war with the group, and he denied his act even with the video showing everything.

Amnesty International is planning to destroy our country; they have destroyed many countries. They are making up stories against us; even that boy (survivor) attacked with raw acid on 30th May 2016 is a staged witness. Amnesty International is trying to demoralize our gallant soldiers that could not defeat Boko Haram and has never won a war or battle. They are trying to indict our soldiers that just killed infidels; though the infidels are defenseless but their aim is very dangerous. Amnesty International has special hatred for us and they are finding out things too much about us. We are soldiers and we have warned Indigenous People of Biafra to stay quiet but they won’t listen. To make it short; Amnesty International is waging war against Nigeria and we would consider shooting their employers. Buratai would scream and scream.

They said we have killed over 150 peaceful and defenseless Biafrans; now they came with clear lie because my soldiers have been professional in engaging civilians. We did not even kill a fly let alone killing a human being; we are professionals and know how to kill Biafrans, no, no we are professionals and know how to handle peaceful agitators. We cannot kill the people of Biafra because the reason we came where they were rallying is to make sure corrupt Nigerian police don’t shoot them. You all know about the APO SIX; you all know how reckless our police can be so we storm their rallying ground to protect them. The video you saw my soldiers killing was cartooned; they are not my soldiers. The photos you saw were photo-shopped and can never be my professional and gallant soldiers. We did not kill the people of Biafra and can never kill them for a day; Buratai would deny.

We are warning the people of Biafra to stop agitating because they are committing treason; by means of peacefully protesting for referendum, they are breaking "law and order". We shall engage them; we have rules of engagement, we cannot keep quiet and watch people dare the sovereignty of our country. We understand that we should be at the border but these bloody civilians must be taught a lesson. They should not play with the resolve of Nigerian military because we shall never allow them to achieve their aim. Whatsoever their aim is; it is our responsibility to protect this nation and we shall do anything; kill and sacrifice our own lives and Biafrans are daring us. I shall never allow them to agitate or get a chance at their referendum; if any of them comes out, we will shoot. They often come to rally with rocket launchers, all kinds of military assault, bombs and AMP. We shall attack them in self defense and that is what we have been doing and will continue to do. Buratai would promise and fulfill all he promised.

Buhari has ordered that Biafra agitation must be addressed and the military is responsible for the task of addressing it. Nobody should sit down with the people of Biafra and find out the cause of this agitation. Make sure that they are killed any time they come out until they stop coming out; they value their lives, so when you kill many, the few left will stop agitating. I am Buhari; the commander of the judiciary, and commander of everything in Nigeria, be strong and focused; shoot them and kill all of them, nothing will happen because I am in contact with British Government. I single handedly killed millions of them in 1967 in Owerri axis and nothing happened; so be strong and do your job of killing. Buhari would urge and then Buratai would come out gingered. The commander in chief is with us and would protect us at any length; kill all of them until there is nobody left asking for Biafra.

Suddenly; the world may have started asking questions and demanding explanation, why are these defenseless people being killed. Buratai after denial maybe could not convince the world and now it looks likes the world already knows what is happening and the right thing is supposed to be done. The right thing is to probe and punish the perpetrators of the crime; now Buratai has a duty to do that.

I will punish those that killed the Indigenous People of Biafra because I have heard too much accusations and talks that my men are killing peaceful people. I know that my men are innocent but I will call for a probe into the alleged killings and I would severely punish those found guilty. I boldly announce to the world the panel to probe this misconduct from my men. My second in command General Tukur, Brigadier Usman Diko, Captain Dauda Ibrahim, General Muhammadu Aisha, and many more generals. I will make sure they independently investigate this crime and I would punish my loyal boys if they are found wanting. That is my announcement and next 21years; I believe they would make their first speech of acceptance.

Please and please; I wish to make it clear and plead that Nigerian government may stop mocking the dead(Biafrans). Buratai should stop making mess of Nigeria and wait for the time he would answer for his crimes. If the Indigenous People of Biafra fails to avenge their dead; let it be that they have forgiven but if they would, let the time come duly. It is more painful that after killing a people; you come out to cajole with it.

Note this today; when this injustice will be opposed, it shall come with a force never seen or heard by mankind.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
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