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April 05, 2022

Biafra Reporters would like to use this medium to inform the general public and whosoever it may concern that Egwedu Atta in Njaba Local government area of Imo State is currently now the new target of Hope Uzodimma's militant group in Imo State to be causing all manner of atrocities. The sole administrator of Imo State - Hope Uzodimma went and recruited some OSPAC militia thugs from Rivers State into Imo State to be doing dirty jobs for his government against the peace loving nature of Imolites.

The men of OSPAC now wrecks havoc in the villages surrounding Orlu and Njaba axis, they are going house to house searching for young people to abduct and automatically tag them members of Eastern Security Network or IPOB members. We have it on record that on the 2nd day of April, 2022, Hope Uzodimma's OSPAC militia group abducted one Mr. Odinaka Ozorue and Benneth Azike and later killed them on mere allegations without proper verification of their false claims against the duo.

Mr. Benneth Azike before his untimely death was a pool agent and Mr. Odinaka Ozorue before his untimely death too was a commercial motorcycle operator (Okada Man) within the Njaba jurisdiction. These men from Rivers State have formed the habit of visiting Egwedu Atta, Umunam and Umutanze on daily basis heightening tensions where not needed in the state.

We  hereby  wish to notify the general public that our people here are no more safe in their indigenous space courtesy of Hope Uzodimma and his militia group, well meaning individuals, groups and human rights organizations should inquire from the governor the bloodletting in the said area by his unintelligent and illiterate boys. This administration madness should be tamed because of politics he wants to wipe us out in our land and this OSPAC militia group should be send back from where he recruited them from.

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