Ikwo Local Government Chairman – Elder Hon. Stephen Orogwu.


Report By Onyebuchi Nwali | The Biafra Post

April 05, 2022

SOS, from IKWO LGA Headquarters and its environs all in Ebonyi State, this information is coming from a reliable source within the state house, it is correct and absolutely truth, last week Friday, the Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State Chairman Elder by name - Mr. Stephen Orogwu had just declared a curfew within Onuebonyi Echara the headquarters of Ikwo Local Government Area, this killer of his people went and imported a group of boys from an undisclosed neighbouring state presumably Cross River State and mix them with his community boys.

Their mission will be to be pointing at IPOB members within Ikwo locality, for possible arrest or illegal abduction, these boys are fifty [50] in number, last week Saturday being 2nd of April, 2022. The LGA chairman -Mr. Stephen Orogwu assembled these hired and recruited thugs, gave them new motorcycle bikes each person and also handed over AK-47 rifles to them and commissioned them into action of intimidating unsuspecting members of Ebonyi indigenes and non indigenes as IPOB members.

Now yesterday, being Sunday 3rd of April 2022, these new sect of Ebubeagu at about 9pm started their operation that led to the shooting of one Okada man, at the front of the LGA Headquarters and one Keke rider at the leg and picked up three other passengers inside the Keke, their offense was that why are they still on the road by 9pm and they refused to stop when they were been stopped.

Why we are concerned is that, the information I got from reliable source, said that those alive were in Abakiliki Police Headquarters and were being tortured seriously to admit they are members of IPOB/ESN who attacked Ikwo Police Division some time January early this year, their aim is to parade them as members of IPOB/ESN, we wish to warn the said Ikwo Local Government Area Chairman - one Mr. Stephen Orogwu, to desist from this campaign of calumny against the non violent peace loving people of Ebonyi State in order to avoid the wrath of IPOB. 

IPOB are not a threat to our people in Biafra land that we want to liberate and set free from oppression rather the Nigerian government and her collaborators are a big threat to our existence and survival as a people, the government uses brute force on our people to quench the desire of our people from asking for a referendum, we are not terrorists we are indigenous people on our land seeking for self-determination.

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