The Biafra Post  | April 05, 2022

Mr. Governor Sir,

With all due respect to your new assume office and personality, it sounds outlandishly bizarre, insulting and careless for you to ask Eastern Security Network personnel in Anambra State to drop their weapons and leave the bushes for mere Amnesty as if they are common criminals causing havoc in the state and not directing your plea to the caliphate to withdraw their wanton in character herders from our bushes in Anambra State.

Firstly Sir, we respectfully ask if you do have an idea why Eastern Security Network are in the bushes and what their duties have been in Anambra bushes since her creation?.

Secondly, we ask on what basis are you offering Eastern Security Network amnesty?. Does it mean you view Eastern Security Network as criminals or jobless men who only took up arms to defend our bushes because they are hungry?.

For the benefit of doubt, my amiable governor, Eastern Security Network was formed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB to defend our bushes and farm lands from the hands of the aggressive invading Fulani terrorists in the guise of herdsmen.

It is obvious and evidentially clear the evil they have been perpetuating in our bushes and farms before Eastern Security Network was launched. You cannot say you didn't hear or see the raping of our mothers and sisters and even brothers and fathers were killed on daily basis mercilessly by these marauding Fulani herders. Sir, you cannot say you didn't hear or saw the destructions of our farm produce and forceful settlement of the marauding Fulani herders in our farms.

If not for Eastern Security Network, by now you may not have the guts to remain in Anambra State as a person prior to not to talk of running and becoming the governor of the state because everybody would have been on the run as the crazy Fulani marauders would have taken over our bushes and operates from their to our towns and villages.

had expected you to order that what is remaining of Fulani terrorists in our bushes should either vacate with immediate effect or face serious consequences than belittling those holding the ground for the sake of all of us till now to come out and surrender to your government for mere crumbs your government dignified amnesty.

On your victory, we all thanked Chukwu Okike Abiama that an astute and intellectual personality is in power with a very strong sense of reasoning and originality. We believed you are going to bless the system with what is expected of a people's leader and we are not yet wavered in that regard unless you teach us otherwise.

Do not destroy the love and hope Ndi Anambra bestowed on you and do not be in a hurry to prove any sham loyalty to those that claim they own Nigeria at the detriment of others sufferings.

Drive Fulani herdsmen away forever from our forests and IPOB will definitely withdraw their security men from the bushes.

A learned professor as we were taught believe and applies superior reasoning and dialogue not calling for monetary settlement over valid points for which Eastern Security Network was established.

May your reign bring joy and not terror, peace and not heightening tensions, freedom and not enslavement to Ndi Anambra and may you be a light that other Igbo leaders /governors will emulate as pertaining to leadership prowess. Goodluck to you Sir.

Yours sincerely,

Brave son 

05, April 2022.

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