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February 21, 2020

So all Senator Ibrahim Gaidam, a member representing the Yobe East Federal Constituency could offer to fellow Nigerians and compariots in the floor of the Nigeria Senate house, is a bill calling for the establishment of a federal agency or ministry that will fund and supervised the activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria. What are the economic values of the activities of Boko Haram to other Nigerians and compariots if not deaths and wanton destruction.

Gradually sense has departed from Nigeria, when the ability to reason leaves one mental capacity and conscience, mediocrity becomes a norm to be heralded, praise and pass out to the gullible public as something right even when one know that such lack the proper and a well definition of sanity. Gen. Mohammadu Buhari is a harbinger of the radical Islamic tenets in Africa and such that gulp every part of Nigeria to be answerable to his Gen. Mohammadu Buhari Fulani Sokoto Sunni Caliphate.

Is it not stupidity that the Nigerian government that make so much noise and boast before the International community that she is fighting terrorism in Nigeria and Africa at large is still the same corrupt Nigerian government ransoming Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen; a bill for Boko Haram is not different from calling for a bill for terrorist Fulani herdsmen. The hypocrisy is much; it has become a glaring fact now before the eye of the world that the Nigerian government is not carrying out any war against terrorism in Nigeria and her other suburbs rather the Nigerian government is encouraging for the establishment of a well recognized terrorist group(s) - Boko Haram and maybe subsequent Fulani herdsmen into her government functionaries.

It is so pathetic that every Nigerian has loss their various vociferous instincts to embracing cowardice unleash by the Fulanis' in all manner, form and shape; Gen. Mohammadu Buhari never in his life time condemned the activities of the Boko Haram sect and the Fulani herdsmen who are responsible for the killings, torments and destruction of money earned properties that comes out of people's sweat.

Last time in the news, the real Nigerian soldiers of Middle Belt Republic, Oduduwa Republic and Biafra Republic extractions raised a distress alarm over the consistent involvement of Gen. Mohammadu Buhari government continuous freeing of the captured Boko Haram members caught in gun battles, raids and trail information, the Nigerian public space kept mum but couldn't decipher while the real Nigerian soldiers were making such calls. One of their reasons is this released Boko Haram members got reintegrated into the terrorist outfit to fight back at them.

Foolishly and myopic as Nigerians could be, the same Fulani controlled Federal government of Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, enlisted and enrolled the freed Boko Haram members into the Nigerian Military formation which has resulted to the mass murdering of the Nigerian soldiers with the Nigerian government giving her dead soldiers unannounced and a media shielded away burial depicting that the Nigerian government is complicit about the activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria and in onerous supports terrorism as being carried by Gen. Mohammadu Buhari misguided brothers.

Death is calling at the door steps of every Nigerian; so appalling and disheartening that the Nigerian government of Gen. Mohammadu Buhari through the backing of the Sokoto Caliphate is sponsoring for a terrorism bill which is already in the mill in the Nigerian Senate building waiting for approval through one Mr. Ibrahim Gaidam for Boko Haram to be a part and parcel of the Nigerian government; Gen. Mohammadu Buhari had already messed up with the Judiciary by the imposition of a Sharia Chief Judge - Tanko Mohammed who go about commiting travesties as judgements that lack rationale, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari now wants to mess up with the law makers so he can enthrone a full fledge Islam in Nigeria once Boko Haram is registered in his rogue regime of APC.

It is time that Nigerians who are not comfortable with the ongoings in Nigeria since the coming of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari into power to demand for their right of self autonomy, right to bear arms, right to preserving their heritage against the invading Fulani mass murderers, "en sensu lato" right to self-determination. Gen. Mohammadu Buhari is on the loose to gift every Nigerian to Islam or die by his Islamic sword hence he criminally charge Nigerians not to retaliate when being killed by his Fulani brothers and take them to the law enforcement agencies when he will later free them and warned the Nigerian media houses not to report his government middlesomeness with terrorism activities in the country. The Indigenous People of Biafra will continue to expose Jihadist Mohammadu Buhari for the world to see his type of person and terrorist inclined regime.

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