Acclaimed repentant convicted Boko haram about to be reintagrated to sociaty and recurited to Nigeria Army 

By Comr. Onyegbula Solomon | Biafra Reporter
February 21, 2020

Events have shown and evidence has proven that this Nigerian government led by late tyrant Mohammadu Buhari's impostor Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani is a terrorist and terrorism situated and we'll fashioned government.
Since the inception of this administration, more than five thousand (5000) members of the dreaded Boko Haram sect captured terrorists has been released by this terrorist inclined government of APC led regime and got integrated into the Nigerian Army.

Some of them when released after the so called rehabilitation by the Islamic federal government of Nigeria join their colleagues back in the bushes to acquire more training first hand and get well equipped the more to keep on raging havoc on Nigerians with the blessings of the powers that be in this Fulani controlled administration of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari who is the dreadful sect chief negotiator.

As ridiculous as this would sound, those integrated into the Nigeria Army are moved down to the South and East of the British government created Nigeria to rape, pillage, humiliate, kidnap, kill and intimidate the innocent but armless civilians. While the rest are sent back to Boko Haram to continue to unleash terror on innocent armless civilians in the North including the Nigerian Army that enlisted them to work with them.

It is on record that since the advent of this Fulani, Jihadist Mohammadu Buhari controlled Islamic government of Nigeria into power have not sentenced any Boko Haram member till date, neither has she been tough on them. Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria of today under the command of coupist Mohammadu Buhari are treating them with kid's gloves, pampering and giving them VIP treatments at the Villa and elsewhere in the Northern part(s) of Nigeria.

This is in sharp contrast to the treatment meted out on the real soldiers and the IDP's who incidentally are the worst victims of this terrorism and callousness of this terrorism inclined government.
Now tell me how do you justify the fact that the killers of your soldiers are pampered more than your soldiers?. Do you see why a zoo is even more better than your Nigeria in all facet of life.

For the purpose of this discourse, lest we deviate out of anger. The innocent people of this Nation woke up to the disturbing news that one Mr. Ibrahim Gaidam - a Fulani born representing Yobe East Senatorial District has introduced a bill on the floor of the Senate house, to have an Agency for the repentant Boko Haram members. Who does this? Which country pampers terrorists except a terrorist Nation. As funny as this bill looks. It must be categorically be stated here without any atom of fear, that this bill has the blessings of the Sokoto caliphate and that of the Nigerian government.

It is a grand plan done in the secret to formally sponsor Boko Haram and encourage terrorism in Nigeria, with the sole aim of conquest and forcefully Islamizing the zoo called Nigeria. Incidentally, Senator Ibrahim Gaidam is the chosen one and penciled out to lay it bear to the gullible Nigerians.
Once this bill is passed which is likely must scale through because this tyrant Mohammadu Buhari government is part of the game planner from outset.

Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari wants to categorize the dreaded Boko Haram sect with the Niger Delta militants that have a ministry manning and managing the affairs of the Niger Delta militants when they embraced amnesty under sole administration of President Umaru Musa Ya'adua, Mohammadu Buhari wants to compare the dreaded Boko Haram sect with the militants this gave the notion for this Boko Haram bill in the mill of the Senate floor, with this obnoxious and evil bill if passed through and then implented shall legally fund the Boko Haram sect with the Nigerian tax payers money.

The Nigerian government subtly wants to fund those that keep on killing and bombing innocent and unsuspecting Nigerians and non Nigerian persons to their untimely deaths; your Nigerian government wants you to be killed or get killed every blessed day by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari misguided brothers. Do no be deceived with what ever name they are using to disguise their evil intent. Again, there is nothing like repentant Boko Haram member(s) once a terrorist remain a certified terrorist. The Nigerian government wants to formally sponsor the Boko Haram sect and encourage terrorism in this country. This bill must not be allowed to see the light of the day.

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