By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 19 2016

When he stood and decided to take the risk, I was so shocked because I never knew his kind of man still lives, his passion to want to die for his people is spontaneous. What else can his people do if not to honour him and appreciate him; this has nothing to do with contradicting views, it has so much to do with being a human and respecting a genuine suffering. Nnamdi Kanu deserves respect and staying at home on 23rd of September is the least thing we could do for a man that has lost everything for the sake of his people.
Having rejected gold and silver and turned down every promise urging him to forfeit Biafra and be given a heaven. Having been given freedom at the expense Biafra, he rejected and chose to languish in Prison custody for the sake of the freedom of his people. It is crucial that we not only sit at home for such man but that we do more than sitting at home for all his sacrifices. We must show solidarity and appreciate him; we must prove to him that we are solidly behind him for the suffering he has chosen for our sake.
The boldness therein is freaking, a brave Prince that chose a path nobody will love to walk on; the burden is tremendous and one begins to ask what is behind his motivation. Despite the ingrates that have worked to bring him to zero; he still remained strong and living up to his promise that he would never betray the people of Biafra. This is one man that has set example by defining resoluteness and determination, consistence and belief in his reason on the path of perdition to the tent of glory. I have asked time and time; what shall it cost to die for he who has died for us?

  • On Friday 23rd of this month; there is an opportunity to show solidarity and appreciate a suffering for the kings and the servants. There is opportunity to say ‘Thank you Nnamdi Kanu for being in prison for a year now for the sake of your people’ there is opportunity to show solidarity and make a difference. Only by staying indoor on 23rd to show appreciation and solidarity; what shall it cost to take one day off for the man that has taken one year off and in pains for us. While we enjoy freedom and the warmth of our lovers; he is exposed to slavery and suffering for our freedom. Now on Friday 23rd of this month; you shall suffer not but sit at home and reflect on the project for the restoration of Biafra.

We must learn to appreciate irrespective of our difference and views; we must admit the fact that leaving London for Kuje Prison is not an easy task. We must admit the fact that we have another scenario of ‘Jesus Christ’ who came from heaven to die for us. When staying at home turns appreciation and solidarity for the sacrifice, why won’t we wholesomely sit at home again and again? There is no hiding to the fact that Biafra has reached a point of no return and there is the need to show that we really want Biafra.
We must do everything possible to preach and convince everyone that appreciating Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB for the relentless effort in pushing for the freedom of our people which would start by sitting at home come 23rd of this month is key to motivation and support needed to show we are sufficiently behind Nnamdi Kanu the one and only leader of Indigenous People of Biafra. It becomes a necessity to sit down at home on Friday 23rd of September; closing every schools, banks, and institutions to sacrifice likewise, what a cheap sacrifice to show our support for Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for Biafra Post
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters



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