By Kelechi  Okorie, Writes For TBP
March 11, 2017

Africa is good at copying from Western world with inability to uphold the purpose and ethical conducts of western norms. None of the fake borrowed cultures work accordingly in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general, due to lack of outstanding features to look inwardly to adopt suitable generally acceptable norms that controls African standard. West African regional court ECOWAS is not exceptional. European Court of Justice that plays driving role in integration through judicial activism thus significantly shapes the direction of their respective communities.

Perhaps, ECCJ struggles under such a burden of expectation mainly because it was not an Africa indigenous adopted court.
There is every reason to tag Africa a third world and under-developed continent; judiciary is politically overwhelms; subjected and answerable to the executive arm of government. Africa Union, keeps mute without standing to their assign responsibility to sanction any government that contravenes her treaty. It is worthy to note that AU has not broken their silence since violation of human rights are on high rate in Nigeria under the murderous genocidist, Muhammadu  Buhari’s led government.

Sambo Dasuki, former National Security Adviser was acquitted and discharge by ECOWAS court of justice and still yet, he remains in prison and AU pretends as If they are not aware of inhuman degradation and human rights violation by the present Adolf Hitler regime in Nigeria; but only to come back to unseat the former Gambian President; Yarya Jammeh for his refusal to hand over power to his opponent; whereas, Nigeria is seriously in flame consuming innocent citizens.

Buhari’s plagiarized "change begins with me" mantra was to deceive the world as a non respecter of court order and rule of law. Now Buhari has succeeded in using AU to remove Yarya Jammeh from power, attention should be focus on him to release all the political prisoners he locked up in various prisons. There is no legal and moral justification to hold Nnamdi Kanu; leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and other Biafra activists hostage for asking for freedom of his people as enshrine in United Nations Charter on right of indigenous peoples to ask for self determination which both AU and Nigeria respectively were signatory to.

It is well understood that the unwarranted and persistence adjournments by ECOWAS court was politically motivated. Certainly, justice does not exist in Nigeria; it will amount to travesty of courts should ECCJ succumbs to political pressure come March 7th. Now that Justice M. Wilkins Wright was suspended over alleged fraud for 12 months by Supreme Court of Liberia, shall justice be allow to prevail by ruling against illegal unconstitutional Department of State Security and government of Nigeria?

Nigeria; a fantastically corrupt and a major player in AU contributed immensely for the backwardness in Africa. That was why Donald Trump, US president suggested that Africa be re-colonize another hundred years for their inability to embrace technological advancement to compete with first world countries. Independence of judiciary is a mere paper word that does not exist, judiciary is answerable to the executive, judges act on the scripts of the party in power, and this makes it difficult for judiciary to abstain from party politics.

Disobedience of court order is an act of impunity- By Walter Onneghen, the new Chief Justice of Nigeria says, on the other hand, it is a judicial tsunami for judges making themselves vulnerable to be manipulated by the executive. Surprises are expected in few weeks from now at ECOWAS Court; are previous verdicts going to uphold as DSS is expected to answer questions why United Nations Treaty must not be respected by Nigerian government.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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