By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
March 10, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader
Despite being incarcerated; Innocent Orji remains hopeful and still fighting for the restoration of Biafra; he also accused Uwazurike of being behind his ordeal. “Uwazurike is FG's agent; there is no two ways about that. He will stop at nothing but continue to fight Biafra restoration; he should be rest assured that he would not succeed because Biafra is a divine mandate”. He further noted that Biafra has spiritually been restored and the physical manifestation is sure under Nnamdi Kanu’s watch.

Incarcerated since 2007 as a result of what he described as sabotage by ex-leader of MASSOB Ralph Uwazurike, popularly known as Ifeajuna. Innocent Orji has broken his silence on the Biafra agitation 11 years after he was taken out of the picture. He is the founder of BNG; a splinter group from then Uwazurike MASSOB and also the man that founded the Shadow Government of Biafra, a move that nearly destabilized the government of Nigeria. “The purpose of forming the Shadow Government was to show the FG how prepared- I was for Biafra. The move was aimed to continue to disturb FG to ensure the restoration of Biafra; a kind of pressure” he said to The Biafra Post correspondent.

Innocent Orji was a victim of sabotage; he was the first and last MASSOB security director and worked with Uwzurike until things fell apart. He formed a splinter group called Biafra National Guard and occupied a self-acclaimed defense minister. The move irked Uwazurike who conspired with the Nigeria security operatives to nail him. He was later sabotaged and declared wanted by the Nigerian government with a bounty of 3m Naira to anyone that gives information towards his apprehension. He later reported himself to Okpoko police station where he was taken and since then been incarcerated.

Reacting to Biafra agitation since he was arrested; he has added his voice this time around and urged everybody that trusted him and worked with him to come under IPOB and help contribute towards Biafra restoration. He as well urged the people of Biafra to hold and embrace the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu, saying he is the only man capable of restoring Biafra. “Before the coming of Nnamdi Kanu; I knew that Biafra must be restored and he is today on the right path”

He praised Nnamdi Kanu and urged him to fearlessly continue to fight because Biafra is the last hope of the people. He further admitted that Nnamdi Kanu is full of intelligence and dedicated to have brought Biafra to this point. He tackled Uwazurike whom he claimed betrayed the struggle for the restoration of Biafra and wondered why he is still talking. “Here I am; I read news papers and I know what is going on, I saw how Uwazurike is still fighting against Biafra. There is no true freedom fighter in Biafra that won’t support Nnamdi Kanu or give him edge. We have all been involved but nobody knew how to come to this extent; I tried to pressurize International community but Nnamdi Kanu has achieved everything I dreamt” he said.

“I have before now ordered Biafra National Guard and the wards and officers of Biafra Shadow Government to join IPOB and ensure that Biafra is restored under Nnamdi Kanu’s watch”. Innocent Orji further stated that he has seen Nnamdi Kanu even before his arrival and though Kanu was not close to him during his reign but immediately he heard his voice; it was clear that Biafra will surely come under his watch.

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