TBP Writer/Reporter | March 11, 2017

Sabbath Day
Most pastors and priests have instead of preached redemption and freedom which are the basics of worship; they decided to jump into prosperity which has significantly destroyed the mindset of our people. It is strange to begin to see oneself under the command and control of another to freely worship; worshipping God in a strange land is mockery of the supremacy of God. If the children of Creation Himself cannot possess their land where they can worship their God in total freedom, then the uniqueness or supremacy of their God is questioned. Therefore; the first thing a real prophet should fight for or preach is the freedom upon which worship can be done without interferences.

For the sake of the political positions few Biafran politicians occupy; they would quickly tell you that they are not slaves. While others may as well claim that they feed well and solve most of their problems; they work hard and never been under control of anybody. They would tell you that Buhari is the president of Nigeria in his own pocket and Obiano the governor in his own house. They would further say that hence nobody can come into their families and decide for them, it is enough reason to show they are not slaves.

These people are victims of economic policies targeted at the people of Biafra; they are victims of unfair taxations. They are victims of select border control or importation; they are victims of Dangote’s monopoly. They are victims of subjugation and political annihilation; they are victims of selfishness and exclusion. They are victims of injustices and unfairness, they are victims of hatred. They are victims of sheer wickedness and tribalism. They are victims of occupation; and they are victims of war.

In actual sense; the exemption of a Biafran as not a slave is self deceit; no matter the distance you have gone or the position you might have occupied, how sufficient you are and relaxed you are, you are nothing but a slave. After the 1967 war the people of Biafra lost; they automatically became slaves by conquest. The ‘no victor no vanquish’ resolution was nothing but to tame the pride of Biafrans that is second to none. The manifestation of the slavery the people of Biafra found their selves after the war is the numerous complain of marginalization and exclusion in every quarter.

Having established beyond reasonable doubt that a Biafran is a slave in Nigeria; though there might be sufficient slaves, slaves living fine and slaves used to govern other slaves, the bottom line is that you are a slave. The people of Biafra are deeply a religious people; they have always from the very beginning attached their selves to God that in most cases they are unable to do anything without consulting Creation. The names Biafrans bear are witnesses to the goodness of Creation, it praises and worship Creation. In totality; they are children of God who are called by the name of God, special people of God.

This puts a very big question before the people of Biafra; how much can your God be worshipped under slavery? How much can God be happy and with you when the man at the helm of your leadership is opposed to your God? How possibly can Biafrans expressively know their God when certain rules opposes certain observations? How possibly can God be worshipped amidst Islamic influence and rule? It is high time they stopped prosperous preaching and focus on the liberation of the people of God.

Having known that freedom is paramount to worship; Nnamdi Kanu should be given every spiritual backing needed to restore the kingdom of God on earth. A free Biafra where children of God can worship without censorship is that kingdom of God. A free Biafra Sabbath day can be observed and made holy is that kingdom of God. Until we restore Biafra to the glory of God; whatsoever you worship under the slavery you are in Nigeria is not Chukwu Okike Abiama.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
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