By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 27, 2017

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader; loved and worshipped by 70 million Biafrans. Any attempt on his life surely shall trigger a catastrophic war in Nigeria and beyond
Recall that British High Commission has been on a mission in Biafra land and the visit paid to Obi of Onitsha was the only one recorded on the media. An exclusive report obtained from a reliable source and given to ‘The Biafra Post’ shows the British High Commission visited many political and traditional rulers. The mission encompassed Biafra territory; their simple aim is to get the support of traditional and political leaders to control the people in any case of crisis, assure them a better Nigeria and have their backing to the unity of Nigeria. Our source disclosed that though Britain did not disclose to the classified- visited leader that Nnamdi Kanu will be killed but with the message of addressing marginalization, holding the people to avoid crisis in any case coupled with resoluteness from Nnamdi Kanu towards Biafra agitation that Britain is up to something, ‘What possible crisis if not Nnamdi Kanu’s murder or detention? He narrated the report as it all happened but strictly maintained privacy of the visited leader.

On the morning of 24th February 2017; while in a meeting at Cross River, i received a call from a stranger who asked if he is speaking to 'The Biafra Post', I responded affirmation and he said that my number was collected from an activist and that there is a huge report for me. He said that I must leave anywhere I am and come to Anambra State that somebody wants to see me. I refused to give him attention and was opposed to any meeting with him and told him to talk over the phone; then he said that the information is on Nnamdi Kanu and that it is something he can’t discuss over the phone. I then agreed and made arrangement to leave for Anambra State; that morning I stormed Anambra State and I was picked up by the caller who drove into the park with black SUV jeep.

With official smile he received me and asked if I needed lunch; but my mind has not relaxed to the extent of a comfortable lunch so I objected. I demanded where we are heading to and he said to a hotel (I won’t love to mention). Then the caller shortly started to give reasons the information is to be leaked to me. “We know that should anything happen to Nnamdi Kanu; our youths will run mad and that madness may result to mob action against elders and political leaders that they have condemned. The reason for calling you is to know that we are not part of any plan to kill Nnamdi Kanu and we are not in support of anything other than his release and Biafra agitation addressed in a civil way on both sides. When the time comes; you can tell the people of Biafra the role we played, we are not fighting Nigeria with Nnamdi Kanu and neither are we fighting Nnamdi Kanu. We are waiting so that the government may call us to a talk and release Nnamdi Kanu to us, we must not all be heard. The situation of meeting us to talk something else; like hurting Nnamdi Kanu is the one we don’t support” The vibrant dark completion caller narrated.

I was a listener all throughout; I had a lot to chip in or ask but I was of the opinion that it is ill-timed. We finally drove into a hotel and met an elderly man who introduced himself as ex- Chieftain of Ohaneze NdiIgbo which I could not confirm; is the source speaking through a third party? He was expecting us and so there was less formality or build-up to introduction; we sat down and asked to make choice of our brand. I demanded water and we fully went into the discussion that brought me there. I was very skeptical of the meeting so I needed to make sure I am there for what I came for. We first reached agreement that identity shall be classified because the report alone matters. He further noted that he is not afraid to go to AIT station but there is need for respect and classification, it is reputable to act the way he chose.

“I have been to meetings concerning the incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu; with US consulate, British delegation and many more. Each time I come to the meeting; I don’t like the position of some elders. They largely behave like they are having personal problem with Nnamdi Kanu; they are often negative about his freedom. The major hindrance is who would represent Nnamdi Kanu or negotiate for him; everybody wants to negotiate for personal or selfish reasons. Some are angry because Nnamdi Kanu refused to officially accept negotiation or appoint them as negotiators for the Indigenous People of Biafra. Whatsoever the issue is; they are not positive when the issue of Nnamdi Kanu is brought on the table but I don’t join them. I am the only person that has stood firm for Nnamdi Kanu; I have received threats from our youths but they don’t know I am the only true person standing behind Nnamdi Kanu".

“I called you here through him; (he pointed at the dark-skinned man beside me) it is by recommendation that he contacted you and I believe you will handle this report professionally. I am not and can never be part of any plan to kill Nnamdi Kanu and that is the reason I am washing my hands off. British high commission is on a mission and they are meeting political, traditional and influential leaders in Eastern Nigeria, they are lobbying for Nigeria with promises that marginalization will stop and for Nigeria to remain one. Nnamdi Kanu has shown a rare courage and everyone is envious of him; British High Commission is going extra mile to thwart Kanu’s agitation instead of addressing it, which is my annoyance. I was met by them and the message was to condemn our youths and ensure that they believe once more in the unity of Nigeria. I called you here to let you know that I am not part of the move; the reason for lobbying against Nnamdi Kanu may be disastrous and let it be recorded that I washed off my hands and did the right thing for my people” he said before his phone rang; he left the meeting and I was to be accompanied by the very man that brought me and he wanted to speak more.

“Chief might not tell you everything but we were all here when the British High Commission came and further findings show how they intend to handle Nnamdi Kanu issue. They did not meet only chief; they met other influential people. They are meeting these chiefs to bring them to their side and most of these political and traditional leaders have lied that they have influence over the youths. The commission wants them to stand with them and oppose the youths and everything Nnamdi Kanu is doing- will do to restore Biafra. The information I have is very clear; they will murder Nnamdi Kanu and ask the various traditional and political leaders they have met to condemn any crisis that may spring. When these rulers condemn it; then they the British people will put pressure on the leaders of Biafra in abroad to stop inciting violence in Nigeria, they will label vengeance- violence. They will force them to tell the youths fighting because of the murder of their leader to stop and when IPOB leaders refuse, Britain will seek or repatriate IPOB leaders in London and target Radio Biafra, they would ensure they leave for Nigeria and on coming into Nigeria, they will be arrested. They will also lobby friendly countries to do same or shun Biafra leaders who they shall accuse of inciting war in Nigeria”

“Let me tell you; the British government is ready for war so as to keep Nigeria one; the kind of message they came with when speaking with chief is rigid. I don’t see the reason- instead of working towards the release of a British citizen and addressing his lawful agitation you are meeting rulers to ensure his agitation fails. Why not go to that prison he is and promise him everything you are promising rulers but the reality is that the British high commission doesn’t know that despite we are quiet; we are on the same page with our own child. ‘Kill my son, kill my son, my eyes are there’. So go home and make sure this information is properly circulated to discourage Britain”


The British High Commission cannot initiate a mission in all parts of Biafra land for no singular reason; they have paid deaf ears to the unlawful detention of their citizen- Nnamdi Kanu and to the agitations going on for his release. It is believed that their move to lobby political and traditional rulers is to see if they can help control the people of Biafra who are ready to destroy Nigeria should anything happen to their leader.

Nnamdi Kanu has turned down every approach or plea for negotiation as he is hell-bent on the restoration of Biafra. The British government instead of putting their cards on the table or establish reasons for Biafra to exit in what could as well be a diplomatic agreement or memorandum of understanding, has instead decided to go the liquidation way. There is fear that they would lose everything in a situation of murder of Nnamdi Kanu and hence lobbying to control the people of Biafra through the rulers being visited.

Nnamdi Kanu will be murdered controversially in order to give them and Nigeria a space of defense but knowing that no story will douse the uncontrollable tension that will come out of the act; they now seek the support of rulers in Biafra to weigh the option. The option- to murder Nnamdi Kanu and control whatsoever that may come out of it, which appears as their last ditch to stopping Biafra because there could be no other person like Nnamdi Kanu who has the mettle to restore Biafra, others can easily fade away.


This above report is testament to the visit to Obi of Onitsha which IPOB reacted orderly; this report also buttresses the press release issued recently by IPOB and indication that British High Commission decided to conceal their mission. The source this report came from is more a witness and nothing should be rule out; more awareness on Radio Biafra and beyond can discourage British plan, getting the world to interfere is much needed, because Britain is bringing death upon everything and future of generation of their contraption called Nigeria. This could be liquidation point of their Noble Experiment-Nigeria.

The people of Biafra should be aware that Nnamdi Kanu is a target of murder; there should be no story in whatsoever shape that will exempt Nigeria and Britain should it happen. The people of Biafra should know that they are seen as nothing, fools, cowards and inconsequential people should their leader be murdered. The people of Biafra must prove them wrong and show they are the sons and daughters of Abraham, Moses, Isaac, David etc, we must defend our heritage, avenge our ideology-Nnamdi Kanu until there is nothing left or standing in Nigeria and beyond. Attempt to murder Nnamdi Kanu is taking over 70 million of you for granted but when Nigeria is destroyed and beyond, when millions of lives pay with the life of Nnamdi Kanu, they will learn to respect Biafra.

The British government must know that Nnamdi Kanu is not a political leader or traditional leader; he is indigenous leader with religious sentiments. The murder of Nnamdi Kanu will give birth to the greatest aggression ever experienced in history of humanity. The way Jesus is to the west is the way Nnamdi Kanu to Biafrans and it shall be better they all die than to live without their leader. I have conducted series of survey’ and investigations and can authoritatively say that Nnamdi Kanu is a time-bomb. A war deadlier than the civil war will be experienced and shall be a war without end; even though Biafra is restored, war against Nigeria will never stop. Killing Nnamdi Kanu is bringing another Israel factor in Middle East to Africa- a situation there shall never be peace from generation to generation.

Biafrans all over the world should get prepared for the worst; there should be military hardware purchased and kept standby. There should be diplomatic moves cemented and support garnered locally and internationally. The people of Biafra were not cowards in 1967 and can never be cowards in 2015; if heaven will fall, so be it that you died a warrior. Peace remains the option but in a situation everything is taken from you; everything goes to settle your troubled heart. The soul of Nnamdi Kanu will ensure total destruction of millions of lives and the war likely to be taken international in due time.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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