By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 28, 2017

Chekwas Okorie; Chairman UPP; representing Nigerian politics. IPOB under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; say no to any link to any political party in Nigeria
I am not used to writing letter to Nigerian political party founders but this is happening because there is an effort to link a party to Indigenous People of Biafra. Biafra journalists like us represents their opinions. Founding a political party is like establishing a business that will likely yield immensely for the founder hence he waters it well. I would have met you in person after recommendation but on a second thought; I declined due to you know more than I do that UPP-Biafra strategy is deceit. I spent roughly three hours with the leadership of the group that endorsed your party as IPOB party ‘not universal IPOB Nnamdi Kanu leads’. I was deprived of the confidence to asking questions due to a bitter argument over my position; I strongly maintained that anybody not with Nnamdi Kanu is against Biafra restoration. The leadership accused me of unprofessionalism, so I never wanted to discuss further because I will use this opportunity to ask my questions. I watch MASSOB, LNC and I love how they work in tandem with Indigenous People of Biafra and that is what is needed, hence Nnamdi Kanu is championing it rightly, we give him the edge to flourish.

My purpose of meeting the leadership of the group that endorsed your party as IPOB party is simply because I deserve accountability- The name IPOB was used which could stain the whiter than white universal or Biafran’s endorsed or accepted IPOB Nnamdi Kanu leads. Two; the group hastily endorsed you; entangling Biafra agitation with dirty Nigerian politics. Three; politics and freedom fighting do not mix; they are entirely on a different lane, freedom fighting means looking for your own political sovereignty but let me keep this third reason for now because you would argue that freedom can politically be achieved. I outlined these to put you on notice that I am not meddling. As an independent Biafra journalist; I have the right to review actions and reactions from any group in Biafra land that claimed it fights for Biafra restoration to enable us check commercialization of Biafra struggle.

I have had enough time with the group that endorsed you and they told me the reason for endorsing your party is for you to get Biafra for them and not for me because I see it as joke (political strategy). They said you included adherence or right to self determination on your manifesto and that moved them. They cited that Biafrans are complaining of Obiano who kills them and they want to change Obiano and bring in a friendly governor that can shout Biafra with them or like Fayose. They also noted that endorsing a governor is part of their political strategy to restore Biafra. I tried to ask them what about APGA; but they quickly noted that no freedom fighting group ever officially endorsed APGA and for that reason I should not compare APGA to UPP. When I pushed further that His Excellency endorsed APGA; and asked what other group can be greater than Ojukwu’s endorsement? They quickly shaved that away and that was when I decided to stop the interview and became a humble listener.

I am interested in this issue because history will judge everybody; Biafra is fragile now and there could be revolution any moment and with such established case, the people of Biafra can know who and who toyed with their future or forced them to the point of revolution. We have failed to understand a simple fact that there is a sensitization that has eaten deep into the people. They are now aware that they are being used and dropped; they are now aware that politicians in Biafra land are nothing but gluttons enriching their pockets. I am not making a threat but making it clear that Biafrans of 2017 are no longer Biafrans of 2000 and you seem not to understand this. It is quite unfortunate that now Biafra has saturated the minds of the people; there is a move to take advantage of them once more with your cohorts but if I am wrong, I need answers to these questions;

You founded or one of the founding fathers of APGA as Igbo party per say; Ojukwu urged us to support APGA as our hope, from there Ojukwu said Biafra is a thing of the mind (Brain) which means we should give APGA every support and restore Biafra politically. I want to ask a simple question- what happened to APGA. You might find it hard to answer so let me give you clue or break things down for you. How come His Excellency; Ojukwu of all people lost election in APGA? How come APGA controlled State today kill those agitating for Biafra more than APC State? How come APGA lost the indigenous mission it was founded for and embraced social politics? I am aware that a lot happened but please before this UPP can Biafrans know what happened to APGA?

Hence the first political strategy towards Biafra failed via APGA; what are your convictions that your UPP will positively deliver? Have things so much changed in Nigeria from the time APGA failed? Is democracy now stronger than how it was when Ojukwu woefully lost election (rigged out)? Are you not ashamed of your strategy then that the epitome of Biafra lost election in Biafra land? Has Biafran political class changed their mindset or shown desire than they had during APGA? What exactly has changed that you believe repeating the disgraceful strategy of politics will work?

What happened to APGA in Imo State; are you convinced you can control the ambitions of men richer than you and more influential than you with thoughtless political stretegy? Will all these politicians shouting one Nigeria day and night give us Biafra? What exactly is your motivation? Okay; let us assume that you would handle the kind of people that will come in or you will anchor on self determination which shall be a priority on your manifesto, then please answer these questions;

Can endorsing UPP in all Biafra land give the percentage needed in the national assembly to make a resolution or a law? Can making ten or eight people governors change or activate self determination on your manifesto? Do you know that Nigeria political setting made Biafra land highly inconsequential in deciding anything in Nigeria? Do you know that votes don’t count in Nigeria and people are rigged into power? Do you know that Northern Nigeria simply said that Jonathan will not rule again and he never did even with power of incumbency? Do you know that Nigeria said death is more precious than recognizing Biafran’s right to self determination; will politics make them recognize it even though it is your UPP banner? These few governors we shall put through UPP; can they stand 19 Northern governors alone? Do you suddenly take Nigeria for Britain or civilized country civil or political approach works? A country that cannot even obey Court order in favor of Biafra; now they would tolerate political party that will restore Biafra? Sir; if you are not hallucinating with everyone you met to endorse UPP in the name of Indigenous People of Biafra, then there is one thing there that is very clear, they are-

You are playing politics with the people of Biafra; having seen the agitation for self determination as opportunity to take advantage of Biafrans. You have never spoken positively about Biafra restoration since it became a mainstream political issue and suddenly you have self determination on your manifesto and want to use gullible Biafrans. You are hunting for fame; you want to set up another political party as you set up APGA and enrich your pocket and your cohorts while Biafrans die and suffer immeasurably. Right from inception; you politicians have continued to use us but you are simply unaware what Nnamdi Kanu has transformed Biafrans into. Biafrans are no longer animals- monkeys and baboons like the ones you have out there in Nigeria. We today reason and understand what is attainable and what is not; we have been sensitized.

Until you satisfactorily reply these questions put to you; I urge you to go back home and just open your mouth to what the people of Biafra wants which is Biafra. If you are too afraid to propagate our demand or too weak to get away from slavery; why not continue to rest until we restore Biafra and then you can found any political party you want. There is nothing like political strategy towards Biafra restoration in Nigeria and such deceit should end because Nnamdi Kanu has opened the eyes of Biafrans. You are either in Nigerian politics on your own without dragging IPOB into that. Biafra Reporters; writers/reporters for The Biafra Post represent the opinions of millions of Biafrans out there, home and abroad and they said, you politicians have not accounted for anything other than your pockets. They are saying that you should leave them out of your political jamboree because Biafra or death is all they can offer or take.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
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