By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
February 28, 2017

The appointed time has ripped for Justice Binta Nyako to elaborate what the law stipulates on self determination to the Presidency and  also to allow Nnamdi Kanu regain his freedom as well; it is most unfortunate that the federal government of Nigeria being the prosecutor has no iota of evidence against the accused since he was imprisoned incommunicado.

We have waited and hold onto Mohammadu Buhari to prove to the court that self determination is a treasonable offence as it is being perceived by him not until now nothing meaningful has been shown to keep on holding Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB at ransom; Nnamdi Kanu's right has been violated and trampled upon for so long for no just cause.

Since Justice Binta Nyako denied Nnamdi Kanu and others bail on the premise of being a threat to National security as it was proclaimed by her bias judgement; it is clearly seen that ever since then IPOB are benignly in their demonstrations which should have send a message to Justice Binta Nyako that her ruling on that subject matter was unprofessional.

Justice Binta Nyako cannot claim that her judgment on bail denial was made out of "Freudian slip" rather she acted on order given to her by Mohammadu Buhari who single handedly picked her up to contradict every meaningful motion moved by Kanu's legal team in other to make sure he keeps on holding Nnamdi Kanu and others in prison.

Mohammadu Buhari should have by now known that Nnamdi Kanu is not friable as he had thought earlier; that holding him will make him renounce his passion to restore his lost identity back which was stolen from him by the British government as a result of her involvement in the colonial activities and amalgamation of different nationalities for her economic interest.

Will Justice Binta Nyako still sell her conscience to the devil on this upcoming court sitting that will usher in a new dispensation of commoners having their rights protected rather than looking at the government whose sole interest is to undermine the law and live in a tyrant creed.

Whatever decision Justice Binta Nyako takes on March 01 2017 shall justify if actually the judiciary is independent or it just stands in as a rubber stamp to help the government continue in their callousness of always contravening the law to suit their quest of maltreating her poor citizens.

The on-goings so far on this trump-up charges against Nnamdi Kanu has ridiculed the judicial process that the executive (Mohammadu Buhari) now parades himself as the country jury which has negatively affected the judicature activities of Nigeria; the onus lies in Justice Binta Nyako to re-write the wrongs engraved on the judiciary by tyrant Buhari who failed to be the President of Nigeria in the first place as he lacked the prerequisites credentials needed to be on that seat.

Justice Binta Nyako should address this matter carefully before it will snowball into a state of lawlessness; if the DSS and Buhari cannot present facts and figures (prima facie) in the first instance to keep on holding Nnamdi Kanu  and other IPOB members in their debilitated prison then you are urged to let go of them.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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