Biafra Reporter's Memory Note 
January 27,2020 

This is nonsense!
I will give testimony before this court!
By the time i finished, there will be no Nigeria.
This is no sharia court.
It is a court that operates under the common law.
There will be no screening of witnesses.
No! Nnamdi Kanu cannot be jailed in secrect!
They are mad !
They can't jail me!
They never born that person!
Tell Buhari that i said he is mad !
Why must i be tried in the secrect by a government that does not obey court orders ?

They are killing my people in public, after killing my people they want to try me in private ?
That person is mad ! i won't allow it.
Mazi Nnamdi kanu at the federal high court Abuja
14th December 2016

And Buhari on watching this thunderious voice vibrating on his plastma TV collapsed immeadatly and was flown out to United Kingdom for medical attention where he died mystriously on this day 27 january 2017 and was secrectly flown to Saudi Arabia and was buried according to islamic rites

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