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President Buhari showcasing to the world his Islamists' jihadist flag; courtesy Boko Haram; but a close look at the flag shows a clear difference between Buhari's jihadist flag and Shekau's Boko haram
Yesterday marked the end of 2016 and while Europeans celebrate New Year; it would be self-deceit for Africans to celebrate but specifically Nigerians. Nigerians will faithfully be busy thinking how they can get out of the hardship the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari brought upon them. To Biafrans; celebration of New Year is very far; they should celebrate survival of 2016 while what is likely to come from the Nigerian military in 2017 will be more bloody unless Donald Trump save humanity in Biafra.

As many as one thousand Biafrans lost their lives to the murderous Nigerian security forces in 2016 and as 2017 is here; the effort to survive continues. There is less time for joy or celebration as the celebration of a sovereign Biafra is what they all dream. Nigerian State will give citizens death come 2107 and to celebrate the New Year is as good as celebrating another year of death. Only Biafra can protect citizens because injustice is today facing resistance; until justice is done, there would be no room for celebrations.

This week comes with thrilling news as we ensure your week is well digested; our signature headline is the call by HURIWA; it was a relief knowing that at least, a just group still exists in Nigeria. The human rights group raised alarm over the secret trial against the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, calling it unfathomable injustice. It is expected that Justice Binta Nyako and Muhammadu Buhari would stop the attack against human rights as resistance is real.

Junaidu Muhammed has once more said that Biafra agitation is invitation of anarchy. This is coming from so-called elite who has refused to embrace civilization through adaptation of globalization. Agitation is going on everywhere in the world and there is no anarchy or bloodshed but in Nigeria due to the Northern oligarchy cannot live without blood he tries to justify their bloodthirsty life with Biafra agitation. Their lives depend on the oil in Biafra land; lazy men that cannot work hard for anything in life. Biafra agitation is a civil call and right; there is nothing like anarchy or bloodshed, Boko Haram they created has shed more blood and referendum for Biafra is rightful and legal.

Modu Sheriff woke up and denied once again that he did not create Boko Haram; one thing is very clear, each region has its own force. For Yoruba, they have cowardly OPC as their regional force; Biafrans have peaceful IPOB and the North have bloodsucking Boko Haram. Islam can hardly live without spilling the blood of infidels and that is what Muhammadu Buhari stands for. This country is deeply divided and Modu Sheriff should be proud of what they created.

Ambassador Campbell suddenly confirmed what Nnamdi Kanu said that Nigeria is an Experiment; it is shameful that in 21st century, people still exist as Experiment. By this confession; it is expected that Nigerians will ask their selves questions but due to their animalistic nature and lowly sense, nobody will dare ask; hence Biafra oil is flowing, everything is ok.

Muhammadu Buhari wouldn’t stop lying or deceiving himself; he accepted a captured Boko Haram flag and celebrated victory but after three hours Boko Haram and Nigerian forces are in gun duel. Is Boko Haram a spirit that after defeating it comes up again to challenge Buhari. Why won’t the man sit down and do his home work than trying to force everyone into make-believe?

Muhammadu Buhari clearly woke up and told the Army to ensure one Nigeria; one would think the man is drunk or hallucinating. Why should the army be the ones to ensure one Nigeria when a change of character from him can go a long way? Well; no need of expecting much from ‘Experiment’ animals. The worst is that nobody can stand and tell him that Army has less influence in a democratic dispensation.

One Mr Ismail Akwei of AFP is on a mission to destroy the legacy of the news syndicate; who ever thought that AFP will fall this low? Surprise surprise, an Islamic bigot from Africa who believes that protecting Islamic bloodsucking leader of Islamic Nigeria by trying to tag IPOB a terrorist group is more important. This poorly trained journalist has never talked about the murder of hundreds of citizens; the crimes against humanity in Nigeria but had the gut to air a paid ‘lie’ news.

On the second year running; Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra has won man of the year award from the press and public. Gradually; the people are embracing a true leader whose sacrifice is immeasurable. In spite of his continued detention; he has continued to pull weight and set pace in Biafraland and Nigeria.

2017 Nigerian pastors prophesies are out and one that captured our interest is the very prophesy that says Nnamdi Kanu will cause international crisis. The reason for noting this prophesy is not solely because the primate in question prophesied but because Biafrans played or assisted Donald Trump election through the social media and it is expected that Trump will consider Nnamdi Kanu’s human rights being violated by the Nigerian State.

Finally on our weekly digest; the frustration of the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has led them into tapping the phone calls of Nigerians, opposition Governors and leaders. This is an illegal move but they thrive on it because the administration doesn’t function with the constitution but with their emotion. Human rights have been fed to the dogs; even telecommunication firms have been illegally compromised by this government.

Stay with us next week as we professionally bring to you another edition of your digest; we set the pace and others follow.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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