Author; Kelechi Okorie writes for TBP
January 01, 2017

Everyone is waiting patiently to see Buhari’s unconstitutional DSS with unconstitutional terminology to avert justice with this disgraceful naked dance of shame to indict the leader of IPOB; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Constitution is a collective acceptable documented rules and guidelines that govern a country, nation or group. Every law derives its power from the constitution, its interpretation is based in guiding principles of rule of law. DSS having known they are operating illegally to bend the law to please Buhari - Nigeria’s maximum ruler, ought to have reasoned before compiling their parochial guess charges against Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader who was two times acquitted by different competent courts in the same baseless charges.

Only a sellout Judge like Justice John Tsoho, Buhari’s kindergarten remote toy can allows itself to be manipulated by illiterate illegal DSS with severe error laden charges to have light of the day irrespective of pressure to thwart justice as Binta Nyako is experiencing now.

The illegal Criminal Code Act CAP, now at large, South South and South East terminology used by DSS made their charges inconsequential; null and void that must be thrown to oblivion for lack of merit and reasoning. As an adage rightly says “a butcher does not allow someone to go behind him with a knife”, Buhari’s imaginable charges against Nnamdi Kanu and other defendants showed their lack of thinking faculty to defend their charges with evidence. Formally, those defendants were charged differently, having seen no evidence to back up their claims, now running from pillar to post bribing gullible hungry Biafrans with political positions like Orji Uzor Kalu , Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, Rochars Okorocha, Ohanaeze Ndigbo etc. Already Nigeria government knew these people cannot speak the mind of Biafrans rather Nnamdi Kanu the one at Buhari’s prison yard. Never for once Nnamdi Kanu sees himself as a Nigerian; treasonable felony charged against him is a sign of DSS intellectual backwardness.

How can one commits treason in a country he neither belong nor have interest on? It is pertinent to note that Buhari overthrewn an elected democratically elected President; Shehu Shagari in Dec 31st 1983 to become the military ruler. That makes him guity to treason and ought to have been hanged or be rotting in jail by now.

Furthermore, Buhari through his DSS ignorantly exposed Nigeria to the world on how Biafraland is illegally occupied by Nigeria. In the history of mankind, countries or nations emerge organically or by agreement. Fedrick Lugard forced oil and water that cannot be mix; Arewa, Oduduwa and Biafra without consultant to perfect repatriation of resources via Royal Niger Company later change it to Nigeria. The same strategy is still in use to continue internal colonialisation in Biafraland; unlawful act against United Nations Charter on self determination which Nigeria is signatory to.

Biafra has been in existence over 5000 years now living peacefully in a serene atmosphere without combating each other unlike now. Management of an unlawful society; which society is been managed unlawfully; was it Biafra, a land of peace or IPOB that is registered in over 80 countries of the world living in harmony with their host countries? Every Biafran is an indigene of Biafra, all indigenous rights as enshrine in UN must be respected, unless UN and other international organizations are ineffective to allow rigid geriatric Buhari’s visionless system of ruling draws them to abysmal.

Consequentially, truth means defamation in Nigeria and evil becomes norm; Buhari never denied his terrorist and pedophilia inductions since it was made open to the hearing of everyone with evidence. How old was Aisha Buhari when she gave birth to her first issue, which Buhari was responsible? Boko Haram a deadly terrorist group in the word; publicly accepted that Buhari is their founding father and sponsor, and that was why he was picked as their negotiator.

It is certain Nigerian boarders are porous; smuggling is at high rate; it becomes difficult for Nigeria custom to have control over illegal goods coming in. Transfer of arms to members of Boko Haram; has it for once intercepted by Nigeria Custom? When has radio transmitter become a contraband? All the radio stations in the wider Nigeria have transmitters to convey their massages to listeners; if  goods were improperly imported, why can’t custom sue the offender than Buhari scavenging for chargers in all angles to nail IPOB leader. Justice Binta Nyako must know Buhari’s threat on her neck was to intimidate her in order to undermine her respected profession.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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