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Twitter: @Biafrapost ■ December 31, 2016

All IPOB and its Leader seek for is; Freedom for Biafra
It is most unfortunate that another Islamic bigot is tarnishing the adorable image of AFP- anything that comes in contact with Nigeria gets corrupt. The anger for being a liability to AFP is the reason I won’t address this letter in a more honorable or official way. I have always questioned the rationale behind giving an Islamic bigot or fanatic a chance to freely operate, he would eventually display that bigotry that leaves the world dead. This is not an attack against Islam because there are millions of Muslims that have shown that reason is the bedrock of a better world and not religion, but this is straight attack against lies and deceits, unprofessionalism and bigotry.

Ismail Akwei is a journalist with AFP; he recently wrote news which said that ‘Nigerian Police Foils Terrorist Attack by Biafran Separatist Leader’ this very man authoritatively stated that the attack was attempted by a Biafran separatist leader by the name ABIODUN AMOS from Ondo. Critically assessing the reportage; you will come to the simple fact that the journalist read or wrote according to a script given to him. Had he compiled the news himself; he would have known that the name of the so-called suspect is not a Biafran name and neither is he from Biafran territory, Ese Odo in Ondo State has never been a Biafran territory and neither will it ever be.

I don’t mean to hurt AFP; but Ismail Akwei has brought disgrace to the most cherished and respected news agency in the world. Ismail Akwei cannot deny the fact that he was paid to have aired such news; this can be traced by the porosity of the lies and the inconsistency therein. The news is a deliberate attack against IPOB which cannot come without a price. It is now the duty of AFP to investigate this very man and bring him to book. A Yoruba man ABIODUN AMOS from Ondo to be linked to Biafra is blind desperation.

Nnamdi Kanu; the only and centralized Biafran leader is in detention and one wonders how suddenly he became a suspect of terrorist attack. Which Biafran group is Ismail Akwei talking about? This confused and paid reporter has no respect for the profession he claimed to be engaged as he could not even give the name of his mysterious group of the so-called suspect. There is no trace of independence in this report which further points that he was induced to air the news. Shockingly; how such news bypassed the Editorial Board is something strange by virtue of the seasoned and amazing record of AFP when it comes to reportage accuracy.

Ismail Akwei must not take advantage of his position or gain at the detriment of AFP that has for years shown high level of professionalism in the discharge of duties. The quest to favor the Islamic Nigerian government must not be allowed to destroy the legacy AFP built with blood and sweat over the years. I had questioned if AFP doesn’t sufficiently pay Ismail Akwei that he fell victim of the bribery and corruption that is the benchmark of Nigerian government? So many things are being considered; I am deeply concerned because AFP is certainly above this kind of reportage by Ismail Akwei.

Ismail Akwei must be taken back to probation henceforth to make sure that a measure is taken against this aggressive report. There is the need to prioritize or take punitive measure against Ismail Akwei because the report is not an error but a deliberate report inspired by bribery. It is quite unfortunate that AFP has largely been discredited because of the naivety of a poorly educated journalist. The unprofessionalism of Ismail Akwei should not be swept under the carpet by AFP because he has done great harm to the legacy and broken the ethics of this great news syndicate group.

Finally; it is important to know that anything that comes in contact with Nigeria gets corrupt and that is the situation Ismail Akwei is right now. Not only is Ismail Akwei affected, AFP has been affected through him which is unfortunate. Let this be a lesson to other journalists; Nigeria is a citadel of corruption and lies, this is why there must be investigation before any report written especially for Nigeria. Press statements are filled with lies and this is why AFP must reject any paid statement or news from Nigeria because it would only corrupt the agency.

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