Biafra: [Fundamental Human Rights Abused]: The Just Discovered Bodies Of Slain IPOB Members By The Nigerian Military Has Justified The Need For Peaceful Dismemberment Of Nigeria

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
August 18, 2018

Different pictures of the decomposing bodies of IPOB activists murdered by the Nigeria Army
The most fundamental rights as regards to human existence is the right to life, this right must be uphold in strict manner and perseverance; state sponsored acts of terrorism or ethnic cleansing are put in check using this version of law which is a universal law. But it is most unfortunate and regrettably that Nigeria is a killer of her own people.

What wrongs have those members of the Indigenous People of Biafra committed so far; that they deserved to be murdered in such a manner by the government who is supposed to protect them from wanton destruction and deaths from external forces? The morally-bankrupt Nigerian government has nothing meaningful to justify why the people in the Nigeria corridors of power decided to murder these innocent souls in a most gruesome and brutalized manner without respecting their constitutional right to life.

If this laws are not being checkmated by the concerned persons, individuals and institutions responsible in upholding the tenets and decorum of this rights, the government might one day wake-up and decide to waste everybody that either attempt to expose their excesses so as to clinch on to power, acting like tyrants. The government of Mohammadu Buhari is not far seen from being tyrannical in words, behavior and actions. It has now become imperative that the International Communities comprising of European Union, African Union, Ecowas, USA, Israeli and Russian governments wade in and peruse on this fact finding data and persecute the murderous Nigerian government for her involvement in the killing of freedom activists.

The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra had found out that the core purpose[s] of the Nigerian government military exercises in the South-East of Nigeria code named "Operation Python Dances I & II" was targeted at forceful disappearance and illegal abduction of her members forcing them to renounce Biafra or risk getting killed instantly without no one to speak up for them. Evidences abounded as it was in one of such Nigerian government military exercise, got the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra abducted with his parents to unknown and undisclosed location till date.

Glaring evidences abounds that expounds to dismembering a country where her government continue the high spate of killing her citizens using religious and ethnic sentiments abound before us that World Powers and the State of Israel should invite Mr. Mohammadu Buhari for questioning relating to human rights abuses under his watch. The Indigenous People of Biafra activists are not terrorists all over the world neither have they raised arms against the Nigerian government, rather they are merely exercising their constitutional and civic rights of rallying, self-determinism, association, assembly, protests and calling for referendum; the question the World should ask Mr. Mohammadu Buhari is; why is his government killing the activists of the Indigenous People of Biafra like animals? Does it mean that the right to life is not applicable to them in the affairs of human existence?

It is evidently clear to the Indigenous People of Biafra that this Fulani President of Nigeria Mr. Mohammadu Buhari is a tyrant who is on a mission to reduce the numbers of the South-Eastners of Nigeria using his state security apparatchiks who are also found to be members of his ethnic stock and religious belief; it will be cowardice on the parts of the right-concerned institutions responsible for penalizing a government who endorses human rights violation and abuses not to try Mr. Mohammadu Buhari and his security service chiefs; to tell us and the World at large what they know about all these series of killings that has enveloped Nigeria sequentially under a supposedly and allegedly Mr. Integrity, and what has happened to his integrity right now under his watch and command; the world owe it and must speak up for the 38 slain activists of the Indigenous People of Biafra's decomposing bodies found in a forest in Aba Province of Biafra by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari henchmen - the Nigerian Military.

Publisher: Chinwe Korie [@ckorie17]


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