By Kelechi Okorie,
August 12,2018

It started like a joke when IPOB was at the mainstream receiving rains of bullets from Janjaweed Daura’s Trojan horses against indigenous population with bare hands, frivolous state managed charges were descended on helpless freedom fighters seeking their natural inalienable constitutional rights, Buhari’s led atrocity regime hopes to cow them to succumb their ideology into submission little did he knew the more fire and brimstone meted on these noble men the more fanatical and determine for their quest for Biafra restoration. Of course, Biafrans were immensely crushed to death with no one come to their rescue thinking he can only concentrate on minority indigenous Biafrans, Now the dead murdered in a cold blood is crying for vengeance. The downfall of the wall of Jericho replicating herself in Nigeria, many ignorantly saw it as a mere political dichotomy against oppositions. Surprising, dissemination of monumental steward attacks on political elites is receiving their own dividend of executive horror. A day like this was long before now publicized that Tom and Jerry must have a bitter taste of tyrannical Daura’s change irrespective of political affiliation and background. It is understatement one to compare David and Goliath’s historical events to global forces of darkness IPOB consistently fighting against with nothing only but with the truth. The mighty giant having Africa continent in her palms controls trillion upon trillion with foreign connections use in suppressing people with distinct ideological differences. Notwithstanding, the IPOB velour supersedes the threats and shallow fissures.

A tip of Daura’s imp, self claimed political heavy wealth are running helter skater calling external controllers to wage into Nigeria democratic discrepancy some overnight turned to photographers/videographers to save their life whereas, when IPOB was having equivalent terror in quantum none of that international member of Assembly callers and videographers was on the scene only to hide in the shield of fear to observe retrogressive state of nature. Reverse has becomes the case, everything has fallen apart the hunters are now been hunted, the arch terror himself has conspiratorial ran to the UK for checkup on leak bob in-between his legs, while his house is seriously in flame without provision of political extinguisher, a minor illness ought to have adequately taken care of should the facilities are put in place.
has become a culture whenever Buhari jet out of the country he left escalate national calamity behind showing his involvement in a well perfected arrangement before taking off, the quack National Assembly siege by members of DSS, Buhari’s kinsmen, was well planned to create official state of emergency to enable him to have excuse to disappear to Sudan his origin where he was hired as imposter for real dead Buhari according to rumor. Most Nigerians are curious to watch the end of this season drama in between the line without distraction because Nigeria is now less drama theatre where Nollywood political actors and actresses are inquisitive to be actively participating in the game of the political movie.

Both internally and externally across the border nobody wants to identify a Nigerian anymore, xenophobia, ghanaphobia and other unprinted discrimination around the globe melted on Nigerians is extremely out of control not necessarily they committed crime rather the expired abominable name is been rejected anyone considers as such. A stone throne neighboring nation neither wants to have bilateral economic relations nor human migration with Nigeria perhaps, to them the hopeless contraption means terrorism, death, corruption and social vices put together that might contaminate their country should Nigerians are giving free access. Very pathetic those chasing up and down are ordinary innocent Nigerians struggling for survival yet, Nigeria ambassador to Ghana is weak to protect its people accordingly as specify in ECOWAS treaty. On daily basis calamities befall on this God forsaking falling wall of Jericho, as for IPOB they are not worried over the misfortune tormenting the already expired slave camp, it is severe the spirit of chastisement is on the lead perfect its natural obligation till every nationality dismembered for the emergence of a new nation.

Since Biafra referendum printing materials were officially announced after IPOB Africa representative met with other stakeholders in the Benin Republic, Nigeria’s president bladder is leaking beyond surgical amendment making the center a state of comatose and confusion, they are disdain on what they are seeing with optical eyes. In spite all these, some political criminal likely to be sound politically correct to deceive gullible fellows whereas, inside of them they know Nigeria has no political remedy as election boycott by IPOB is not a mere threat that cannot be accomplished. Tune in to Radio Biafra Extra every day it is early morning interesting morning breakfast, the broadcast anchors by Gorge Enyibe, the Africa Representative and Interim Nigeria Coordinator.

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