IPOB Press Release
Published On The Biafra Post 
August 18, 2022

We the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)  under the command and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to raise alarm over the profiling and adoption of some Igbo citizens who are travelling and coming back from Lagos and Abuja International Airports in Nigeria. 

The Nigeria Government and its compromised Security Agencies especially the DSS and  Immigration headed by Fulanis at the International Airports have embarked upon illegal profiling and abductions of some Biafrans purported to be family members of or supporters of IPOB movement. 

Nigeria Security Agents at the Airport have taken it as a duty to humiliate Biafrans who are departing of arriving at these International Airports because of the agitation for Biafra Referendum project.

Any Biafran passenger who is unfortunate to have a Biafra related content in his or her phone even without Biafra contents in his or her phone will be arrested and incarcerated by the Fulani controlled security personnel at the Airport. How can an entire ethic group be discriminated and stereotyped against by Nigeria State because they want to exit from terrorists infested country? Every Biafran is an Indigenous Person of Biafra but not all Biafrans are IPOB family member. IPOB agitation for the Independent State of Biafra is legal and supported by International and Nigeria laws. Arresting Biafran passangers whether they are for or against Biafra is not only wicked but unlawful too.

Those illegally arrested at these Airports were not allowed to speak to their families and lawyers. They were also detained incommunicado in different security detentions facilities across Lagos and Abuja. Many of the Biafran passangers that this Fulani government security adopted at , Airport were detained, extrajudicially murdered or starved to death.

Therefore, if this indiscriminate harrassment continue IPOB will have no other options than to ask the people being harassed to resist this unjust profiling and discriminatory policy and action of the Nigerian government security agencies at these Airports. It's quite appalling that out of many passangers at the Airport only Biafrans especially the Igbos are profiled and made to undergo indiscriminate and unlawful searching like common criminals because of Biafra agitation.

But one thing is certain, these humiliations and intimidation cannot stop Igbos in conjunction with other Biafrans from pursuing the divine mandate to restore Biafra freedom. The earlier the Fulani controlled government understand that their unjust arrest, torture and killing of Biafrans will not stop the coming of Biafra the better for all of us.

We are bringing this to the attention of International Community especially UK Government, US government, EU, AU, German Government and other Western countries in the world to prevail on Nigeria Government led by the impostor called Buhari and his Fulani security kinsmen to leave Biafrans alone. Biafrans have made up their minds to exit from the terrorist infested country Nigeria. 

The International Community should prevail on Nigeria Fulani controlled Government to set referendum date for Biafrans to decide their fate in Nigeria. Referendum is the only democratic process approved by UN for people to make their political decision. Nigeria Government should devoid themselves of arrogance and organize Biafra Referendum so that we democratically choose to stay or exit Nigeria. The earlier they take this option the better for both Biafra and Nigeria.


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