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August 20, , 2022

The young teens Chiamaka Okoro, Chidinma Oba from Umutanze and four others regains their freedom at last.

The young teens that were illegally abducted and impregnated while in DSS solitary confinement Owerri by the men of the Nigerian of State Service. During our findings it was revealed that the teens are between the ages of 15years to 25years age bracket. Chiamaka Okoro 25year old, while Chidima Oba 15 years and four other girls were illegally abducted and taken to DSS  Dungeon Owerri at the behest of the supreme court Governor of Imo State - Senator Hope Uzodinma.

The freed young teens narrated their ordeals to our news correspondence how they were reportedly been subjected to molestation; they said that they were constantly being molested sexually inside DSS Owerri and at process two among  them was impregnated by men of the Nigerian Department of State Service Owerri but they thank God for regaining their freedom at last from being hold hostage for crime they know nothing about.

Biafra Reporters have verifiably confirmed that all the six girls illegally being abducted while engaging in a moon-light play were abducted and tagged spies working for Eastern Security Network , were kidnapped and forcefully disappeared them from public knowledge at the order of the sole administrator of Imo State - Hope Uzodinma.

The six girls as investigated have regained their freedom and effectively returned to their parents but the two above mentioned names Miss Chiamaka Okoro 25years and Miss Chidima Oba 15years have been confirmed to be heavily pregnant as earlier reported by our team of journalists in Owerri the state capital which corroborated with our early findings and report that the men of the Nigerian Department of State Service Owerri are taking their sexual turns with these girls while in confinement.

We respectively acknowledge all those that added their voice and effort and resources to see that these little lads regains their freedom from the hands of the oppressive killer of Imo youths - Hope Uzodimma and his brute security men. Biafra Reporters appreciate the effort of the Indigenous People of Biafra legal team on this clarion call to set humanity free from intimadation, suppression and oppression of any kind.

Biafra Reporters also acknowledge the efforts put in place by IPOB-Media activitsts that the voice of these innocent girls were heard and set free; we equally thank all the reputable Human rights organization such as Amnesty International, Intersociety etc for adding their voice and pen to this glorious feat.

Reported by Anyi Kings et al., August 18, 2022

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
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