Compiled by Comr Nwawube Ezeobi, Comr Ezeobi Jonel | The Biafra Post May 21, 2020 Intro: As always I will pray in the language of heaven, if I pray in English, the Angels may become confuse. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu renders a super powerful prayer in the language of heaven - Igbo language. 1. If you go in your room, ponder about what we are about to preach and you will know it is but the truth, maybe then you will repent. 2. I start this very evening by delving straight into the problem, why have the Fulani Janjaweed come into Biafraland?. 3. Some people are in America doing videos, lamenting, exactly what they said we were doing before (miscreants). Everybody is now lamenting. 4. What we are saying today we started saying it since 2012, there is no different. 5. Somebody said he is not Igbo but concur that when the white men came, they recognised us as Biafra. 6. I want you to understand something, when the Presbyterian Church was formed, they referred to us as Biafrans and our land Biafra. 7. Look at how cattle rearers, (Ndi nachi nama) have mess you all up, with all your acclaimed intellectuality. 8. You have leaders and elites, "YES" and Nyesom Wike is fighting alone?. How many of you elders have spoken up and said, we stand before or with Wike. 9. Before they killed Ken Saro Wiwa, had Odumegwu Ojukwu stood up to say, no it won't happen, Ken Saro Wiwa wouldn't have died. 10. When I was arrested in 2015, the first people to protest were Bayelsa women followed by Akwaibom women. 11. You said you are Ibibio and you don't ask yourself, what is the meaning of the name Ibibio?. Ibibio simply means "Igbo Nta". In Igbo land you have "Igbo Ukwu" and we also have "Igbo Nta" but when the white men came they divided us. 12. Kalabari is a corrupt form of Calabar, it was the white man that corrupted it to Kalabari. 13. They gave you all those funny names so you cannot think beyond Bendel. The reason why the Almajiri prevailed over Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo to destroy history was because of such time as this. 14. Have you seen any mega Church founded by a Biafran?. Uma Ukpai have been in Uyo for many years because he know that's where his ancestry is. 15. I spoke to Igbos in America since 2015, now instead of them to come out and apologise, they are here doing videos. 16. We Igbos exhibit the worst of who we are against each other. 17. It was Igbo governors that called IPOB a terrorist group before the Fulanis' came with it. 18. Fulanis' are making you to be confused and against eachother so that when they come there will be no organised resistance. If we were to be that United, we would have stopped them at Oturukpo Makurdi. 19. Igbos in America, how many times did we warn you that they Fulanis' are coming but you said we are miscreants, now what is happening?. Anywhere you see Fulani herdsmen in Biafra land, point out the houses of those Igbos in America so they will start from there. 20. The people you are seeing in our land today are ISIS fighters, Boko Haram is still coming in Nigerian Army uniform. 21. We have between now and October to drive them away. 22. Israeli in New York funded the Israeli Army with millions to gain their land back but an Igbo man will not do it. 23. The Fulanis' are coming into our land because of Igbo people and their political elites. 24. Now you see why they call you Niger-Delta, South-East, South-South to divide you. 25. When they were proscribing IPOB, some of you were happy; now, the problem has come uninvited. 26. The plan of the North against us is massive. 27. Do you know why they removed Ihedioha and put Hope Uzodimma?. They want to make sure they determine the next Ohaneze Ndigbo President which will come from Imo State. 28. We (IPOB) are here that Biafra may come in every truth and honesty. 29. Some people accuse us of insulting our elders that means I am insulting myself as well because I am an elder. I am above fifty [50]. 30. If the so called elders were innocent, what is stopping them from coming out to say enough is enough. 31. Things are happening in Benin, any body that says you should leave that IPOB thing, that person is your number one enemy. 32. Benin is gone, look at Benin City, I say Benin is gone. They are using Dangote trailers/trucks to move in weapons into Benin. Military hardware heading down to Edo. 33. Today is 20th of May 2020, time is 9 minutes past 8 in the evening, write it down, they will take Yoruba land. 34. Aisha Buhari must go to prison, Gambari will go to prison, all of them complicit in this evil must go to prison. 35. I do not believe in racism, if you look for job in a foreign land and they reject you, go back to your country and build it. 36. Anytime you wake up in the morning, how many people from the USA have you seen tweeting or posting anything?. They cannot open a simple account to join what we are doing, it is when the Fulani Janjaweed is in their town, they will start running around. 37. Everybody that is capable to read and write should be on social media defending the cause of Biafra because the people that need us to die are plenty. 38. Unity is the key to fight the Fulani Janjaweed, all of us must rise up to support Governor Nyesom Wike. 39. We don't serve men. Biafrans went to America and chose to die than serve as slaves in America, they got drowned instead, that is who we are. 40. Do you know our M-Branch is inside Niger Republic giving us information?. 41. Benin is gone!!. Because they have an Oba who is interested in keeping his throne than the lives of his people. 42. If you are an elder in Biafra land and you keep doing something wrong, we spite you, because we hate evil. 43. We lost the war because the world did not hear about our story, I urge every Biafran to be on Social Media. 44. The position Igbo race is holding today is the position the Judea is holding in Israel. They are hated everywhere because they are God's own people. 45. Ohanaeze Ndi Oshi and PANDEF, have they spoken in defence of Wike?. 46. Our intelligent clues is the best in the whole world, we are everywhere. They shot Osinbajo on his head buried him and claim it was Abba Kyari. 47. That small girl opened Facebook account to insult Igbo people, now she has seen the outcome. That's how we roll. 48. when I left the prison, I was requested for a one on one meeting with the Federal Government for dialogue but it was Ohaneze Ndi Oshi Nnia Nwodo and Ike Ekweremadu that stopped it. Next they proscribed IPOB instead. 49. Igbos are wandering Jews of West Africa, gifted, aggressive, Westernized, and at best, envied and resented, but mostly despised by their neighbors in the Federation. Henry Kissinger said. 50. These people (Ohaneze) are not elders, they are traitors that have grown old. 51. I tell them the truth and they will say that I insult elders ; me too, I am an elder, I am above fifty (50) years old, I am also an elder. Is it because I look like young Bobo?. 50. Mallam El Rufai, the governor of Kaduna state is the mastermind of the Fulani Janjaweed terrorists invasion of the South, particularly Biafra land. 51. They (Nigerian terrorist government ), have from now till December to complete their jihad invasion mission of our land . We have from now till at most October to prepare. 52. You people are about to see what Elohim does to people whom refuse to listen to his servant. You people will see something. 53. Nature abhors vacuum, if u abandon your belonging, another person will occupy it that is what will happen to you. 54. Wike is the only one fighting evil and he needs help and that help is coming. 55. They attacked us first in 1967 but if you see the way Yoruba Media reported it, you will think we attacked them first. 56. We are waiting for the Fulani terrorists already in Biafra land to start so Yoruba will write the history very well. Once they start, the world will know us. 57. Aisha Buhari is an epitome of Islamic immorality for parading with his late husband's "Body-Double". 58. What is the relationship between Ikwerre and Benin?. ANSWER: There is no relationship whatsoever between them, Ikwerre is purely Igbo, we are one. 59. The reason why Elohim destroyed our sacred Jewish temple at Arochukwu, Abia State was because our Priest worshipped idols; the same way and reason Elohim destroyed the temple in Yerushalahim (Jerusalem). 60. In 1845, the Presbyterian Church in England registered as the Presbyterian of Biafra as far back as 1845. 61. Igbo is Ndigboo which simply means "ancient people". 60. Biafra signifying that we came from the Afa Region of Ethiopia. 61. Owerri was Coined From Owe-Eri and the current Imo State was an Owe-Eri region during the Igbo Settlement, before Nigeria. 62. Fulani Cabals in Asorock said: Instead of the Leader Of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to expose us and we end up in prison, we better start war in the South so that the world will be talking of it. 63. Who massacred people in Udi?. It was Olusegun Obasanjo, yet he was called to establish a University in Bayelsa state. 63. Somebody is from Obigbo (the heart of Igbo land) in Igweocha (River state), some people will say they are South-South or Niger Delta . AAAAAHHHHH Zoo!!! Zoo!!! Zoo!!!(Nigeria ). 64. The same thing they did in Israel , instead of Britain to call it Samaria or Judea, they named it West Bank; West Bank of where?. 65. You see why I dislike Channels TV?. They are asking a senator why he is so interested in the whereabout of the Chinese doctors. 66. I met Nnia Nwodo and the Igbo governors that these are the things your children want, but they never did. 67. As long as I speak, that clown wearing the mask of Buhari will not speak. 68. Any day they place that clown mimicking late Buhari before a TV to address the Zoo Called Nigeria, they are finished. 69. Let me warn Yorubas, IPOB and Biafrans in general are not for restructuring, that era has come and is gone. 70. Yoribas! Where is your son?. The Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo where is?. 71. Aisha Buhari, a woman whose husband hasn't been properly buried is raising her skirt up for another man. 72. They made money out of Boko Haram, now they are doing the same with Covid-19. 73. In the Zoo, if they test you and say it's Covid-19, they pay you N20,000 and if you kill that person, you are paid #120, 000. 74. I want our people in the USA to rise up; I want them to jettison envy and jealous, support this very IPOB because what we are doing, no other group can do it. 75. The reason why they destroyed your traditional names, is because they don't want you to know who you are. 76. Every government that has come in the Zoo (Nigeria ), except Jonathan has killed people in the so called Niger Delta but to some of them, Igbo people are their problems. 77. Go and get the DNA of anyone that says they are Niger Delta, analyze it with that of an Igbo person and they will tell you that both of you are siblings (the same). 78. The Fulani Janjaweed terrorists government of Nigeria claims they obey the Koran, people should not drink beer or go to a night-club but Aisha Buhari is sleeping with a young boy in Aso Rock. Aisha Buhari sleeps with a young boy in Aso-Rock. 79. Boss Mustapha is currently the Vice President in Nigeria, Boss Mustapha is currently doing the job of the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo, unfortunately, Yorubas have failed to ask for their son. 80. If Osibanjo is alive, they should bring him out. They shot him and dump him in the grave. 81. Has it ever occured to you that they no longer report the number of People dying daily in Kano?. 82. Palestine has no meaning in Arabic, it is a corrupt version of Philistine. 83. If you are upright and saying the truth courageously, we will praise you. But once you change, you are tossed. 84. Do you know why they are battling Gov. Nwike of River?. It is because the largest population of Biafrans is in Obi-Igbo. 85. Your gray hair is how many years you have been a slave to Fulani, not how many years of wisdom you haveve had. 86. Bonny is not an indigenous name, it is a short form for BONYTA, meaning beautiful people, it was given to the people of Bonny by a Jewish. 87. If you want to report Fulani herdsmen in your area, call the following lines so our people on the line can respond appropriately. ::::::::::::::::::::::::IPOB Enquiry Lines:::::::::::::::::: AUSTRALIA +61434294745 +61478489664 BRITISH +44745913001 +44744023881 88. I posted something about our map, how old we are, nobody has been able to dispute the map till now. These are maps. ::::::::::::::::::Closing Remark:::::::::::: This is where we bring tonight broadcast to an end. Biafra is our religion. Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama remains the most high. From me from here, it is Good evening.

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