Remembering Colonel Luke Asagwara Comr Onyegbula Solomon, Comr Nwawube Ezeobi | The Biafra Post May 21, 2020 Col. Luke Asagwara of 4th Commando strike the Nigerian Federal troops force at Ahoada Igweocha ( Rivers State). He born into the family of Asagwara in Okwu Uratta Owerri North Local Government Area Imo state. A vibrant Young Man who refused to shy away when duty called to defend mother Land. In 1967 when the Islamic Nigerian Army invaded the land of Biafra to kill and pillage our land, people and Property, he voluntarily Joined the Biafra Army in 1967. Col. Luke Asagwara aim of joining the Biafran Army was to defend our land against the marauding Nigerian army of occupation and perdition. Unfortunately in 1968 he died in his duty post by mortar shelling machine, at the very point where he was defending the land we have now, this fine young Biafran soldier died defending Biafrans from genocide and extermination at the hands of the Nigerian forces in Owerri the today capital city of Imo State. Col. Luke Asagwara was high headed in his duty and never take an excuse for an option in defending his people against what he referred as the brute vandals from the Sahel, whenever he is not at the war front always not happy that the Nigerian Federal troops are advancing into his Biafran territory and for that will return back to war front to battle the enemy. He died a brave soldier, who never for once sees death as the end to his dream of being a soldier. As brave as he was, he died on duty post while serving mother land. For the love and compassion Col. Luke Asagwara have for mother land, he believed that Biafra will be the beacon that we liberate the poor African race from neo-colonialism seen today amongs the Fulanis', Col. Asagwara knew too well that the Fulanis' were the British government stooges in West Africa while the Yorubas are puppets, Col. Luke Asagwara envisioned the Fulanis' as agents of modern colonialism in today's Nigeria and for that belief he vowed to stop them with his life to which he finally paid the ultimate price with his life as a brave, calm and radical soldier. Come 30th of May 2020 the Indigenous People of Biafra will remember you in a grand style - Col. Luke Asagwara for the enormous sacrifice you made, Col. Luke Asagwara paid with his life in order to make sure that his people of Biafra are liberated from the Nigerian government jihad and occupational government.

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