Remembering Saint Chimaobi Precious Okafor Alias Waka Waka Biafra By Comr Onyegbula Solomon, Come Comr Nwawube Ezeobi | The Biafra Post May 22, 2020 Chimaobi Okafor before her painful demise on 16th February, 2018 was a hardcore Biafran activist and freedom fighter. The heroic deeds of Comrade Chimaobi Okafor cannot be over emphasised. She had entered where no Nigerian media personnel can entered and from there she had to report the truth without the fear of her own death. Late Chimaobi Okafor despite being a female activist founded the very massive Voice of Biafran Students (VOBS), which today have membership in virtually all the tertiary institutions in Old Eastern region of Nigeria (Biafra land). Late Miss Chimaobi Okafor served her motherland in the following capacity: 1. Leader and founder of the Voice Of Biafran students with massive membership. 2. Chimaobi Okafor, served with IPOB Mobilization Officers during her time on earth. 3. Chimaobi Okafor, perfectly fitted herself with the Victim-Support IPOB team. 4. Chimaobi Okafor, identified and effectively served with the Biafra intelligence officers. 5. Chimaobi Okafor, was an expository analyst on Radio Biafra (known as Lady Umenwa). Lady Umenwa was not known as only being able to boldly speak the truth to power over the radio but her efforts on rallying membership for Biafra freedom can never be forgotten. In deed you have written your name boldly on the sound of time, your legacies are too numerous to mention, even in death you stand as an inspiration to many, specially our young ladies in this struggle. Your death left a huge vacancy in VOBS and Biafra liberation struggle at large. Waka Waka Biafra as you are fondly called by your peers, your a kind young lady and very rare to find, in you we saw gallantry, in you we saw braveness, in you we saw investigative journalism devoid of distortion of facts and figures, in you we saw inspiration and aspiration. Voice of Biafra Students mourns you till date world wide, Biafrans home and in diaspora mourns you. We promise you that we must restore Biafra to please your spirit and this we must do. Your legacies we shall uphold On that day 30th May 2020, when Biafra Heroes and Heroines shall be remembered, you shall definitely be among those to be remembered. Rest on Waka Waka Biafra!. VOBS mourns and remember you always for your enormous sacrifices that you made. IPOB mourns and remember you. Biafrans mourns and remember you. Good night our dear lovely sister, rest on while we soldier on to get Biafra for you.

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