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April 24, 2020

There is uneasiness in the northern commercial hub of the country, Kano State. This is following the sudden upshot of corona virus victims and mysterious death within a short period of time. Within a span of less than seven days the corona virus cases in Kano increased from 1 to 73 and the number of unexplained deaths increased from zero to 180 within four days. The sudden increase has put the government of Kano State in a quandary.

Information available to The Biafra Reporter obtained from a consortium of reliable sources reveals what appears confusing, heartless and devilish. It reveals the sudden increase in misery index to be associated with the actions of a Kano indigene who had served as an Ambassador to Morocco and had served several international assignments for the federal republic of Nigeria.

His name is Ambassador Kabiru Rabiu.
Amb. Rabiu tested positive to the corona virus in Kano on April 11, 2020.

Prior to the corona virus test at the Aminu Kano Hospital, Amb. Rabiu arrived Lagos from a trip to the United States of America [USA] fully aware that he was a carrier of the virus.

From Lagos, he headed to Abuja.
While in Abuja, the Ambassador began to exhibit symptoms of the virus. He began receiving treatment discreetly without disclosing his status. Nonetheless, he proceeded to engage in meetings with Government officials, and any other human he could reach. His meetings were extensive.

Amb. Kabiru Rabiu continued his escapade until he arrived at the hospital in Nasarawa State where sought treatment for the symptoms he was managing privately. It was at the hospital that his case was reported to the NCDC following careful observation by a medical care giver.

Ambassador Rabiu escaped from the hospital and headed to his home state, Kano State.

In Kano, he began his evangelism to spread the virus. Almost as if he was acting as an agent of a foreign enemy. He began with highbrow meetings with Kano State government officials. He met with the Governor, the deputy Governor, many of the Commissioners, State legislators and other personalities. He attended burials, weddings, Mosques and other social gatherings.

Amb. Kaibru Rabiu moved from meetings with high government officials to meetings with innocent residents of Kano.

Our source reveals Amb. Kabiru Rabiu is considered an elitist and a capitalist who normally does not associate with financially challenged segment of the population was reported to have called for a gathering of the poor at his compound where he provided food and drinks and ate and associated with his guests. He repeated such gathering numerous times. Each gathering numbered over 100 people.

In addition to the gatherings at his home, Amb. Kabiru Rabiu proceeded to visit friends he had not visited in over 10years. He went to their homes. He operated heavily in the Kano Ancient City area – by Kofar Mata

Interestingly, the seventh corona virus victim in Bauchi State is said to have been infected by Amb. Kabiru Rabiu when they met in Kano for a meeting that lasted for 2hours. The seven Corona virus victim is a staff of World Health Organization in Bauchi State. The office has since closed down and decontaminated. The victim returned to Bauchi and headed straight to his work place – knowing “quite well that he had just met with Amb. Rabiu” – who at the time had already tested positive, publicly.

The press statement above was necessitated by the 7th Corona Virus Case in Bauchi who had contact with Amb. Rabiu Meanwhile, the entire family of Amb. Kabiru Rabiu has tested negative for the virus including his personal driver. The Ambassador resides at Lamido Terrace, Giginyu, Nasarawa LGA, Kano State. He is rumored to have tested negative and may have returned home.

The above photograph was taken by Ambassador Rabiu while in isolation

In talking to some of the Kano Sate government bigwigs, they confirmed that Ambassador Kabiru Rabiu had engaged in extensive meetings with numerous officials of the state government. “We are very angry with him, especially the Governor”. the source said

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